There are many ways of promoting naturism and body freedom, you don’t always have to stand on the street with a placards.  The best way I find is to go about your normal life and let the public see that it is OK for us to be the way we are. You don’t need permission from anyone as long as you are not out to deliberately cause disturbance.

If you present yourself as some kind of sex seeking or sex selling person, then I suspect there may be some people who would object to you being in public but if the fashion people can parade around in nude, then why can’t the normal people like you and me do the same.

IF it is was NOT OK to be nude in public then surely should the Fashion people promoting clothes that promote nudity in public not be arrested for promoting illegal activity??

Think about it.. we know that it is illegal to walk around the town with a gun in your hand, but you can have one for legal purposes.  The gun suppliers would be arrested if they promoted carrying of their products in public. 

If it was NOT OK for us to wear the clothes that the fashion trade wants us to wear out in the open; including those that show nudity, then surely would they not be arrested under the principle that they are promoting illegal activity or at least misrepresentation?  I am not being stupid about this, I mean I know that the fashion trade show underwear so using the above argument you could say that they don’t expect you to wear underwear in Public, but they show normal clothes showing the bits that would normally be hidden and they promote wearing those clothes and like other products there is no public health warning that says… ‘Wearing these clothes in Public can harm your freedom’.

I am not against the fashion trade, what I’m saying is that we live in a free country and we have the right to exercise our freedom.  Wearing something or not wearing something is not illegal in this country, so why do we force ourselves to follow the rules that are set by people with closed minds and not enforced by the law?

Let us use the law of the country and exercise our freedom to wear or not to wear what we like as long as we don’t intend to deliberately upset someone.  If someone is upset by our presence, judge the situation and handle it like a mature person.  There is little point in fighting someone who has been brought up with a closed mind or has suffered through nudity, they are very unlikely to change their mind through discussion and they will not care about your rights.  So walk away from the argument and exercise your freedom another place another day.  Happy Living!!

39 Responses to “NUDE LIVING”

  1. David Carter Says:

    I believe it is more acceptable for women to be nude in public than for men, not sure if it is true or not it just seems that way to me. There are more clothes manufactured for the female gender than male, if not let me know where I can find fishnet shorts for men and I’ll send a selfie of me wearing them in public. I feel natural when I am nude where ever I maybe, not sure how my arrest for public nudity would go over with my job, since I am a manager (sorry need to pay the bills), at least if I had fishnet shorts on they can’t say I am totally nude….LOL.

  2. Kant Ver Says:

    In my country naturism is not legal so we can not practice openly in publicly but we have practice when ever we got chances

    • barebird Says:

      Yes I agree with your view. but when naturism/ nudity is illegal in India, it’s not safe to roam naturally and get caught to police. already a fellow naturist has given a petition in supreme court for allotting some places like beach or park or club house for naturists to spend nude time in our India itself (than traveling to abroad). we have signed in it. let’s see friend, what SC does.

      • kantver Says:

        The Indian naturist is real naturist they spend their entire life moving around in India,They never wear clothes, they never take any transportation vehicle, and they only walk around naked from town to town. Their mission is to preach Jain religion to the public and to help the ones in need. They always carry a pinchi,( a small broom) and a kamandalu,( a water pot. The broom is made out of peacock feathers ) and is used to wipe the ground wherever they will seat not to kill any small animals or insects that happen to be in the way.
        naturist is the name of the Skyclad Monks sect. They never wear any clothes because they are not supposed to have any links with the regular daily life. They renounced all their possessions to embrace a strictly religious life. On the other hand, the Jain Mothers will only wear white saris.

  3. Mark cecil Says:

    I always wonder why naturism is called a lifestyle? Nudity is natural clothes are not. Whether u subscribe to science or creation we were ment to be nude until we moved to areas to cold not to have coverings and a fire.

    • Sree Says:

      For your kind information, we are not living in a society who are Gems of humanity etc. first of all, many Billions of people are not aware of nudism and it’s joy. if this is case, first step is to make them understand naturism in the place where it’s required. so nothing wrong in promoting naturism. once majority accepts naturism, it’s easy to just live in the nude there. many people would enjoy body freedom. It won’t affect others. so I feel, to promote nudism/naturism is need in many countries/regions. Nude forever! barebird

  4. Dario Vm Says:

    buena forma de ver la libertad.. pero siempre y cuando si hacer daño a nadie..

  5. John Says:

    I only wish the rest of the world shared some of your opinions. I sucks that they will show a man getting hacked into pieces on t.v., but blur out a naked woman. Go figure.

  6. sreemyth Says:

    What a bold and simple naturist! I love your attitude.

  7. soros Says:

    I am sure you are attracting many comments, so here are mine: in Europe, the Frei Koerper Kultur (FKK) has been around for about a hundred years. These are nudist organizations dedicated to the idea that when you are nude, there are no classes, no castes; you are just you and people are what they are in nature, not dressed up to impress.

    Nudism has a history and philosophy behind it and it should not be mistaken for pornography. We all have a body. We are a body of flesh and blood, so why be ashamed of this? It is religion and its regimes of suppression that made nudity taboo.

    Peasant farmer women went topless in Taiwan and in Samoa for centuries before the European Christian fanatics arrived. Their agenda was to cover up the natives and to instill a sense of shame which they could use to control behavior. The Muslims did the same to gain control of the natives they conquered by force of arms from the Mid East to the Far East. There used not to be any shame attached to the body until the monolithic religions arrived. They sexualized the body to a degree that allowed them to use shame as a control mechanism. It worked.

    But, we can free ourselves and our bodies by acknowledging they belong to us, not to those who manipulate us.

  8. northlondoner Says:

    A well thought and written article. Too many women and men are slaves to fashion.

  9. stef (@Naked_stef) Says:

    I love what you say..
    I would to be clothes-free 24/7 on a nice day

  10. Daniel Asamota Says:

    I love your blog. I do follow you on twitter. Send me a message sometime.wink

  11. Pawanjot Singh Says:


    I came across your blog address on one of the naturist websites. I really appreciate your thoughts and the way you have been promoting the nudist lifestyle. Great going !

    I am from India (New Delhi) and a keen naturist. I have been practicing it occasionally for more than 15 years now, since my teens. However, given the conservative environment in India, me or for that matter any other possible naturist would not be able to express himself / herself openly.

    Off late (for a few months), I have been thinking of starting an online campaign regarding naturism in India. Rather, I took an initiative of starting a facebook page as well, but though many people joined in – hardly anyone is active. These things are very disappointing as no one comes out to express their thoughts openly as well, let alone do a get together.

    I came across your blog today and thought of writing to you. I would like to speak to you and know your thoughts as to how can naturism in India be brought about and awareness be spread. I am very sure that there are many people who love to be in their skin and as close as possible to the nature, but still have inhibitions expressing themselves on any forum.

    I look forward to your thoughts and revert.

    cheers 🙂 Pawanjot
    (a fellow naturist from India)

  12. Dennis C. Says:

    Lady God1va,

    My wife and I made it to London last year and we really enjoyed everything we saw, ate (mostly) and experienced! The trip over on British Airways was fantastic and our stay in Knightsbridge could not have been better!

    All this being said we both noted the fashion trend appeared to be skintight leggings made of material that recembled Denim, and while there were not overly revealing, we both though they were more liberal (or progressive) than anything being worn on the streets in America.

    So I guess this relates to the present discussion in that it demonstrates England is a bit ahead of the U.S. in fashion trends, and I suppose it will always be that way. Maybe the laws in several U.S. states permitting women to be topless in public will “catch on” and see a few more women taking advantage of this new liberty, but so far the impact seems to be merely philosophical. Women breastfeeding in the U.S. appears to generate more controversey than nearly anything else.

    I am happy to see you participated in the WNBR and hope you will continue being a rational and dedicated voice of feminine naturism in the world.

    • Jim Says:

      Those clothes are worn in the States. My wife has a pair of the leggings you mentioned. Just depends where in the States you are.

  13. Ironcandle Dave Says:

    Unfortunately, I disagree with the idea that the catwalk could encourage people to view nudity as a social norm. I think the designers have those girls do that for publicity. Remember, these people are selling clothes, and sex sells, whether it is clothes, cars or food. If there is an affect on people’s attitude about public nudity, I think it would by a byproduct of something else. The last thing a clothes designer wants is for people to wear less clothes.

    For the average Joe or Jolyn, wearing revealing clothing may not br an option like it may be for someone wealthy who attends many social functions. Social functions are where you would find people who follow the fashion scene, and may be be more accepting of wearing clothes the way designers show them. Other than that, they want us buyi g clothes and their clothes in particular. I hope they can and will have an impact on the general public, but I believe that singers like Madonna and LadyGaga will have more impact than Vera Wang.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      I agree with most of what you say, but I also think that fashion along with media has a say in how the public sees nudity. We as naturists don’t use nudity as fashion whilst others do. I agree I probably look more attractive half dressed than fully naked but you can’t always have what you want so you take what you can.

      There is more nudity on TV now than 10 years ago, public in general is more accepting of nudity than ever before, so I would say we are moving in the right direction unless Arab fashion takes hold in the west 🙂

    • Sandy Beachcat (@SandyBeachcat) Says:

      Less clothes would be ok to fasion designers, if they can get away with charging the same price for 4″ of material as for 4 yards!

  14. Rafael Says:

    I think nudity on the catwalk is accepted because it’s considered an artistic expression – and, like Felicity said, these clothes not always hit the stores and the costumers. It can be some kind of experimentation of a trend, or a variation. The designer creates the clothes and the concept, and somehow later, market will have to accept, adapt or reject it.

    In general, nudity is always more accepted in Arts. Fashion, Movies, Theater, even Music. But, somehow, this tolerance is lost when brought to the daily life and the average citzen.

    But that’s not the point. After all this time reading your blog and your texts, I find you a very simple woman, with very clear beliefs and points of view. And that’s something uncommon these days, when society pressures us all the time. I admire your strength and will to live your life the best way you can.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      I must admit, I have little or no interest in the catwalk fashion, I just used it to express a point of view. Thank you for your kind words, this is a difficult area for most people to understand, I am fortunate that I have the life I have, even though at times it is little limited, but we manage to stumble from day to day and get by.

      • Rafael Says:

        For real, I think I wouldn’t have the courage (is this the right word to describe? Courage?) to wear such revealing clothes on streets. I don’t mind having to wear clothes. But you totally made your point, exercising your freedom within the limits of the law. And I salute you for this.

        And, in the end, that’s the art of living, trying to live each day the best way you can. Life’s short, let’s not waste it with inhibitions and fears. That’s something I’ve gotta learn yet, that’s why your words are so strong to me.

  15. Felicity Jones Says:

    Interesting idea about how partial nudity or revealing clothing is revered in the latest fashion industry trends. But I think the topless-with-a- coat-and-pants look is one of those over-the-top trends that is exclusive to runway models. These clothes and trends influence what reaches the clothing stores and the masses, but usually in a less exaggerated version.. That’s just my perception. Personally I have little fashion sense and try to own as little clothing as possible and usually spend as little money as possible on them. This works great for me for the nudist world, but I mostly live in a textile world, so I’m forced to care about what I wear ha ha.
    I like the outfit you wore with the mesh top 🙂 It’s tasteful without looking like you’re starving for attention or something. If it’s comfortable, looks good and feels good, then why not! In the cold months clothes serve the basic function of keeping us warm, but other than that I think it’s just about self-expression, feeling confident and good about ourselves..
    Power to you for challenging the norms!

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Thank you for your comments. It is good to hear views of another girl. Regarding my clothes, I do try to ensure that when I go ‘light’ it is done with taste or adventure and not make it look cheap, as that only invites trouble.:-)

  16. Pete Knight Says:

    The problem is the different reactions to the two sexes, I’d love to conduct a controlled experiment with you, to see how you would be treated by public and authority, I’m willing to be I would have a rough time in comparison to how you would be treated.
    This is an area where inequality of the sexes is heavily slanted towards women.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      I think it depends on whether you’re on your own or in company of someone. I would not even attempt to go about my life the way I do without being with someone, to do so would attract attention of not only men who may think I’m out for something else also females who would probably be more aggresive for a number of reasons.

      The fact that a number of people have agreed is that this naturism or body freedom is only going to be progressed by girls. So more girls relax about their nudity the better we all shall be.

  17. Hawaii Naturist (@Hawaii_Naturist) Says:

    As always, I find your blog posts interesting and thought provoking. As you know, promoting naturism and body acceptance to a majority textile culture with centuries of prejudice against it has always been, and will probably remain a complex challenge.

    One could take the approach that Stephen Gough has to be a “naturist martyr” and spend years in prison. I certainly applaud his deeply held beliefs which motivate him to do what he does, yet I also have to wonder if it will have any lasting positive impact on the culture we’re all trying to influence.

    As other comments have already noted, the fashion industry to a great degree sells clothing, shoes, and accessories which consumers believe makes them more attractive or sexy. I agree that pure nudity is less sexual because combining partial nudity with clothing inevitably draws the attention of observers to the parts that are covered. The fashion trade, like the movie industry, however, makes its money by promoting a fantasy that few can ever expect to attain.

    Regrettably, the idea that the UK, United States, and Europe in general are “free” countries anymore is largely a myth. Big government has stealthily eroded our freedoms by the idea of promoting “democracy” over a rule of law where rights are guaranteed to minorities. As a result, if the “majority” feels public nudity is wrong, they feel they have the right to impose their will on others, even extending to private property in some cases. For example, some localities are trying to regulate nudist clubs operating on private property using the same laws as sex businesses.

    I try to maintain an optimistic outlook, but in reality, the chances of gaining acceptance of nudity in most public places is practically futile. It is difficult enough to keep the few legal nude beaches that exist in the world; many have to “skinny dip” at remote nude beaches where nudity is technically not legally protected.

    Perhaps maintaining whatever rights we have left to practice naturism and body acceptance on private property is our best hope of promoting naturism and body acceptance. I am a Libertarian, however, and I respect the rights of anyone to promote the cause in whichever way they feel is most effective.

    I admire your goal and I wish I wish you all the success in the world. I’m sure many people who see you misunderstand what you’re trying to promote. You’re a wonderful person, and most of us would hate to see you get arrested or imprisoned like Stephen Gough for your noble cause. If indeed you have the right to public nudity in the UK, that is precious, but beware of those in Parliament or local municipalities which will try to legislate that right away also.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Thank you for your response. I am a naturist but I like many others would rather we were able to enjoy a bit of nude sunbathing, nude swim or a nude walk in the park or a nude or semi nude night out, celebrating our body freedom without being a threat to anyone.

      It is my thought that this is only going to come about as result of progress in our normal lives rather than being limited to specific areas. In the UK, some beaches that were naturist are being taken back or there is a threat of them closing. It makes a lot of sense to have protected areas where the minority have the right to exercise their way of life, but in other areas I feel they should also be able to exercise their way of life as long as it does not challenge a majority view.

      I went to an opera house recently, where the musical had full nudity shown of about 20 cast, although this was limited to about 5 mins, I was wearing a crochet dress with large gaps that allows me to be in the nude all but the name.. I was very pleased that I was received by everyone, staff and the audience at the interval with utmost respect.

      I don’t know whether it was because of the nude contents that brought about acceptance or something else but it was enjoyable, to be able to sip wine, watch a good musical and feel comfortable with myself

  18. ladygod1va Says:

    This conversation appears to be between me and few naturist male visitors to this blog, it is not ideal considering the volume of traffic that is shown on this blog and variety of users that have read this page as with all the other pages.
    It’s a pity that not more visitors are able to participate in the discussions.
    I don’t publish my posts so that I can defend them, I don’t believe naturists need permission to be nude or semi nude if they do so within reason and take consideration of their surroundings. This applies to everyone not just naturists. For example people would laugh at you if you dressed up in an evening gown to visit the local coffee shop or dressed up like builder and went to a black tie dinner.
    So, if you want to be nude or semi nude and feel good about yourself, you have to be at the right place at the right time. There is no point in saying that the whole world should change and people should accept naked people no matter where we are. Let’s face it.. it is not going to happen in our life time but we can live our life and progress the cause as much as we can. I share my life with you, if you like it ,,great.. if you don’t like it.. you’re not alone, you will find yourself in a long queue that’s not going anywhere.

  19. Paul Says:

    I think that Colin was right to raise the issues that he has as undoubtedly his observations will be shared by many others. It is a shame that relatively few people will read this blog and therefore Kiran’s reply to see that her motives are genuine.

    Naturism is never going to be accepted by the wider society if it is hidden away on beaches far from anywhere or only practised behind closed doors. This in itself gives the impression that it is wrong.

    It is necessary to bring naturism into the mainstream by taking small steps which push at the boundaries without causing offence to the majority. I think that Kiran is approaching this sensibly and if more people get involved then accusations of exhibitionism and attention seeking will be short lived.

  20. ladygod1va Says:

    My look on life is quite simple, I believe no matter who you are or where you are or what you look like, you should try to be yourself at all times taking consideration of others as without doing so you run into having to fight your way through life.
    The main thing for everyone to do is to be true to themselves. If you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong or naughty, it will show in your actions/personality and others will react accordingly. I feel most confident when I am nude, clothes just make you feel as if you need to improve on something, does this go with that etc.. with the human body everything goes together, it doesn’t matter what shape, size or colour you are, your body goes together and it works. I believe when people see me being honest and sincere most of them accept who I am or what I look like.
    There is a very long answer to whether it’s safe or not.. I am not going to explain that here.. it is up to each individual to decide whether the environment they’re in is safe or not.

  21. Colin H Says:

    I tend to think that revealing clothes are more provocative and sexual than simple nudity. A person walking around naked simply feels no need to wear clothes. Wearing clothes which are so revealing does not give the same impression. It instead appears that you are trying to be provocative. The impression is “I want to have clothes on but I want to show off my breasts.”

    Having said that, I find myself wondering why I am having reservations about this. I think it is probably because of decades of social conditioning. When covering up there are certain areas which get covered first. However I think the main reason I am having doubts is because I find the image so sexy and not just because you are such a beautiful woman. The long coat over a naked, or nearly naked body is a typical exhibitionist image. It is sexy and provocative and on some level it simply doesn’t seem innocent.

    I know that the intent is to be provocative and to get people to question what is and is not acceptable. Going beyond my initial gut reaction, I applaid your actions. I honestly believe that clothing should be functional and optional. Why should we have to cover specific areas? A coat offers warmth and keeps you dry. There is no specific need for other layers underneath.

    I remember once on a nude beach someone commented about a man wearing a shirt and nothing else, saying he seemed like an exhibitionist, because even when he put clothes on he wanted to have his cock showing. However when wandering around, rather than sunbathing, it is the back and shoulders which get burnt first, and thus need covered. Just because it is necessary to put something on for protection, why should we need to cover up specific areas, just because of social convention.

    • Chet Kresiak Says:

      Colin, I think you are a victim of social conditioning. Don’t forget that when naturists gather, they often sport tattoos and body jewelry, and for dances and parties they often wear some clothing. Body painting is also another way in which naturists decorate their bodies.

      As for clothing being “functional”, society moved beyond that long ago. Clothes are a means of self-expression, and there is nothing wrong with that.

      Your problem seems to be specifically with Lady God1va’s breasts and nipples showing, yet women walk around all the time wearing high heels which accentuate legs and buttocks, short skirts which show off the legs, and low-cut blouses which show off cleavage. Feeling sexy and good about yourself is mainstream behavior.

      The Lady is breaking barriers, and challenging societal taboos. More power to her.

      • Colin H Says:

        I agree, but I think to an extend we are all influenced by social conditioning, whether we realise it or not.

        By functionality of clothing, I mainly meant that they should be optional and worn when wanted. There should be no requirement to wear them. They serve as a form of self expression too, but they are also social dividers. They identify groups, professions, faiths, wealth, interests and hence influence how people view the wearer. I prefer the idea of wearing nothing, when possible.

        I fully support Lady God1va’s goal and admire her forthright dedication.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      I agree with all you say, clothes do make the body look sexy and fortunately as a girl I can get away with looking sexy and respectable at the same time. It all depends on how you present yourself to the public, if you behave like you are doing something naughty, others will think the same. However given that I was at the London Thames Festival with 1000s of other people, it would not have been acceptable to all to see me walking around naked, it would have caused arguments and killed the enjoyment, so the next best thing would be to wear something that allows your body to feel as comfortable as possible as a naturist.
      Of course I know what I look like, I do it to challenge the society too, you can help the society understand the difference between right and wrong whilst playing within the rules. Consider what I was wearing, I was for all intentions and purposes naked, but I did not upset the society, no one objected to my clothing, in the street or the restaurant, when in fact all I was wearing was a very light pair of pants that I couldn’t even feel being there.
      Society gets what they want and I get to be myself. Not every occasion is the same. If any naturist thinks I’m an exhibitionist, then they should consider how does that opinion differs from those who think that naturists as whole are exhibitionists and perverts.

      • Colin H Says:

        This above all, to thine own self be true.

        I think what you are doing is great. It just made me aware that of a few things that i had not really given thought to and I was just articulating my own thought process.
        I am comfortable with nudity, which I see as being liberating and natural, but I had not really thought much before about nakedness not needing to be all or nothing. If models on catwalks dress like that, then why shouldn’t ordinary people?
        I think the world would be a better place and people would be less self concious if this sort of fashion were to catch on. Keep it up.

  22. Paul Says:

    I think that fashion affords women greater opportunity to be naked or part naked in public than ever before. I am sure that women are wearing less in public than in previous generations and I would expect that this trend will continue.

    It would be interesting to know what reaction you have had when dressed as you are in the pictures on this page. Is there any advice you can give to other women who may be concerned about attracting the wrong type? I don’t wish to be negative about something which I believe is a positive step forward for the general acceptance of nudity but at the same time it is important that women are able to feel comfortable and positive about what they are doing rather than awkward or potentially unsafe.

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