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Improving Naturism

July 20, 2019

Not having written for a long time, I’m little rusty and very nervous, aware that what I have in mind to write, might not be agreeable to everyone ( I know there is nothing that we all agree on) and whether there is any point. Will this be just another post that people take a casual look at and then ignore, or will it act as a catalyst for something good?

The short answer is; I don’t know, but here goes it anyway. This post is not about me, it is about what I think about the way to improve naturism through increased public acceptance of nudity, it is up to you to consider it in your future plans or ignore it as an idiotic idea.

10 years ago, most people risked getting arrested if they walked nude in the open countryside even, never mind the urban areas. This started changing through a lot of work by individuals, such as Stephen Gough Naked Bike Rides like British Naturism a smaller but enthusiastic group of people working as

In addition to the above, there are 100s of other individuals and regional groups who have done a great deal to progress the image of naturism as being natural and good for the soul.

This promotional and naked activities, seem to have triggered various TV shows, showing full nudity and promoting nude living and acceptance of nudity through body acceptance (of whatever kind you have!) I think some credit should also be given to social media in general and the Hollywood productions.

The activities above and additional work carried out by the organisations mentioned, resulted in the UK Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) publishing a very important guidance on handling cases involving naturism;

This is not a new law or change of law, it is simply clarification of where the law stands. This was also challenged in 2009 when I participated in the Oneandother art exhibition in Trafalgar Square, where I was amongst many others who went nude in public and were challenged by the public and even an off duty Policeman

So, where are we now?

Not very far to be honest. Yes, I see people posting pictures of their nude hikes across the countryside, but only a handful. That is not where I had expected us to be by now.

Ten years ago, I set out to with the thought to help and normalise nudity and that hasn’t happened. Have we failed? Yes and No; Yes, progress has. Been made, but it is not something that is in our gift to give, but the good thing is that we’re all still alive (you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise J) so there is time yet!

What Next?

British Naturism and many other organisations and individuals are making great effort to try and bring more people into naturism. I don’t have the figure but I don’t see any major progress being talked about, therefore, I think they need to re-evaluate their approach. This is hard to sell because these people are strong believers in their own vision, and they have limited capability due to lack of funds and volunteers.  I for example, have not had a proper holiday for five years, mainly due to running my own business which takes up all my time. This also means that I don’t have the time for leisure campaigns including WNBR. It was very difficult to find time for WNBR, but I did it for many years.  In the same way, most other people don’t have the time until they retire.. hence why (one of the reasons) most naturists are elderly people!!

Change of Strategy

The issue is that if a bunch of naturists want to help normalise nudity, there is no point in doing it behind closed doors or in isolation of the general public.

For example, the nude fest organised by British Naturism to be a great event but the only people that seem to go there are hardy naturists (I’m making this statement only from what I see on social media). The benefit seen this year is some great publicity, particularly by the Sun reporter this article and other positive publicity is not even linked or discussed on the nudefest site linked above.  I don’t have numbers of visitors to nude fest over the past five years, perhaps someone from British Naturism can comment. My point is that this event could attract new visitors if the organisers were to adopt a different strategy.

The approach all naturist organisations have to take is that they need to recruit members, and rightly so, my suggestion is that there needs to be more activities that bring naturism and textile activities together as combined events, in other words, clothing optional, and held in public areas, not secluded or fenced or promoted as naturist/nude only event.

Take WNBR for example, if we were to insist that all participants must be nude and the event was held behind closed off area, there would be far less people attending and the event would die off a natural death. Perhaps nude fest could be promoted as clothing optional to see if the numbers would go up.

New Approach

First of all, I am not going to suggest that this new approach is going to be easy, but I am confident that small steps in the right direction can help us progress our aim.

Nude Swims 

There are many nude swims organised around the country, most of them seem to report difficulties in gaining a good mix of people and numbers. This is because they are published as nude events. Even I felt a little apprehensive about being judged by the ticket office lady when paying on entrance.  How about these events being run as clothing optional and not so late in the evening. Most run between 7-9pm. This automatically excludes anyone with children. If those people want to participate, they have to get baby sitters etc. For young people 7-9pm on Friday/Saturday night is prime social time. The people who would happily go topless on holidays are not going to give up their Sat night, even if they had the courage to go fully nude. I’m aware that, It will be virtually impossible to get the local sports centre to allow clothing optional during early evening or day time. However, there are pools run by naturist organisations and pools that are available for private hire that could be used.

The perfect venue would be the Lidos, if they could be persuaded to run one sat each month of the summer period as clothing optional, it would go a long way towards making nudity normal.

Beach Events

Nude beaches are great places for nudists to visit. Sometimes people meet others who they know, but it is very rare. People who go topless and maybe nude on holidays don’t make the effort to visit a nudist beach. They would rather go to a beach that is nice and has all the facilities of a seaside resort. In the south of England, you have the Studland beach, it is not very popular (busy) because of the location and lack of facilities. A few hundred meters away, the textile beach is very popular even though it has limited facilities, compared to for example the Bournemouth beach.

I think it would be better to work towards having clothing optional days (marked by boards, advertising and general information) on normal textile beaches (like the Bournemouth beach) where the naturists can go nude and those who would go topless on holidays would be more willing to do the same in the UK, the EU visitors would certainly go topless if they saw others and they knew it was legal. This would progress to further promotion of nudity through association and normalisation.

I’m sure it would be hard for the naturists to mix in a clothing optional environment to start with, but being in a much more comfortable and social environment would, in my opinion, lead to greater number of people trying nude sunbathing/swimming, thereby increasing the acceptance of such in normal life.

This can’t be a once a year event, it would have to be at least once a month to start with and then perhaps once a week.

Nude Dining/Other Events

There has been much publicity of nude dining. It hasn’t taken off well because there are too many constraints applied.

There just needs to be a place, which is clothing optional, more often than once a week and not too late at night. Clothing optional is just a step away from summer clothing.  I have dinned out virtually naked many a times in London, but I was not totally nude. Virtually nude was acceptable in a lot of placed but there was ONE restaurant where I was asked to leave, and that was the top end Japanese restaurant   I Had been there a few times before then, never been back since!! My crime was to wear translucent trousers and top. Not too different to their celebrity DJ (but no bra J)

My aim in wearing what I liked and not be limited by the ‘norm’ was to show that nudity in public is OK for an average person and not reserved for the celebrities.  Ten years later (not claiming as my victory) the times have changed and I notice a lot more girls going out wearing similar things to what I would have been criticised for.

And Finally

My point is that, if we continue to organise nude events exclusively for those who are already naturists or will to go nude for the first time, we are not going to get to the point where nudity is acceptable as is in some parts of Europe, or a general acceptance.

We must go fishing where the fish is (I don’t know how to fish by the way!!)

Feel free to comment here or discuss with me on twitter @ladygodivaLDN

New World Order !!

August 27, 2018

I haven’t posted anything here for a very long time because I’ve been drowning in work and just didn’t have much time or much to say.

However, today while taking time out to spend 5 mins on twitter, I came across an idea and thought I’d test the water and see how it goes!

We all know how difficult it is for naturists to feel confident that their ID and the media they post is not misused by those who think it’s funny to damage people’s reputation.

In the past the most famous naturist website was the SkinBook, however that too had it’s problems. Naturists just cannot be left alone and in the most they can’t agree on anything that would benefit all.

Presently, there are a number of sites and enthusiastic efforts to by individuals to make something available.  However, the issue with most of these initiatives is that they lack the funding to make them strong, mature, feature full so that they can be adopted by all varieties of social media users, not just the hard core adult males that are the most prominent in the naturist circles.

To make this work, the idea needs worldwide support from the current naturists, those who want to be naturists and those who offer naturist type services.  This means not holidays and travelling, but also other essentials such as legal support/advice, etiquettes, good diet, health advise/support. All the good things you hope your families, friends and professional services can provide.

I don’t think there is any point in providing more of the chat/meeting/dating type sites, there are enough out there.  I also don’t think there is any point in repeating the Facebook and other major social media ideas.  It has to be something unique, wholesome and trustworthy.  Yes, I am asking for world peace!!!

Presently I’m running a poll on twitter, please support it if you can.

I don’t have great deal of confidence that it will get the support it needs, mostly because those who already have large number of naturists as members won’t support any idea that might challenge their efforts.  I am not here to challenge anyone, if you have ideas, you will be able to submit them for design decisions. If you have funds, you will be able to support the idea and take some ownership.  If you have passion, we will use it!!

Anyway.. here it is.. let’s see !  Please Click and share. If it doesn’t get RTs, it will die!!

Tweet to Poll the idea. Please click here

Also feel free to leave your comments here.

Thank you.

New Twitter Account

June 18, 2017

As some of you will know, my previous twitter account was permanently suspended by Twitter because they said I failed to follow the Terms of use!!

It has taken me 7 months to decide but I have now created another account @LadygodivaLDN shows as @LadygodivaLondon Please follow it if you can.

It is going to take a while to reconnect with 20,000 + users that I was talking with before.

Many Thanks!.

LONDON WNBR – 10 June 2017

June 4, 2017

As most of you know, my twitter account was permanently suspended late last year where I was able to reach over 20,000 followers.

I have not tried to set up another account because whoever reported/complained about me will no doubt would have done it again and also this year I have been very busy and can’t spend my time fighting trolls!

I am writing this with the hope that those who see it will tweet this for me, my twitter account was @ladygod1va and I would ask that you use hashtag #LONDONWNBR and any other being used that you know of.

The reason for my post is simply to ask those who were thinking about attending this protest ride to make that little extra effort and actually do so. There are 7 start points and all the details are available on facebook and the London WNBR wiki pages.

London WNBR Wiki Page

London WNBR Main Page

I will be at Hyde Park

Hyde Park Start

There are a lot of bad things happening in the world and we in the UK are experiencing a difficult time as we all know.  Those of you who know me will no doubt be aware that my advice and opinion is to go out and enjoy yourself same as you always did and furthermore, if you wish to do a little extra, why not join in one of the many jolly WNBR protests that harm no one.  I say this not from the point of view that you should become a rebel or a naturist, but just go and support one of the many WNBR rides around the UK, it will make a considerable difference.

You can stand on the side lines and shout your words of support or you can jump on your bike and ride along. You don’t have to be totally nude, go as nude as you wish.

The idea of going nude is to attract attention and show vulnerability. Nudity is NOT illegal in the UK and the London WNBR ride has been running for over 13 years! No one has ever been arrested.

It is a brilliant way to show rest of the world the freedom we have here in the UK and also that we are tolerant of each other’s views.  I could go on and write much more but I’m sure you get the idea!  I don’t want to make this into some sort of political protest!  If you don’t know what or why we organise these cycling protests, please click on the Wiki page link above.

If you can come to the London WNBR on the 10th June (see links above) I would be delighted, but please see if there is one closer to where you are.

Have Fun!!



London WNBR Night Ride

July 2, 2016

The World Naked Bike Ride – WNBR is a world wide protest that;

  1. Wants to reduce dependency on Oil
  2. Promote cycle safety
  3. Promote body confidence

You can read more about the WNBR on various websites and Wikis including

London has its own WNBR protest that normally occurs on every 2nd Saturday of June.

Currently the ride has 6 start points and maybe that will increase in the future.

The collective that organises the London WNBR are considering organising a WNBR Night Ride, similar to that in Portland USA and I am looking into what needs to be agreed with the authorities.


The idea is that we would organise the ride during one late evening in the first 2 weeks of September each year, the exact day will depend on the weather. It would be at the weekend if at all possible.

To help me understand what I need to discuss with the authorities and the collective, I’d like to understand your views on;

  1. Would you participate?
  2. How would you like to see it run?
  3. What are your ideas on pre/post ride party?
  4. Would you help to run it?

Just copy the above 4 items and write your response in a reply/comment to this post, please provide your actual email address otherwise I won’t be able to approve your reply to have it shown below.

Also we are doing a post ride survey, if you participated in the London WNBR this year would you please complete this short survey for us

If you want to email a longer reply, feel free to email

Thank you in advance.




May 21, 2016

I guess a naked lady asking for money is probably the reputation that one doesn’t want to establish! However there are times when it is necessary to ask people to donate funds, even though it is hard to do.

First of all.. you may ask, why does it cost anything to take your clothes off and go for a ride around London. A good question, let me see if I can explain.


London WNBR has been going on for over 10 years and one of the earlier organisers was very proud of the fact that one year, he was able to organise the ride for 50 pence. The principle of WNBR is that it should not cost anything and that it should be totally environmental friendly.

As the years went by, some costs started to creep in, for example, it cost to produce some leaflets (on recycled paper), it costs to get some safety equipment, vests, arm bands, flags etc, these kind of costs were managed by the early organisers by selling small things, like flags on the day.

Then some authorities wanted administration fees, The Royal Parks, started on about £80 and went up to £100s, the police wanted administration fees. This required some additional fund raising which we managed to do.

The London WNBR is run by a handful of people who range from unemployed to quite wealthy people. One of the principles is that those who organise the WNBR should not fund it or do anything that could jeopardise running of future WNBR protests. For example if one person always gave £500 for the WNBR they might influence how it is run and also what happens if they decide to leave the WNBR?

We are also not supposed to obtain any kind of corporate sponsorship, WNBR must remain independent and free of being influenced by anyone or any organisation.

As the time goes on, the rules change and some additional costs arise. We have managed costs quite well so far but this year we were hoping to run the WNBR at no cost at all. This is because the authorities haven’t asked for any money and we are going ahead as per normal.

The biggest issue we have on WNBR is communications between the each start leader and during the ride through busy streets of London when the ride gets split up and no one knows what’s going on. It is very difficult to keep control and respond to incidents when there is no communications.

We have tried many different methods, none have worked to any satisfaction for many reasons.

This year we would like to try a new technology that uses GSM (phones) network to send messages using Press To Talk method.

This we think has a good chance of working, but!!! It will cost about £450 to hire 12 handsets for the week.

The easiest thing for me to do would be to just pay for the hire. However.. what happens if I decide to leave the WNBR next year? Also what influence will I exercise for having spent this money?

For this reason, we have set up a bank account, and paypal account, much the same as other WNBRs and we are asking you to donate some cash!!

So what you get for your money?

Well, first of all, it will help to secure the safety of about 1000-1500 riders. That in itself is worth the money isn’t it?

If we can run the WNBR successfully and safely, it will increase and have greater effect as a protest.

We will comply by the authorities rules that we must maintain control.

I am sure there will be some of you who will say, why don’t those who ride pay, perhaps they should but how do I get hold of them? We don’t have registration system and we can’t collect money on the day as most don’t carry any and there is not enough time. Also what about you? Do you believe in WNBR? If you can’t ride, why not do something to help the cause?

So.. there you are! You can donate, no matter where in the world you are, be generous and help us to do what is right! PLEASE.

WNBR 2014 LONDON (6)

To Goa Or Not To Goa!

May 15, 2016

I’ve been asked questions on Goa many times, mostly about going there to swim and sunbathe in the nude and enjoy wild parties!!

The history of Goa tends to encourage people to go and seek pleasures of bygone era, I’m going to try and capture some of that and see if I can help you to decide whether you are going to follow the well-trodden path of sun seekers or not.

Goa is a small state on the Western coast of India, facing the Arabian Sea, it was a Portuguese colony from the 16th Century until 1961, when the Portuguese left and it became another State of India.

Goa is probably a better State to live in than any other in India, however it doesn’t have a thriving industry of any kind other than tourism, there are obviously some industries, such as mining, it survives mainly on tourism. If you compare it with other States in reference to the Indian GDP, it is by far the richest state in India.

As far as most Europeans who have ever heard of Goa are concerned, it is a place for hippies, drugs, beaches and naughty parties where people run around naked and have sex orgies. If this is what you’re after read on!!

Don’t worry if you don’t know where or what Goa is, you are not alone. I have spoken with many people over the years, who believed either that Goa is an island or that it is somewhere in the far east, one person actually thought it was an island near Spain. I’ve had people tell me all sorts, they are normally quite surprised when I show them it on a map.

You can read more on Goa here


In simple terms, there are 2 Goa(s), North and South. North Goa is made up of mostly small beaches with a lot of touristy places at and near the beach areas. If you go inland, after about 2 or 3 miles, you can see the real Goa slowly developing into a more modern place.

In the north, apart of 1 or 2, the beaches are small enough to be attractive and big enough to be touristy! There are no 5 star hotels or resorts that I am aware of although recently there have been new developments of 4 star hotels at some popular places.

In the south, Goa Beaches tend to be long and straight that go on for miles at a time. There are quite a large number of VERY expensive 5 star holiday resorts as well as a number of more modestly priced ones, but the attractions are the resorts. By now, I think I must have stayed at most if not all of them. They are very nice and the quality of service at most is second to none but considering where they are and what is available around them, I’m not sure whether they’re worth the cost, that is of course just my opinion.

Inland area both in the North and South is mostly the same, made up of villages and town that reflect their history with the Portuguese but they are certainly not as pristine as the Algarve!!


Although Hinduism is the dominant religion, it is followed up by Christianity and other religions enjoy their freedom also but they are in very small numbers. Goa doesn’t tend to have religious disputes like other parts of India.


Although Goans love their fish! you can get almost any kind of food that your heart desires, but it does helps if you like curry!!

It is possible to eat at reasonable restaurants (reasonable in terms of area of the world) and not spend any more than about £10 per person per day. On the other hand, if you have money to spend, there are plenty of restaurants where you can pay almost the same rate as some of the top restaurants as in the UK.


If you’re a lover of low cost wines, then you’ll be fine in Goa (sorry don’t mean to be a snob but it is true!). The Indian wines are OK with curries. Average cost of wine in a reasonable restaurant tends to be under £20, foreign wines, particularly the French tend to be very expensive, by that I mean £40+ for some wine you may not have heard of! If you dine at top range restaurants, the cost of your meal and cost of the wine is unlikely to be less than what you’d pay at similar restaurant in the UK. I could write a whole post on Indian wines, but it probably best if I say, don’t over indulge!

Don’t worry.. I’ll get to the sex bit soon, you have to wine and dine first!!


Well, the good news is that there is plenty of it! Traffic can be quite crazy at times but it is not as bad as other parts of India.

As a tourist, you have plenty of choices, you can self-drive, have someone drive you around all day and it won’t cost you much more than £20 per day.

A lot of young people tend to hire ‘2 wheelers’ (Bikes, mopeds), they are a bit of death trap and stats on serious injuries put Goa up there, higher than other much larger states. There are over 20 deaths each month!! My advice is to get a car and driver, preferably check the state of the driver, whether he is alert or not, some tend to work long hours! If you are going to Goa on a budget and don’t want to spend so much money on transport and want to hire ‘2 wheelers’, I would strongly advise you to get plenty of training before going there and take your own helmet and maybe some knee/elbow protection.

Beaches and Nudity

See, I told you I’ll get there!!

Back in the 60s, the Hippies came and had a party, word spread and then the 80s and 90s took all the fun away because the Indian government wasn’t too keen for the people to continue having fun.

Now, it is just a myth. There are no wild parties like those talked about, there are no sex orgies that you may want to drop in on. Majority of the non-Indian tourists are Russians, probably military or ex-military (there are military bases in the area) and you really don’t have much of a chance mixing in with them.

There are however more than enough men looking for that heavenly moment when they can stumble onto a wild party with drugs and loose western women.

There are only handful of nightclubs that are worth visiting, the main one talked about is Titos near Baga beach. Waste of time really, you can go there for some experience but don’t expect it to be anything like a western night club.

Nudity is not legal anywhere, although hotels are private property so they can allow it or not. Over 10 years ago, the 5 Star hotels were quite relaxed about topless sunbathing, now that most of their clientele are Indians, they’ve changed their policies and you will see various signs around the hotel pools, informing you that you must wear swim costumes etc…

So what do you do?

As a woman it is quite easy. I can go topless with just a small thong that can’t seriously be considered as a costume or cover. I can do this at only 1 or two 5 star resorts and others tend to say no and recommend you go to their beach area. Even there, other guests can complain and have done so, then you just have to cover up to move on. The most relaxed pool is probably the Club fresh water pool It is not cheap!! Although you can book yourself into lower cost room and visit the Club Pool and restaurant as a guest.

On most beaches you can go topless but not nude, I say you can, it is not legal but most beach shacks tend to protect you, almost as if you’re endangered species and they are the park rangers. The protection you need is to prevent men making you feel uncomfortable by turning you into some sort of tourist exhibit. You have to respect others by keeping away from Indian families and at times some females who will complain far sooner than men.

Some beaches are better for topless sunbathing than others, but it can also just depend on whether you’re lucky enough to avoid bumping into some objectionable people. My main tip would be to go as far north as possible and definitely avoid the beach during the Indian holidays.

Nudity for men is definitely very difficult. The only way to sunbathe or swim nude would be to find a lonely spot away from the main areas. These are not easy to find and you have to remember that technically you will be breaking the law therefore you could get arrested. However if you make the effort to stay away from the main areas, then your chances of being arrested are obviously not very high. It will also help if you’re in mixed company.


In summary I would say that Goa is worth visiting, north is more interesting than the south which has most of the 5 star resorts and definitely the place to go if you have some money to spare. The finest hotel is probably The Leela resort and in the high season, you will pay about the same rate as top class European hotels.

You can relax and live quite cheaply in the north, there are plenty of beaches but not many tourist attractions.

Cost of everything is going up rapidly, the Indian inflation tends to be between 8-10% but the tourist prices tend to go up higher than that each year.  The Indian population is getting richer and they’re on mission to spend money, how long this can continue, I don’t really know but I can’t see Goa thriving if the cost of living for the tourists becomes much more expensive than it already is. I would suggest you go, if you’re going to go, within the next 5 years or so.

People are definitely friendly and you will be welcomed wherever you go. Crime is not really a consideration as long as you take normal precautions.

One thing is for certain… you should not go to Goa expecting to enjoy a naturist holidays!


London WNBR 2016

October 23, 2015

I am posting this email here to help get more volunteers

Dear All

It is that time of the year when we start planning the next year’s London WNBR.

Please find attached minutes of the last meeting we held.

You ALL are invited to a planning meeting on the  19th Nov 2015 at 19:30 in London,  the exact location will be published once a suitable venue is confirmed.

The Outline Agenda will be as below (you can send agenda items to this group or me) :-

  1. Volunteers – We need volunteers to help with organising and Marshalling each start point. This is a legal requirement and if we don’t get enough volunteers then the start point will be cancelled. This applies to ALL start points, including Hyde Park. Please see notes in the minutes attached. The number of volunteers needed depends on the number of riders starting at each start point. Discuss.
  2. New start points – if anyone wants to organise a new start point, you must come to the meeting.  We will not consider anymore start points after this meeting.
  3. Start Date – we will be submitting the application to the authorities early this time so we will decide the date at the meeting. However, we normally have the ride on the second Sat of June, so unless something else prevents us doing the same again in 2016, the date will be agreed at this meeting.
  4. Route – we need to firm up the route, this will of course depend on how many start point are agreed.
  5. Funding – Discuss and agree methods of fund raising and accounting.
  6. Incident Management – How to deal with the issues of the type mentioned in the minutes.
  7. Planning Meeting Dates – Agree the Planning Meeting dates for 2016.

After each year’s ride, we get a lot of chatter on this email group about how ‘next year’s ride ’ needs to be improved.  Well this is the opportunity for you to make the difference.  Please make the effort to attend and have your say.

Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested and feel free to copy/advertise on your social media outlets.

Kind Regards


Feel free to comment below

Nudity & Arousal

January 3, 2015

I asked the question on twitter

Question for year end! Could you spend a day on the beach with a bunch of attractive naked people of opposite gender without being aroused?

through this tweet:

The reason behind this question was that I frequently get asked the question on various social media..  if I go to a naturist place, will I be aroused ( or similar words!)


How can I stop myself being aroused.

As you know this is a particularly a male problem!

So I wanted to know if it is problem for people who read my tweets or not as I have only ever seen one lost looking male in the south of France walking around with a proud look.

So what is the truth?

If you were to read the replies to the tweet above, you could be forgiven for thinking that naturists are not sexual. Which is obviously not true! Whilst most people have said that they would not get aroused, some have said that they would or could get aroused. Those I think are probably not regular visitors at naturist places because no matter what you relate this to, there is a point after which anything can become normal and therefore not exciting.

What I know of the regular naturists is that their arousal is self-controlled, in that if they get used to seeing naked people, it would take something special for them to show visible arousal and probably in a non public surrounding, after all, being a naturist doesn’t mean you lose your desire for sex, does it?


For females ( I speak from my own experience) it is different.

I for one do not even look at people’s bodies in any way other than to avoid bumping into them!

I don’t see the need to glare and compare! I’m there for one reason and one reason only, that is to enjoy the weather and environment in the nude without being treated as a circus act, as it would be the case if I went nude at a normal textile beach. Nothing else interests me.  When I tell people this, most don’t believe me, that is because most asking the questions are men wondering about how it feels to be a naturist and probably have not seen too many naked bodies.

For those who said  yes they would get aroused in naked company, and they  would go to naturist places to see naked people,  then I’m afraid your days as naturist are limited !

For those still looking for the answer..

I would like to say that even if you think you will be  aroused at a normal naturist beach when there are 1000s other naturists, you should give it a go anyway, the outcome is likely to be very different than what you may imagine whilst sitting at home and looking at naked pic on your monitor.

That is my opinion; you are welcome to use it or ignore it!!


October 19, 2014

After a few years of watching and commenting on Stephen Gough’s activities, I am going to write this from an utter state of frustration, if you don’t like what I say.. feel free to shoot me down in flames.

If you want to know more about Stephen before reading this.. take a look at

See recent update on ECHR ruling also

Also see this article which is quite concerning

You can say what you wish, remember this is a hypothesis and you’re welcome to argue for or against. I am not going to send this to Stephen, I suggest once there are reasonable responses to this and an opinion of wider range of people is known, someone could if they wish send it to him and let him have his say in the matter.

This article discusses my hypothesis that although even the dumbest of animals on this earth soon learn to avoid life threating traps, Stephen Gough (The naked Rambler) has been conditioned by his prison environment so much that he has lost the basic instincts of survival and can no longer protect himself from the legal monster he set out to slay

I despise what is happening to Stephen but it is his own fault for being so single minded and banging his head against the brick prison wall. He wants to tackle this head on in his own way. He thinks he has found the holy grail of personal (Human) freedom and wants to enjoy it no matter what the cost.

Me? I want ‘World Peace’ and every human and animal on this earth to have a wonderful life. That, we all know,  is not going to happen because for example I confess that I  like eating meat (lots) and therefore something has to die, preferably those in the hoofed animal kingdom and birds that can’t fly!.  So I can’t say that EVERYONE is going to have a wonderful life if their destiny is to be put on the chopping block for my survival and pleasure.

As for World peace.. well let’s take a look at the history of the world.. when has there not been a ‘war’ between human kind?  I guess only in the minds of people who believe in heaven and hope to get there.  So will there ever be world peace? In my opinion.. No.. not as long as there is life on earth.  Even the Animals can’t live without eating each other or pushing other Animals out of their territory. This is the way nature is!!

So what this means is that people are ALWAYS going to be different and think different and disagree with each other.  The winner is always the strongest or the smartest.

In order to survive & practice what we believe in we have to do the best we can within the constraints of the environment/society we live in. Those who don’t wish to do that end up being the catalysts of change.  In Stephen’s case, he has nominated himself as the catalyst of what he wants as a massive change to the society’s mind set, he wants everyone to be tolerant of each other, live and let live and if it goes his way, there may very well be world peace.  Is that going to happen?.. NO!

I and few thousand others want Stephen to have a ‘good life’ and not to sacrifice it trying to attain the impossible. I am happy to be proven wrong if there is ANYONE in this world who can give me a counter argument and provide a scenario which could lead to people being tolerant and acceptance of others to exercise their way of life without generating conflict of interests.

Take me for example.. I belong to a group of people who like Stephen believe in personal freedom and the right of us all to live as we please but the big difference is that unlike Stephen, I am not willing to give up my freedom to pursue my beliefs.  If I and 1000s more had the same strength and belief as Stephen, then it would become a movement of freedom and there could be protests in pursuit of what we believe in.  This is not going to happen! We are NOT going to get 1000s of naked people sitting in the streets demanding freedom.  There just is not enough appetite for such action. Even if there were 1000s of people protesting on behalf of naturism, there will be far more who don’t agree and majority will win.


So what do we do..

Well we play the game and get what we want in whatever way we can without going to the extremes.  For example there are 1000s of people who visit naturist resorts each year. There are 1000s more who enjoy their freedom at home, semi public places, normal resorts but maybe with a limited scope.

What I mean is, for example.. I was recently in Cyprus, there is no law that says you can be nude there but I saw enough ladies sunbathing topless, others with small thongs. Perhaps  if there was a law that allowed them to be nude, they probably would go nude, but whilst they were willing to take a risk to a certain degree, they did not have the need or courage to break the law all the way.  But they were obviously enjoying themselves as much as they could without causing an issue.  I have enjoyed myself at similar places with smallest of thongs and enjoyed myself just as much.  At times, it is about enjoying a good place and accept a small limitation.  Men will argue that they don’t feel nude unless the last few inches of their manhood is on display.. really? I could suggest things here but it will get boring and go off subject. They need to have more imagination to push barriers. Maybe a subject for another discussion!

On another occasion.. I was in Cap d’Agde where people were totally nude and they were not breaking the law in regards to being in the nude but even there people have to abide by certain rules that protect visitors to the resort.


Whilst we consider why we can’t go nude whenever and wherever we like, it is worth considering that there are limitations on activities even at naturists resorts for example some people enjoy sex in the open, but they cannot do that even at Cap d’Agde which is the most advanced naturist resort I know. Those who try are subjected to the full for of the law as they would be anywhere in the world if caught in the act at a public place.  The point being, we all live with certain limitations all the time, no matter where we are or who we are.

However, it is possible to do what you want in most cases if you respect others and have a balance in our life, which allows us to enjoy life and push the barrier a little at a time without declaring all-out war and suffering the consequences.

Naturists need to campaign for more freedom through creating more public places where naturism can be enjoyed, more nude places in parks, more nude leisure venues to enjoy when they want rather than have fixed time of a few hours on a certain day of each week. For example in Germany most saunas are mixed and clothing optional, so people have much greater options to enjoy social nudity whilst engaging in healthy activity. They also have many public places where nudity is accepted. The difference is the society’s mind set.

In the UK, the option of traveling miles to go to a naturist club at the weekend does not fit in with the modern busy life style of most people of working age so we must try and obtain access to as many local facilities as possible.  This is not impossible, it is just a matter of demand and supply.  If the demand is demonstrated, supply will come.

In the case of Stephen, he has declared all-out war against the authorities and he doesn’t have the strength or resources to win it.  He has been outsmarted by the authorities because they knew it would be too much of a risk to put him in front of the jury on nudity charges because he has done no harm and the verdict could have gone in Stephen’s favour. Instead they issued an ASBO and put him in front of the Jury for breaking the ASBO which he is guilty of. Therefore the Jury can only come to the verdict of Guilty each and every time.


I have said time and time again that the only way out of this is through legal challenge supported by a massive amount of money that the legal team will demand.  This can be achieved if there was a will to do it but his supporters or naturists in general do not have the stomach for such a commitment and he or his family are not pleading to the public for help, which would happen if similar injustice happened in any other field than nudity/sex.  People

His future is bleak and it makes me very sad and angry that we as those who believe in the similar values as him are helpless because there is no unity or belief. We are also helpless because he wants to do this his way and anything else in his eyes is demeaning when he says that to give in now would be going against what he believes in.

My advice and thoughts are that the first task is to contest the ASBO, this is not going to be easy because the courts have already taken a decision that it was legal to issue it.  Then if that doesn’t work or there is not enough money to form the legal team necessary, Stephen should play smart and walk on the edge of ASBO ruling without breaking it and frustrate the authorities by exercising his freedom to be nude but with just a little bit of something to avoid falling in the trap set for him.

The question is .. Is he smart enough to follow this advice?  I don’t think so! He will die in Jail, there will be a coroner’s enquiry which will note a natural death and won’t argue the rights or wrongs of him being in prison in the first place.  World will still be the same, he would have achieved nothing other than that he lived (in prison) in the nude and the authorities could do nothing.

I recently lost a naturist friend who thought much of me & I of him, I grieved a little when he was taken away through cancer. I don’t know Stephen, like most people reading this, I will be sad to read of his demise when it eventually occurs probably whilst still in prison, but I will not grieve.  Hard to say this but I am being honest.  Soon after that he will be forgotten having made no difference at all.

The bottom line is that for naturists to enjoy their way of life, there needs to be more place to practice naturism and we should focus on that.  Stephen can help and play an important part in this, but he is too busy on his personal dead end crusade and has lost the ability to think smart. He will not give up and the authorities will not give in, they cannot afford to. The prospects of people walking around naked everywhere is just not going to be acceptable to society so I ask those who know him to help him to regain his sense of logic and act smart.


Please do not post comments under different names. It is possible to find out when this happens in more ways than one and I will not publish any comments which I think are not genuine.