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October 19, 2014

After a few years of watching and commenting on Stephen Gough’s activities, I am going to write this from an utter state of frustration, if you don’t like what I say.. feel free to shoot me down in flames.

If you want to know more about Stephen before reading this.. take a look at

See recent update on ECHR ruling also

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You can say what you wish, remember this is a hypothesis and you’re welcome to argue for or against. I am not going to send this to Stephen, I suggest once there are reasonable responses to this and an opinion of wider range of people is known, someone could if they wish send it to him and let him have his say in the matter.

This article discusses my hypothesis that although even the dumbest of animals on this earth soon learn to avoid life threating traps, Stephen Gough (The naked Rambler) has been conditioned by his prison environment so much that he has lost the basic instincts of survival and can no longer protect himself from the legal monster he set out to slay

I despise what is happening to Stephen but it is his own fault for being so single minded and banging his head against the brick prison wall. He wants to tackle this head on in his own way. He thinks he has found the holy grail of personal (Human) freedom and wants to enjoy it no matter what the cost.

Me? I want ‘World Peace’ and every human and animal on this earth to have a wonderful life. That, we all know,  is not going to happen because for example I confess that I  like eating meat (lots) and therefore something has to die, preferably those in the hoofed animal kingdom and birds that can’t fly!.  So I can’t say that EVERYONE is going to have a wonderful life if their destiny is to be put on the chopping block for my survival and pleasure.

As for World peace.. well let’s take a look at the history of the world.. when has there not been a ‘war’ between human kind?  I guess only in the minds of people who believe in heaven and hope to get there.  So will there ever be world peace? In my opinion.. No.. not as long as there is life on earth.  Even the Animals can’t live without eating each other or pushing other Animals out of their territory. This is the way nature is!!

So what this means is that people are ALWAYS going to be different and think different and disagree with each other.  The winner is always the strongest or the smartest.

In order to survive & practice what we believe in we have to do the best we can within the constraints of the environment/society we live in. Those who don’t wish to do that end up being the catalysts of change.  In Stephen’s case, he has nominated himself as the catalyst of what he wants as a massive change to the society’s mind set, he wants everyone to be tolerant of each other, live and let live and if it goes his way, there may very well be world peace.  Is that going to happen?.. NO!

I and few thousand others want Stephen to have a ‘good life’ and not to sacrifice it trying to attain the impossible. I am happy to be proven wrong if there is ANYONE in this world who can give me a counter argument and provide a scenario which could lead to people being tolerant and acceptance of others to exercise their way of life without generating conflict of interests.

Take me for example.. I belong to a group of people who like Stephen believe in personal freedom and the right of us all to live as we please but the big difference is that unlike Stephen, I am not willing to give up my freedom to pursue my beliefs.  If I and 1000s more had the same strength and belief as Stephen, then it would become a movement of freedom and there could be protests in pursuit of what we believe in.  This is not going to happen! We are NOT going to get 1000s of naked people sitting in the streets demanding freedom.  There just is not enough appetite for such action. Even if there were 1000s of people protesting on behalf of naturism, there will be far more who don’t agree and majority will win.


So what do we do..

Well we play the game and get what we want in whatever way we can without going to the extremes.  For example there are 1000s of people who visit naturist resorts each year. There are 1000s more who enjoy their freedom at home, semi public places, normal resorts but maybe with a limited scope.

What I mean is, for example.. I was recently in Cyprus, there is no law that says you can be nude there but I saw enough ladies sunbathing topless, others with small thongs. Perhaps  if there was a law that allowed them to be nude, they probably would go nude, but whilst they were willing to take a risk to a certain degree, they did not have the need or courage to break the law all the way.  But they were obviously enjoying themselves as much as they could without causing an issue.  I have enjoyed myself at similar places with smallest of thongs and enjoyed myself just as much.  At times, it is about enjoying a good place and accept a small limitation.  Men will argue that they don’t feel nude unless the last few inches of their manhood is on display.. really? I could suggest things here but it will get boring and go off subject. They need to have more imagination to push barriers. Maybe a subject for another discussion!

On another occasion.. I was in Cap d’Agde where people were totally nude and they were not breaking the law in regards to being in the nude but even there people have to abide by certain rules that protect visitors to the resort.


Whilst we consider why we can’t go nude whenever and wherever we like, it is worth considering that there are limitations on activities even at naturists resorts for example some people enjoy sex in the open, but they cannot do that even at Cap d’Agde which is the most advanced naturist resort I know. Those who try are subjected to the full for of the law as they would be anywhere in the world if caught in the act at a public place.  The point being, we all live with certain limitations all the time, no matter where we are or who we are.

However, it is possible to do what you want in most cases if you respect others and have a balance in our life, which allows us to enjoy life and push the barrier a little at a time without declaring all-out war and suffering the consequences.

Naturists need to campaign for more freedom through creating more public places where naturism can be enjoyed, more nude places in parks, more nude leisure venues to enjoy when they want rather than have fixed time of a few hours on a certain day of each week. For example in Germany most saunas are mixed and clothing optional, so people have much greater options to enjoy social nudity whilst engaging in healthy activity. They also have many public places where nudity is accepted. The difference is the society’s mind set.

In the UK, the option of traveling miles to go to a naturist club at the weekend does not fit in with the modern busy life style of most people of working age so we must try and obtain access to as many local facilities as possible.  This is not impossible, it is just a matter of demand and supply.  If the demand is demonstrated, supply will come.

In the case of Stephen, he has declared all-out war against the authorities and he doesn’t have the strength or resources to win it.  He has been outsmarted by the authorities because they knew it would be too much of a risk to put him in front of the jury on nudity charges because he has done no harm and the verdict could have gone in Stephen’s favour. Instead they issued an ASBO and put him in front of the Jury for breaking the ASBO which he is guilty of. Therefore the Jury can only come to the verdict of Guilty each and every time.


I have said time and time again that the only way out of this is through legal challenge supported by a massive amount of money that the legal team will demand.  This can be achieved if there was a will to do it but his supporters or naturists in general do not have the stomach for such a commitment and he or his family are not pleading to the public for help, which would happen if similar injustice happened in any other field than nudity/sex.  People

His future is bleak and it makes me very sad and angry that we as those who believe in the similar values as him are helpless because there is no unity or belief. We are also helpless because he wants to do this his way and anything else in his eyes is demeaning when he says that to give in now would be going against what he believes in.

My advice and thoughts are that the first task is to contest the ASBO, this is not going to be easy because the courts have already taken a decision that it was legal to issue it.  Then if that doesn’t work or there is not enough money to form the legal team necessary, Stephen should play smart and walk on the edge of ASBO ruling without breaking it and frustrate the authorities by exercising his freedom to be nude but with just a little bit of something to avoid falling in the trap set for him.

The question is .. Is he smart enough to follow this advice?  I don’t think so! He will die in Jail, there will be a coroner’s enquiry which will note a natural death and won’t argue the rights or wrongs of him being in prison in the first place.  World will still be the same, he would have achieved nothing other than that he lived (in prison) in the nude and the authorities could do nothing.

I recently lost a naturist friend who thought much of me & I of him, I grieved a little when he was taken away through cancer. I don’t know Stephen, like most people reading this, I will be sad to read of his demise when it eventually occurs probably whilst still in prison, but I will not grieve.  Hard to say this but I am being honest.  Soon after that he will be forgotten having made no difference at all.

The bottom line is that for naturists to enjoy their way of life, there needs to be more place to practice naturism and we should focus on that.  Stephen can help and play an important part in this, but he is too busy on his personal dead end crusade and has lost the ability to think smart. He will not give up and the authorities will not give in, they cannot afford to. The prospects of people walking around naked everywhere is just not going to be acceptable to society so I ask those who know him to help him to regain his sense of logic and act smart.


Please do not post comments under different names. It is possible to find out when this happens in more ways than one and I will not publish any comments which I think are not genuine.