New Twitter Account

As some of you will know, my previous twitter account was permanently suspended by Twitter because they said I failed to follow the Terms of use!!

It has taken me 7 months to decide but I have now created another account @LadygodivaLDN shows as @LadygodivaLondon Please follow it if you can.

It is going to take a while to reconnect with 20,000 + users that I was talking with before.

Many Thanks!.

4 Responses to “New Twitter Account”

  1. Rahul Parab Says:

    Congratulations, followers are waiting for your presence…….all the best in your venture

  2. abhibishnu Says:

    You have a nice blog and a fresh approach towards nudism.
    Though public nudity is not for me, private nudity surely is:)
    Good job, lady.

  3. Milroy Says:

    I must compliment you with gratitude for all your photo on flickr, being nude is a wonderful art but all your pic are truely beautiful to look at, and i must admit that im your huge admirer of you and liked all your photo collection FLICKR. Please keep update me on all your following event
    I follow you on twitter but i couldnt find you on facebook why

    Anticipating more of your photo please post continiously

    Please reply if you acknowledge this message as appreciation from your true admirer, fan etc ……..

  4. oldkahuna Says:

    I love to hear from you and about you! Welcome back to cyberspace, where the bodies and the minds are open to the air, sun, and earth!

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