New World Order !!

I haven’t posted anything here for a very long time because I’ve been drowning in work and just didn’t have much time or much to say.

However, today while taking time out to spend 5 mins on twitter, I came across an idea and thought I’d test the water and see how it goes!

We all know how difficult it is for naturists to feel confident that their ID and the media they post is not misused by those who think it’s funny to damage people’s reputation.

In the past the most famous naturist website was the SkinBook, however that too had it’s problems. Naturists just cannot be left alone and in the most they can’t agree on anything that would benefit all.

Presently, there are a number of sites and enthusiastic efforts to by individuals to make something available.  However, the issue with most of these initiatives is that they lack the funding to make them strong, mature, feature full so that they can be adopted by all varieties of social media users, not just the hard core adult males that are the most prominent in the naturist circles.

To make this work, the idea needs worldwide support from the current naturists, those who want to be naturists and those who offer naturist type services.  This means not holidays and travelling, but also other essentials such as legal support/advice, etiquettes, good diet, health advise/support. All the good things you hope your families, friends and professional services can provide.

I don’t think there is any point in providing more of the chat/meeting/dating type sites, there are enough out there.  I also don’t think there is any point in repeating the Facebook and other major social media ideas.  It has to be something unique, wholesome and trustworthy.  Yes, I am asking for world peace!!!

Presently I’m running a poll on twitter, please support it if you can.

I don’t have great deal of confidence that it will get the support it needs, mostly because those who already have large number of naturists as members won’t support any idea that might challenge their efforts.  I am not here to challenge anyone, if you have ideas, you will be able to submit them for design decisions. If you have funds, you will be able to support the idea and take some ownership.  If you have passion, we will use it!!

Anyway.. here it is.. let’s see !  Please Click and share. If it doesn’t get RTs, it will die!!

Tweet to Poll the idea. Please click here

Also feel free to leave your comments here.

Thank you.

5 Responses to “New World Order !!”

  1. Mark Hambridge Says:

    Good to hear from you again, LadyG. Like you, I think the chats and forums world is closing in on itself and is imploding. Three forums I look at and participate in have declined a lot in the last year or so. I don’t use (anti)-social media, so I won’t be responding to whatever you have on Twitter. One of the problems is censorship by FB, YouTube etc. If you find another vehicle, those who wish to be uncensored go wild with what I regard as inappropriate postings, little to do with naturism. There seem to be a few websites with blogs where individuals can post comments but they are few and far between. Sorry, I do not have a solution to offer.

  2. Cernunnos Says:

    Well where do I start?
    I found your blog here last year sometime and found your views on nudity very refreshing and felt I could associate with them in many ways.
    At the time I had already discovered that I needed to “get back to nature” several years before. It was something that was always there in my mind and body, but needed a revelation to discover my enjoyment of just being free and naked in nature.

    I’m a very very private person, and feel that I’m not sure if I could call myself a true naturist.
    Not because it’s something I’m ashamed of, far from it. I was brought up in a very open minded and accepting family, so nudity isn’t something I shy away from or find unacceptable.
    However, not being a social person has meant that clubs, naturist beaches, camps etc have been a complete non consideration for me.
    Up until recently I’ve never desired to meet or associate with other nudists, as my general dislike of groups of people have kept me away from such opportunities. As a result, the only way I have been able to enjoy my need to be naked in nature has been to visit woodland in the dead of night so that I can enjoy that release of being suffocated by my own clothes. I chose the woods partly by chance, and mainly because it allows me to not bump into anyone who might have a disagreement with my state of dress….. or undress as the case may be!

    It might sound stupid, but I now have a very real, very tight bond with not only the woods, but with nature, the darkness, the silence, and the utter beauty of a clear summer night bristling with stars.

    Last summer I felt for the first time that I was missing something. It came in flashes at first which I managed to quickly dispel but each night I visited my favourite places it became more and more apparent that I would like to share my experience with feminine company.
    I guess it’s a natural thing, but you have to understand that I’ve spent the last 48 years enjoying my solitude, and yes earlier in my life finding a partner was probably more important to me.
    But from my mid thirties that need for feminine companionship died away and I’ve never given it any more thought until those last few nights of summer last year.
    I don’t know why, (I still don’t a year later) but by the time I left the woods for the winter I decided that against my natural dislike of socialising I’d try and find someone to share my passion.

    As you’ve described above, I’d probably fit into that category of those 90% or whatever of “hard core male nudists” who most women would run a mile from, as I’d be looking for someone to join me in the woods – at night – naked!!!
    Despite knowing that my chances of success in finding a wood walking companion ranged from zero all the way though to zero, I went ahead and joined some naturist dating sites.
    I can’t tell you exactly how many I joined, but I spent upwards of £400 placing ad’s and posting profiles on various sites.
    I was honest right from the get go about what I did, how I did it and who I was hopefully looking for.

    I was met with a very mixed bag of people. Women treated me like I was a pervert, the nice ones just treated me like I was mad.
    Men seemed to be understanding, but I could tell they were like – yep pervert. I was even contacted by swingers!
    Partly in desperation the last site I tried was more of a spiritual site, where everyone “connected” and was “empathetic” and “nurturing” with everyone else’s feelings. But the theme remained the same…. seedy pervert or happy nutter.

    I didn’t start my search for sex or anything seedy or dirty, it honestly never entered my mind. I truly felt (naively) at the time that I needed that feminine opposite to me, what for I don’t know but it was a really powerful feeling that eventually took me well out of my comfort zone and into a place full of suspicion and distrust.

    So, I returned to the woods this year alone. I sit by my favourite brook and listen to the water and the wind in the trees with mixed feelings. I’m glad that I did what I did, I kind of knew it wasn’t going to find me my compatible opposite, but I really wasn’t ready for my confidence little that there was to be so comprehensively shot to bits by peoples distrust and narrow mindedness.

    I think you’re idea is a good one, but you would have to start it off with known trusted members, I mean personally trusted by you. (friends)
    You would then only allow ‘vouched’ for members to join, and never ever let it become like the sites I wasted so much of my time, money and emotion on.

    I’ve decided to stay as I am. I still feel like I carry a scar from my experience with other naturists, but I’m hoping that just like when I scratch my leg on a bramble in the dark it will eventually fade.

    Good luck with your seemingly impossible endeavour, I really do hope it works!

  3. Bernardo Nunziata Says:

    Well Hello, I’m ItalianLoveHandles, remember me? I did WNBR London last in 2016. Didn’t do it last year year or the year before, I’ve lost interest now I have a son and he is my prime concern. I was discussing with Old Man Bill, about a cottage for sale on Splat Plat in St Albans where he live, but not his thing I’m sorry to say. I saw a program about people doing Nude Yoga there, I would love to it, especially since the black on tv was stunning. But 100 crunches would be embarrassing for me. Have Fun what ever you wish to do. 💋

    Sent from my Windows Phone

  4. Bob Says:

    As soon as you say ‘wholesome’ you have already censored whatever comes next – if it ever happens. Why is modern naturism so censorious – never was historically. Are we going culturally backward ?

  5. jimella Says:

    I don’t have (or want) a Twitter account, so their system would not let me register my support there, so I am logging it here. Once set up, of course, there are several naturist web sites who will probably let you advertise it (eg BN and NAG).

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