Where Are The Naturist Females?

Although I’ve been a naturist since my late teens, most of my naturist activities were either on naturist holidays or at home.  However 2 years ago I presented myself in public to promote naturism/acceptance of nudity and tried to find other females to join me only to find that although there are plenty of naturist men in the public domain & on social media, the females are very hard to find.  I have been asked the question “Why are there not more females into naturism in the UK?” quite a number of times, so I decided to give it some thought and write something to let you ponder over! So this post is about what I believe might be the reasons for this imbalance.

I do not claim to be an expert but being a female I feel I can shed some light on this.  There are some people who have deeper understanding and may relate this issue with some social or demographic reason, I am unlikely to be able to write something as serious as that, but I am entitled to my opinion and this is what I think;

UK Attitudes. Most people are aware that attitudes to nudity in Europe are better than those experienced in the UK, here nudity is still bit of a ‘odd’ thing in most people’s eyes.  This doesn’t mean that we the Brits are too shy about going nude when abroad.  So if we can do it there what stops us from doing it here.. probably the social pressure where the friends and relatives do not approve of nudity and we are not able to argue the case with everyone.  Females have always suffered more from the society’s views and nudity is no different.  Nudity is not seen as a respectable activity even if it is acceptable for the most influential females or celebrities to be caught nude on holidays.  This is obviously double standards, one rule for home and another when on holidays.

                                                                                                                                                   (Photo from the internet)

Sex. There are many men who use naturism as means to get sexual pleasure.  This is not the case for single females in most cases.  Men & Women use their own nudity to turn themselves on but men have more reason to do so than women because basically if a female wants a man, it is easy enough, but if a man wants a woman, he has to work at it.  So a lone female doesn’t need to use naturism to attract a sexual partner and even if she is a naturist in her private life, she doesn’t need to be open about it in the social media because to do so would invite criticism and unwanted attention. 

Having said this, there are obviously men who just wish to be in mixed sex company and if they don’t have their own partner they appreciate the company of other females.  This adds up to the imbalance of numbers.

Shame. Most of the naturist men/women in the social media avoid disclosing their identity. This is because they are concerned about public opinion and also want freedom to be what they desire as fantasy, to be able to say what they feel without being judged by friends/family.  This mysterious group does not help the natural approach to nudity or naturism.  It could be argued that if you have something to hide, then there must be something dirty or wrong that you are doing. If you are honest and clear about your objectives, why would you not want others to know who you are?  Any female who is honest about her life as a naturist would not wish to engage with men who are out to get cheap thrills, so they stay out of sight and don’t advertise the naturist part of their life.  It would be easier if naturist men were open about their beliefs and did not hide their identity.  I know this could have some serious implications for some people but if you believe in something, you need to be ready to fight for your rights.

Sexy Females. Females who hide under a false id and get a kick out of their sexual contact with others do not help the situation, this just leads men to believe  that most females that identify themselves as naturists/nudes are open to sexual kicks so therefore they continue their fantasy discussions with them, this obviously puts them off and could make them believe that naturist men are just perverts looking for some fun.    Whilst I’m not suggesting that the Internet becomes sex free (bit like asking for world peace!!), I would ask that if you are a man and want to see more females in naturism, then you need to learn to separate the sex kittens from natural/naturist females.

(There is a difference between those who engage others for sexual entertainment and those who are nude for just personal pleasure)

No Need.  This is probably the biggest reason why there are very few naturist females in public.  Females do not need to go nude all the way to enjoy nudity.  Because we as females are able to dress up or dress down and still enjoy a level of nudity/freedom in normal places, there is no need for us to go to a designated naturist place. For example.. on a beach; if a female wishes, she can go topless in most areas.  In this day and age, the only thing that stops a girl from going topless is herself.  It is true that in some areas, she is likely  to get more attention than she wants, but she doesn’t have to go far to get to a place where she feels comfortable.  In addition to going topless, like myself, other females are quite happy to wear a small thong that covers no more than 2 inches of the body.  This is virtually nude and the thongs nowadays are very comfortable and you don’t even notice that you’re wearing them.  So if a female or a group of females can do this on a normal decent beach, why would they wish to go out of their way to a naturist beach that very often is out of the way and has no amenities.  This is even more so in Europe, where topless females can be seen on many more beaches than in the UK.

Fear.  Females don’t generally want to upset the balance of their environment, they fear that they will be judged as sex mad if they are the first ones to do something that might be controversial, even going topless as I have explained above.  So it takes one woman to set the trend and others then follow.  I experience this quite often, most recently in Cannes, South of France. Even at a place such as that (where most people expect nudity), there is need for the females to feel that they are doing the right thing in the right place.  When I arrived at a beach restaurant it was almost full, although there were some topless females on the public beach about 100 meters away, none of the females in the restaurant beach had gone topless.  This led me to question whether this was allowed or not, it was an expensive place, where just the hire of the deck chair was about £25. It was very hot and we only had a few hours of the afternoon left.  As I hate tan lines, I decided to test the system and go topless and just wear a very small thong.  Being on crutches, I probably looked quite ridiculous but I wanted to enjoy the sun & the beach and so no reason why anyone should be upset by my nudity.

                                                                                                                                 (Beach restaurant in Cannes)

I walked to the beach and to the restaurant in my thongs and no one made any comments, within 15 min to half an hour of doing that, I discovered that quite a number of other females, old and young had also now gone topless.  Couple of the females were in their 60s whilst others ranged from teens to middle aged.   Perhaps it was a coincident but I have experienced this type of behaviour a number of times, which leads me to believe that it is the case of someone leading and others will follow, much like as it is in Fashion. I believe that if just a few females start to go topless in Parks, it would open up the attitudes in the UK and maybe before too long we too could enjoy a more liberal society.

Fashion.  Finally, Fashion. Men see it as ‘erotic’ whilst women see it as ‘feel good’ more than erotic. It is much easier for the females to use fashion to feel good, maybe sexy (I don’t mean take me I am yours kind of sexy!), and maybe experience the enjoyment and freedom of being nude or semi-nude.  Whilst I admit,  there are not many females that go about the normal places dressed the way I do, there are  quite a few and more of them are found in nightclubs, late night spots, holiday places.  There is much more of the body on display nowadays than in the past.  Media obviously plays a big role in this.  Although not many females will pluck up the courage to go to their local pub dressed like Lady GaGa, I am sure that they are wearing much less than they might have been 20 years ago and they are more likely to be adventurous on big nights out or whist on holidays.

                                                                                                                                                (Helping to promote London 2012! I think Boris should use this Pic!!)

Fashion lets females feel free and good about themselves.  This is not enjoyed so much by the men, who need actual nudity as they only have one thing that dictates whether they are nude or not.. if they have that hanging out in public then they are very likely to find themselves in trouble.

I am very fortunate that I am able to go out in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  People are quite accepting of any fashion statement. Whilst I may not be able to go out completely naked, what I wear is not exactly hiding my nudity.  In my own mind, I think ‘You don’t want me to be nude but I am and you can’t do much about it’.  Unfortunately unless the men are close friends of ‘Right Said Fred’, or homosexual on their way to a gay bar, they are not likely to get away with a thong or loosely crocheted shirt in public.  This pushes them towards wanting to be a naturist so that they too can feel the enjoyment of being free and naked.

Fashion is also responsible for making nudity look dirty/sexy.  If you look at my pictures of me totally nude and those that are semi- nude through clothing, which ones look more erotic?   So the objective is to do away with clothing as much as possible, wherever possible, but if that cannot be done, then we should encourage the girls to do the next best thing, wear a little as possible without looking like ‘working girls’.

I also have to say… it is not what you wear it’s how you wear it.  You can wear clothing that allows you to be semi-nude without making you look like a tart (well some might disagree).   

I have said it in my blog many times that clothing makes females more erotic than total nudity, this is true, whilst I don’t wish to encourage misunderstanding that nudity means sex, it is nevertheless better to have nudity accepted through fashion than not at all.

Conclusion: The society allows females to enjoy a level of nudity through fashion or because of their unthreatening female form.   This means that there is less of a need for girls to be activists for naturism than men.  Fashion obviously is not going to promote total nudity, they would go out of business!! But where fashion leads to semi-nudity, it should be promoted through acceptance and encouragement and men should not make the females feel uncomfortable by showing too much attention. 

 If a female can sunbathe topless in the local park walk down the street wearing whatever she chooses to wear, without being harassed or thought of as a bad person (slut or worse!), more are likely to do the same.  If she is seen only as a sex object, then there is every need for her to cover up for safety.  If you see a topless girl in the park, leave her be, let her enjoy herself, walk away and enjoy the glimpse of happiness.  She does not want to talk to you, nor does she need help in understand whether what she is doing is right or wrong.  It is natural and allow her the freedom to do it.

If a female is on the social media and not openly advertising her sexual services, then don’t assume that she is there for your sexual entertainment.  If she posts a picture of nude or semi-nude body, avoid making sexual comments, she is not saying I want sex.. she is just sharing her feelings of enjoyment with you.

If this helps you to understand any of my views, I am very happy, I may not be right, but I am honest and open about my views and identity, which is lot more than vast majority of social media users.  If you wish to add to this discussion, please comment  and share with others.

61 Responses to “Where Are The Naturist Females?”

  1. Rumpel_Stiltskin Says:

    “… If she posts a picture of nude or semi-nude body, avoid making sexual comments, she is not saying I want sex.. she is just sharing her feelings of enjoyment with you. …”
    This is such a relief to read from a woman, such as our LadyGod1va, committed to the Naturist ideal. Sharing the enjoyment of social nudity in a natural environment is sharing at the most basic levels of social togetherness. We come out of our “shells” into a sharing of total freedom from repressed inhibition and frustration.
    Most profound.

  2. Sandeepan Nath Says:

    Interesting points raised! I have an interesting idea to share, which aims at making like minded women more interested and comfortable by sharing more reviews of nudist places with the gender ratio and demographic information along with. A sample review https://genderratioproject.blogspot.com/2018/11/post-1-event-review-pilwarren-maslin.html – from, what I have named, The Gender Ratio Project.

  3. Photopolitan Says:

    Hi Lady Godiva.
    I’m a Photographer from London UK.
    I read what you said.
    It’s a pity there is not more NON White Female Naturists about.
    I like to see more African and Indian/Asian Female Naturists.
    Hope you will be at the
    2018 nude bike ride!

    • Jim Says:

      YOU ARE THE REASON WHY! Your one of the photo pervs that invade the WNBR pissing people off and driving women away or making them uncomfortable to be nude.

  4. Thomas Says:

    As a life long nudist I have had the pleasure of introducing several female friends to public nudism. Everyone of them said, at first, “but someone will see me”. So I answered. Then what? What do you think will happen when someone sees your nude body? Will they be overcome with lust and attack you? No. Will they hold you up for public ridicule? No. Are you afraid that no one will look at you? No. Then let’s go try it and find out. OK.
    All but one enjoyed it and had a great time. That one didn’t like that particular beach but got to enjoy it later on.
    Over all a very satisfying experience.

  5. bradfilippone Says:

    I know this is an old entry in your blog, but it seemed appropriate to make this comment here. Yesterday in Nova Scotia, we had a naturist swim meeting at a local indoor pool. It was the fourth one in as many months. While we did have a few women at the first one the numbers have diminished since. Last month, only one woman showed up, a good friend of mine who was there with her husband. That couldn’t make it yesterday because of other commitments, and the group was all men. The girlfriend of one of those men waiting outside in the car, because she didn’t want to join us unless there was at least one other woman.
    It’s not as if Nova Scotia has a lack of naturist women. There are plenty on our local beach in the summer, so it’s difficult to understand their reluctance to join us for the pool swims.

    • Charlie Says:

      Were all the men single at the swim-in? Probably not – so part of the answer would be to get the married men to bring their wives along to try things out.
      How about getting a woman to organise the next event? At our local naturist club, the key officials are women. It makes a huge difference to the membership profile and it ensures things get done properly.
      Remember this is about social nudity. Men are hopeless at organising social events. Women are – generally – highly competent at doing so.

  6. BlevRuz Says:

    It seems you don’t know much about naturism… It’s not about sexuality at all, but about the “feel good” part. Naturism isn’t erotic – it’s only about being naked.

  7. los angeles tours Says:

    Great, cheers 🙂

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    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto
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    And he in fact bought me lunch simply because I
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  10. Jim Says:

    I think something has been missed: fashion. Women due to cultural conditioning are far more fashion conscious than men. As such, women grow up being harshly judgemental of other women’s fashion sense, which leads to being judgemental of women’s bodies. It follows that women don’t wish to be judged. Women are the harshest judges of other women on the planet. It’s not being nude in front of other men that scares women, it’s being nude in front of other women that keeps them from trying naturism. My wide adds that women are their own worst enemy when it comes to judgment. It’s not men, or a gender imbalance at resorts or beaches, it’s fear of being judged by their own gender.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      hmmm OK, interesting point of view. BUT How do you know so much about women, I certainly would not have come up with that point of view.

      • Jim Says:

        I’m 57 years old and a lifetime naturist. A long time talking to women of all ages. My comments were inspired by my wife, and a conversation we had about a lifetime of knowing, observing, and talking to women about naturism.

      • ladygod1va Says:

        I would not wish to disagree with your wife who has many more years of experience than me.
        Maybe she is right, but I think it is more likely to be about body image and lack of self confidence in public, not just other females. That is only my view..we will soon find out what others think, I’m working on another project, you will hear of soon.

  11. jackets Says:

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  12. Jeff G Says:

    Naturist women are usually attached to naturist men who converted them as I did with my ex wife and two girlfriends after her. Now I don’t know if it stuck with my last lady friend but the first woman has gone to nude beaches after we part ways so it’s up to men to show them the way or other women to stop hiding in the closet and talk to other women about it. Women claim to share more than men but this still seems taboo in the female culture.

    • Jeff G Says:

      Well there are places where things are very even. I live in Land O Lakes Florida which no doubt has the highest ratio of nudist/lifestyle people per capita of anywhere in America. Clubs of course control the ratio of women to men but still there are so many couples I’ve gotten to know who are most definitely both nudists. You need good resorts that encourage new people to come out. Seeing others in the man/woman way recreating all about it can do wonders for women who then want to return.

  13. Nat2020 Says:

    Reblogged this on Caminhar ao Natural | Walking Naturally and commented:
    “However 2 years ago I presented myself in public to promote naturism/acceptance of nudity and tried to find other females to join me only to find that although there are plenty of naturist men in the public domain & on social media, the females are very hard to find. ”

    The lack of women in naturism in conjunction with the lack of youth are the two biggest challenges for the future of our lifestyle.

  14. Nude In Spain (@NudeInSpain) Says:

    Our point of view from Spain is that there’s not such a thing as gender balance in anything concerning public nudity. On nudist beaches there must be a women-men ratio of 1 to 20 among single beachgoers, and it’s a very common view to see couples where the man is fully naked and the girl is wearing one or both parts of the bikini.
    It’s sad, but I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be done by naturists and associations to encourage women to join naturism, other than keeping our common places free and beautiful. Meanwhile, those who already are enjoying social nudity will keep thinking: “Well, too bad for them” 🙂

    Find all the info about Spanish nude beaches: http://nudeinspain.com

  15. All-Nudist.com Says:

    Very good article from a perspective not often enough heard from. We’ll be sharing this at All-Nudist.com.

  16. NBspain Says:

    Last weekend I went to a non-official nudist beach in Asturias, on the north coast of Spain. 99% of sunbathers are nude there, but it is not unsual to find couples with a naked man and a woman topless.

    At low tide it is connected to a neighbour non-nude beach, and it is common for people on both sides to go for a walk along the shore and “invade” the other beach, which creates and interesting mixed area. It was there that I came across a couple, he, completely naked, she, wearing bikini bottoms. As said, this is quite common. At that moment, there were some other clothed people, but also a young woman playing with a little girl, both of them nude (and me, of course).

    I continue my walk and, back in the nude section, I found the same couple lying on the sand, but this time the woman has taken her bikini off. It was clear that she was a nudist and didn’t mind textile beachgoers passing in front of her.

    So, what was the difference, why had she needed to cover up before? Neither because of shame nor for being the first nude woman, the only reason I can think is fear. For some reason, women seem to be more worried than men about breaking the rules and conventions: being nude in a nude beach is OK, but only in that particular environment. Out of there, nudism is something private.

  17. Sandra Says:

    Also, we cannot forget the life long work that Jean Kilbourne has done with 4 documentaries over the years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Kilbourne
    Jean Kilbourne – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  18. Sandra Says:

    There are many deeper societal issues to going nude or even topfree. Part of the issues are stated in the references that I posted here. I believe things will not change unless we address these issues. http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/the-danger-in-demonizing-male-sexuality/http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/the-danger-in-demonizing-male-sexuality/
    The Danger in Demonizing Male Sexuality

  19. naked women Says:

    I quite like reading through a post that will make men and
    women think. Also, thank you for permitting me
    to comment!

  20. Le Vie Naturiste Says:

    Reblogged this on Le Vie Naturiste and commented:
    Wonderful thoughts from LadyGod1va! Good insights!

  21. Estella Maria Says:

    I find your write up very interesting, my wife and I are naturalist, and we find that it is increasingly difficult to do our thing because people look at us in a sexual manner (due to our physical attributes) and that is very off putting, my partner gets females actually soliciting in once my back is turne

  22. Chas Says:

    A very sensible and well-rounded opinion piece. The Cannes experience is illustrative but not reliable.
    I’m an elderly married Brit male, in good physical shape. On a Christmas break in Germany I was using the sauna, naked like the locals. But one evening I was first into the sauna, naked as usual. Then others came in: foreign girls about 18 years old in black swimsuits, young guys in trunks, 20-somethings wrapped in towels. I was the only one naked and I felt a bit uncomfortable.
    I left the sauna to find myself sharing the changing room with a German couple and two young children – all naked.
    So – any conclusions from that?

  23. carlos Says:

    I just think that naturism is beatiful…. And I enjoy it at every opportunity… I love you all. Carlos

  24. Stuart Says:

    I recently moved to Munich from the UK, and the main river that runs through Munich, the Isar, is well known for its naturists. In the south of the city by the Thalkirchner bridge, there is a wide open area stoney beaches in the river that can see hundreds of naturists on a sunny day. The first time I went there I was suprised by the reasonably equal male/female ratio and the significant number of single women, from teenagers to pensioners, that were there. Munich is quite a tolerant place generally, and this seems to be reflected in the casual approach to naturism within the city.

  25. John Says:

    Having just read many of your comments above I have concluded that your perception and personality match your beauty, which you so generously allow others to enjoy. Keep up the good work. If the rest of Britains naturists could stop arguing among themselves for a moment they might realize what a treasure they have in you.

  26. gerred @gerredrogan Says:

    My partner and myself are home nudists and visit a local spa. we often find it outnumbered with men who come for the relaxation, but we have been harrased by a few guys believeing, becuase we were naked, we were seeking sex. This of course is not the case.

    we think it is perceved that when a woman is topless, she has violated a tabboo, thus she must be willing to violate more?

    We have had several occasions in which we have sought to meet friends interested in naturism, and yet we find it is more about the sexual context of nudity which seems some peoples main interest.

    I think some people have problems with understanding the differences between nature and erotic. A woman naked it a beautiful thing, but because it is a hidden entity in society, villified if you will, the tension becomes sexual. however, naturism is about freedom. i think it is a basic understanding of this that many people miss.

  27. willgoldenWill Golden Says:

    Hi Lady.

    Firstly it is an inspiration to work with you in organizing the World Naked Bike Ride. It was largely a male dominion with its attendant spontaneity and unfettered free spirit, until your arrival. The “female touch” is supposed to be one of order and pragmatism and that is precisely what you brough to the event, to its immeasurable benefit.

    And that brings me to the thread topic. Of course males and females are EQUAL, but they are not THE SAME. Thank goodness, or we would be extinct!

    So we genders are different and, add to that 500,000 years of cultural influence, this brings up another reason why there are fewer females than males in naturism.

    From our early days we have been hunter-gatherers. But this was split as to the male hunter and the female gatherer. What this means is that the early human male went vast distances out into “public” to find the most attractive game whilst the female stayed close to home. And that is it…. man is outgoing, gregarious and speculative whilst woman is more patient, introvert, homely and familial.

    The by-product of this role separation is that the male traditionally leads and the female follows. This is not a demeaning situation but actually stems also from the comparative physical stature of male to female. The former will always take a protective role and this will never change regardless of any future legislation and cultural change.

    The sum total of all this is clear from nearly all social settings. The male is more social & risk-taking and accordingly leads!

    So, with any new inductees into naturism, the male will dip his toe in the water first and the female will not not follow until it is “safe”. This is cleverly used by the ageing residents of naturist clubs to preserve their retirement home atmosphere by banning single males on the defamatory pretext that they are sexual predators . “Single male” applies to most young nudists, thereby precluding young females following. Ergo no noise!

    Even with established naturists, the male is far more likely to venture into the unknown, whilst the female will stay closer to home. How many male nudists have you all spoken to who have said their partners are nudists but prefer to do it privately? There you are …..back to 498,000 BC!

    Tomorrow night I will be attending the annual dinner of SOC (Singles Outdoor Club). How many female gatherers do you think will be there?

    There will always, unavoidable, be more “active” male naturists than female, simply because you cannot erase half a million years of human cultural development.

    Hugz, Will

  28. soros Says:

    My wife and I went to a couple of nude beaches: one in Nova Scotia, Canada, another on the Balleares (Mediterranean). On the Med, nudity was no problema. In N.S. one pervert after another came to oggle, some with binoculars. I think had I not been there, my wife would have been in trouble for some males cant handle nudity, not their own, not that of females.

    I’ve also been in Turkey and have seen European women go topless at hotels pools. Muslims turned their backs on them. This suggests that people visiting other cultures should respect the rules that exist: just because it’s cool to be bare at home does not mean we can export our values to other places. Nudity in Islamic Turkey is just in bad taste. It’s a form of values in-your-face and should not be resorted to.

    Similarly, I have read of young immigrants from Muslim Lebanon calling Australian women sunbathing on Australian beaches “whores”. This is arrogant indeed. If you can’t handle the local mores, get outta the country.

    My point is this: respect local practices concerning the body if you wish to keep the peace. Disrespect brings conflict. The Cronula riots in OZ illustrate this well. Nudity is an enlightened concept but most of the globe is not enlightened.

    • Brad Filippone Says:

      Soros, if the Nova Scotia beach you mention is Crystal Crescent, I can assure you that ogling the females is not the usual practise there. That is not to say that it doesn’t happen. Officially it is not a naturist beach, it merely has been used as one for decades and there is an understanding with the police that we will report any beachgoers who do not behave in an appropriate way. Anyway, since anyone can come to the beach, there is no way to stop such behavior completely. However, it is not so common that the female regulars that I know feel in any way threatened. I have been using the beach for fifteen years thereabouts, and this has always been the case. I do admit that the situation is not perfect. I am sorry your visit to Nova Scotia was not entirely pleasant, but don’t let it deter you from coming again some day.

  29. soros Says:

    I think if you could transport yourself 600 years or so back to Sri Lanka as it was at the time, you would find women wandering around topless. At that time, breasts were for babies not for men to get excited about. It took Christian/Muslim brainwashing to make females ashamed of their breasts and bodies in general.

    Shame in the body is a product of colonial domination; it is not natural, nor is it inherent in the original culture of the tropics. All tropical societies have gone naked or near naked. Some still do. It’s just too bloody hot to do anything else.

    So, draw your own conclusions from this…

  30. Centauri4 Says:

    I believe there is a societal issue with to many young and middle-aged males automatically viewing revealing attire, partial nudity or full nudity as a sexual statement. Regardless of the reason the dress is made of the softest, sheer material which may let the breeze and light through at certain angles and the female is wearing it for purely hedonistic reasons (i.e. it feels good and makes her feel good), men are not coached to allow for dress options surving this simple purpose. Well, I suppose some are in foreign (i.e. non-U.S.) countries where men also wear loose and comfortable clothing, but in our country the majority of males wear many layers of snuggly fitting undergarments and garments (cotton, spandex waistbands, constricting denim, or multi-layered business suits). Men’s clothing is often designed to create clean looking lines, enhance the shoulders, flatten the stomache and present an image of assuredness to those around them.

    This leads me to believe blogs like this one and others bringing the issue of “dressing” to the forefront of discussions on Naturism, Nudism and alternative lifestyles, are very important to planting the seeds of subtle change in the minds of the next generations. We may be too late to change the attitudes of many men in the present generation, but we can certainly “coach” younger men not to regarding beautiful, light-weight and semi-transparent clothing as a tool of sexual expression. As has been written already, each person should have the ability to wear what they wish, when and where they wish, but situations often dictate attire at the present time. We were more formal clothing to business functions, church or temple socials, and weddings, and one could hardly imagine being able (permitted or allowed) to go to these events nude. Is this what we eventually hope to achieve? Or is the idea of simply being able to stop by a shopping mall, stroll the boulevard, pop into a grocery store or see a movie in any form of clothing we wish a more “realistic”, short-term goal?

    Much like the present Occupy Wall Street protests in America, I feel we collectively need to envision HOW we would like to see the changes occur (in what steps or increments) and then we need to lay that plan out for open consideration and implementation. Simply having a goal of, ‘Well, I’d like to wear this great piece of nearly nothing today.’ is kind of vague and poorly defined. I am not trying to be critical of anyone’s individual goals or methods, but for societal changes to occur there needs to be a roadmap and milemarkers along the way by which we measure our progress.

    As a male I am ready, willing and able to wear less conventional wardrobe choices around my home, neighborhood and [perhaps] even to local shops, but being “ready” to and actually doing it may be two separate things. If I wear a woven fabric poncho of a non-reavealing cut and lay to the local shopping mall, how is the property management likely to react? Will they ask me to leave today and not return until I have a more “appropriate” outfit in their view? As owners of private property in the U.S. they may be entitled to take exactly that measure.

    What attitude and reaction are we likely to encounter in public spaces? In the U.S. as long as an outfit is not explicitly revealing or violate what are referred to as “community decency standards” (a very vague concept) it is likely a man or woman could wear almost anything. We do see people, mostly females, wearing exceedingly form-fitting workout wear and this happened within the past two weeks at a local public park. My reaction at the time was one of feeling the young woman was a textbook definition of fitness, health and [yes] beauty, but that was strictly a superficial reaction to her outward appearance. There is no telling whether she was truly healthy or might have been working out that day in order to fight-off some newly discovered cancer within her body.

    We are complex creatures and the issues of body, mind, or “don’t mind” [what a person does in public] are likely to remain complex as well for some time to come! I encourage everyone to continue discussing them and for the male parents in the audience in particular, coach your boys not to wolf-whistle at pretty girls, not to shout out “street slang” compliments, and to remember the girl or woman they are seeing is a person, has feelings and may even have a family of her own just like yours.

    Best wishes,

  31. northlondoner Says:

    Your experience in Cannes I am sure is repeated in many places, where no woman will sunbathe topless unless someone opts too first. I’ve also been in hotel saunas abroad where there have been people covered up for fear of causing offence who are then only too relieved when someone is happy to sit naked on their towel, not with it tightly wrapped up around them.

  32. Jeff Says:

    what you said is true –
    “also have to say… it is not what you wear it’s how you wear it….I have said it in my blog many times that clothing makes females more erotic than total nudity”

  33. robjordan63 Says:

    Hi Kiran

    I don’t know whether you read the Nudist Day blog, but there is a fascinating piece on there today that demonstrates the single male issue has hardly changed a jot in 60 years. Have a read:


    All the best

  34. Paul Says:

    Fascinating discussion and perhaps a little depressing as well. From comments made, it would appear that barriers to people being open about their naturism or even practising naturism emanate from those with misconceived ideas about nudists.

    There seems to be stereotyping of the opposite sex by each gender, though mainly by those on the periphery of naturism. Even if the majority of people are genuine and draw a clear line between nudity and sex, the minority can still make it very awkward and uncomfortable for any individual naturist. Hence, it is easier to practise naturism abroad or in a controlled environment where you can protect yourself from any unwanted attention.

    The major issue not covered in this debate is women’s perception of their own bodies. Many women seem to lack confidence in their own body shape to the point that they feel uncomfortable going to the swimming pool or sunbathing on an ordinary beach. How can this be overcome?

    Also if naturist societies/clubs are not attractive to women then how can they adapt to provide a product which will bring more women in? Although we need to be aware of what the problems are what we also need is a forum that provides women with the opportunity to say what they want.

    • Sandy Beachcat (@SandyBeachcat) Says:

      Indeed. I’m at least in part a closet naturist because of what other people might think. (Although I tell quite a lot of people. I’m just fairly selective about who & how I phrase it.)
      My wife has considered topfree, but at least in part didn’t because “You have to be young with big breasts to do that.”

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Paul thank you for your comment. Regarding what you say as the major issue, I’m not sure.. at least I don’t believe in that at all. I know that some people may say ‘that’s because you don’t need to worry at present’ but I have not experienced the hesitation of any girl I know who has not enjoyed a nude swim or sunbathe because of their body. I think those that think on these lines tend to parade around in clothes that make them look good. If any girl has the wish to go nude, she is unlikely to worry about what others might think. I may be wrong but the age and the variety of shapes you find on the naturist beaches would suggest that females are not that bothered. I think it’s more about what I said in my post above, if a girl wants to go topless or nude, she is likely to look around and see if anyone else is doing it. If not she will hesitate but if there are others, then she knows that the focus is not on her alone, so she can relax and enjoy herself.
      I know it is drop in the ocean but I do deliberately dress as little as I can when I go out, hoping that this has some impact on the girls that see me, not only to accept nudity but also to relax a little about their own nudity.

      • Paul Says:

        Thanks for the comments Kiran and perhaps you are right. However, we live in very different parts of the country and I can’t help but wonder if this is significant.
        Before I posted my comments yesterday I did seek out the views of my wife and I notice that Sandy did too. I agree that there are women (men too) just waiting for someone else to take a lead but I think for others the issues run deeper. I am not saying that these women are against naturism or wouldn’t enjoy it if they gave it a go but I think they need greater encouragement and their confidence boosted before they join in.

      • ladygod1va Says:

        Paul, sorry.. I keep meaning to come back to this but not been able to.. Yes, I agree with you, I did not express myself correctly in my previous statement because I have discussed this at naturist event with other females too. I do agree with you and your wife that girls who are NOT naturists and not in good shape may worry about how they look. They are likely to be the same even if they go to the normal beach because they still need to show most of their body but some can manage to make the body look a little better with the helpd of right clothing. However those who progress and do become naturists then tend to worry a little less about their body because they see so many other older and perhaps not conforming to the modern idea of a good body.
        On the other side of this, I have debated with some naturists females how some people, male and female, tend to use naturism and ‘don’t care about the body shape’ attitude to let themselves go when they should be looking after themselves for better health and longer life.

    • Colin Hough Says:

      The women who adopt a naturist lifestyle are usually not the most beautiful ones. They are the ones who don’t care what people think about their bodies, and have accepted themselves as they are. There was an interesting bit on this in a recent bbc3 programme, Cherry’s body dilemmas. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b013y2b1/Cherrys_Body_Dilemmas/
      I know several attractive young women who will strip off for work, or for nude protests but have no interest in adopting a naturist lifestyle. I don’t think that poor self image is a key factor in women not adopting naturism, although it may influence their decision to strip off the first time.

  35. Sandy Beachcat (@SandyBeachcat) Says:

    Whilst I’d agree that if you believe in something you should fight for your rights, I have to make a value judgement as to how important to me publicly admitting to being a naturist is, compared with the possible level of trouble that sticking my head over the parapet might cause. Hence the pseudonym. I do in fact tell people that I know face to face, but not the entire internet. Experience of peoples mixed reactions to the idea of non-sexual nudity also leads me to keep it very low key. I’d agree, this isn’t actually promoting the cause much. While I don’t do anything as Sandy_beach_Cat that is immoral, illegal, (or fattening.)
    other anonymous males may have things to hide. Certainly this doesn’t help make would be female naturists feel comfortable about male naturists on social media. Too many have a hidden aggenda. Sometimes not all that hidden!

  36. Reg Barlow (chairman - Naturist Action Group) Says:

    Good article Kiran. And some interesting comments by your other followers. My only sadness is that not one of them was from another woman. And given the subject, rather ironic wouldn’t you say!

    I think the reasons why there are so few unaccompanied women in naturism are many, varied and complex, but I’m certain of one thing. It will be a woman – or women – who will find the answer to this conundrum.

  37. Sid Western Says:

    My wife is no longer a naturist because of body issues and the fact that she feels the cold! If it is really warm she will go topless. When she was a little younger and slimmer she was really keen on the lifestyle. As a matter of interest, over the years I have introduced several of my friends and family to naturisn but none of them are naturists now!

  38. Richard Says:

    Here at naturist365 in Portugal, we have had some first time naturists. The women are more comfortable baring all and the men tend to be the shy ones.

    We have found that it always the women who strip off first when they come back from a shopping trip.

    As for ratio men to women, at the moment it is 51% women and 49% men.

  39. Eric (@EPX82) Says:

    In my experience the main thing that stops more women from getting into naturism is the absence of more women in naturism. Culturally, a nude woman is perceived as “vulnerable” and a a nude man is perceived as “threatening”. Very few women are willing to be the only (or one of a few) nude women among a lot more nude men – it’s understandably uncomfortable for them. Unwanted attention is best mitigated by safety-in-numbers, but those numbers are often lacking. (This was my girlfriend’s big worry at first – she didn’t want to be the only girl. Once we convinced her best friend to join us she felt a lot better and they both had a great time).

    I also think there’s some truth in your statement that women just have a lot more options if they genuinely like to be nude. I used to wonder why more nude art models don’t go to naturist venues – they’re clearly comfortable being nude (around mostly men, at that) and most say they enjoy it. After asking a few of them, the answer became pretty clear. As an art model they make money, at a naturist venue they’d have to spend money. If you’re a woman who likes being nude, which would you pursue? Meanwhile (most) men don’t have that sort of option – for us it’s usually either naturist venues or sitting in our homes alone.

    A minor aside, I’m not sure I understood your argument concerning sex. As I read it, you imply that men can use naturism to get a partner. I think the opposite is true – there’s virtually no single women at naturist venues, and being a naturist puts you in the “weird” column in the minds of most textile women. So that doesn’t make much sense to me.

  40. Mike Says:

    On the naturist camping site I am currently working at in France, the gender balance is equal. Also on beaches I visit in Spain – nude or mixed nude/textile, again the gnder balance is more or less equal.

    Women do like the freedom of nudity, I just don’t think they (in Britain at least) shout about it much.

    LG is correct also about the ‘safety in numbers’ issue – someone has to be first. I have seen that so many times on c/o beaches.

  41. Anders Says:

    I just want to thank you for an excellent post. Very good writing and I will spread the link as far as I can.
    I have one interesting observation about the gender issue and that is that among my male friends, not one have inquired anything about being naked on the beach, the lifestyle or the thoughts around it. None of them have ever indicated that they wanted to come along. I have on the other hand taken four of my female friends to different skinny-dipping sites where we have enjoyed ourselves together with our kids and families.
    My wife have told me that quite a few of her girlfriends at work have descreetly asked her about how it is and where it is possible in our area.
    Is this an indication that women may feel more constrained in society and would really like to feel the total freedom to be who they are, body wise?

  42. Rodders Says:

    Men and Women are not hiding there identity when only disclosing there first name. Should you want to know me better then I would like to hear your views on some subjects before giving you my name address and tel number. I am not inhibited about being naked and am about to go on Holiday to Australia, but do not want to be arrested for breaking the law. I have found most females, even in Europe and other countries, very aware of being naked around strangers, or single men, until they speak to them, and language can also be a problem.
    ATopic which I have not found a problem in Naturist Hholiday Resorts.

  43. Colin Hough Says:

    Great article. I’ve often asked these questions and it is great to get a female perspective.

    I think that a lot of it comes down to how women expect to be percieved. They may fear being viewed as a sex object by every man who sees them. They may like being desired, but only want to show off when it benefits them. Very few get over the preconceptions enough to find out how they actually feel about being naked amongst others.

    I got chatting to and kept in contact with several of the women who were involved in the recent midsummer charity skinnydip. Most of those who took part were not naturists and had been very nervous. One thing I heard from many of them is that they did not expect it to feel so natural, being naked. All those I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the experience and ALL of those I spoke to want to be able to enjoy stripping off and being naked more often.

    Yet I think the lack of need to adopt a naturist lifestyle is the main reason why there aren’t more naturist women. Whilst I now know quite a few women in the area who enjoy being naked and feel comfortable stripping off to socialise with other naked people, very few of them consider themselves to be naturists.

  44. Ironcandle Dave Says:

    Hi Miss Ladygod1va,
    Great blog. Is ethnicity an issue as well? If one happens onto a nude beach, or any beach for that matter, it seems the only people you see are Anglos. Black naturists are almost unheard of, at least in the US. I would venture further and put forth that you are the more rare flower in being a naturist of Indian descent. Even ethnic cultures that have long been present within the US or the UK are vastly under represented by male and females. This is particularly true of people from oppressive cultures, and I believe us a larger burden for the women of that culture. I know you kind of steered away from that subject in your first paragraph, but I thought it was worth mentioning and would love to hear other opinions on race and naturism.

    • Colin Hough Says:

      I think Dave raised a good point. Of the 408 people who went to Rhosilli, I did not see a single black person, and I don’t recall seeing any ethnic minorities at all. You are the only naturist I know who is not a caucasian. It is a completely seperate issue from the gender question of course.

      • Ironcandle Dave Says:

        It is a little off topic. I guess I wanted to emphasize that Miss Ladygod1va purposefully omitted culture as a barrier to women being nude in public. What I inexpertly tried to point out is that people of color generally are nit naturists, and women of color are even less inclined due to the possibility of oppressive cultures or male domination. (ie, women are not as free as they think)

      • Sandy Beachcat (@SandyBeachcat) Says:

        Naturists are a minority group. In the UK the majority of people are white. So, the number of people from an ethinic minority group within a minority group like naturism is likely to be vanishingly small. 😦
        I do know an ethnically Indian lady who plans her holidays around topfree beaches, & I think has tried naturism briefly in Spain, but felt uncomfortable being more than topfree.

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