LONDON WNBR – 10 June 2017

As most of you know, my twitter account was permanently suspended late last year where I was able to reach over 20,000 followers.

I have not tried to set up another account because whoever reported/complained about me will no doubt would have done it again and also this year I have been very busy and can’t spend my time fighting trolls!

I am writing this with the hope that those who see it will tweet this for me, my twitter account was @ladygod1va and I would ask that you use hashtag #LONDONWNBR and any other being used that you know of.

The reason for my post is simply to ask those who were thinking about attending this protest ride to make that little extra effort and actually do so. There are 7 start points and all the details are available on facebook and the London WNBR wiki pages.

London WNBR Wiki Page

London WNBR Main Page

I will be at Hyde Park

Hyde Park Start

There are a lot of bad things happening in the world and we in the UK are experiencing a difficult time as we all know.  Those of you who know me will no doubt be aware that my advice and opinion is to go out and enjoy yourself same as you always did and furthermore, if you wish to do a little extra, why not join in one of the many jolly WNBR protests that harm no one.  I say this not from the point of view that you should become a rebel or a naturist, but just go and support one of the many WNBR rides around the UK, it will make a considerable difference.

You can stand on the side lines and shout your words of support or you can jump on your bike and ride along. You don’t have to be totally nude, go as nude as you wish.

The idea of going nude is to attract attention and show vulnerability. Nudity is NOT illegal in the UK and the London WNBR ride has been running for over 13 years! No one has ever been arrested.

It is a brilliant way to show rest of the world the freedom we have here in the UK and also that we are tolerant of each other’s views.  I could go on and write much more but I’m sure you get the idea!  I don’t want to make this into some sort of political protest!  If you don’t know what or why we organise these cycling protests, please click on the Wiki page link above.

If you can come to the London WNBR on the 10th June (see links above) I would be delighted, but please see if there is one closer to where you are.

Have Fun!!



32 Responses to “LONDON WNBR – 10 June 2017”

  1. Suvin Sudarshan Says:

    I love naturist life style , I believe naturism is spirituality, healthy, and social movement

  2. sharma (@mskumar2289) Says:

    Hi Kiran! Please update your latest wnbr 2017 photos both dressed and undressed photos, we found only few photos in the Flickr. Looking for your reply Love you kiran…. 🙂

    • ladygod1va Says:

      I’m approving these stupid comments only to let others see what I have to put up with! People like these just see me as a nude female! What about my thoughts, points of view, feelings??? Or perhaps I don’t have a brain?😁

      • sharma (@mskumar2289) Says:

        Kiran Please accept my apologies for my comments, Really we appreciate to you ,we are not seeing you as a nude female,we understood your feelings and thoughts. You are inspiration to lot of naturists and the followers, we are waiting for your twitter updates for the last 8 months, I hope you understood my words, After 8 months we have seen your photos in the Flickr,still we are not fully Satisfied only few photos uploaded,Finally i’m saying sorry once again 🙂

  3. Robin Says:

    Mam , we all miss u at twitter, please do come back

  4. minnalraaja Says:

    hi madam, where are you coming from twitter /facebook / instagram ?, you are a my role model my naturist life , because still i love you, (daily i seen my twitter account in watching -you come ? daily daily i have watched from 13 november 2016 to sill date , but your not coming in still date) i have very sad , sad, sad, sad, sad ,,,,, please come , i’ll waiting for you ,

  5. mskumar2289 Says:

    Hey Kiran get ready to undress Kiran Aka Ladygod1va will meet at Flickr tomorrow only few hours left
    Please share many photos of you in Flickr we are not able to reach London

  6. mskumar2289 Says:

    Hey Kiran get ready for WNBR London 2017..Count down starts now only 2 days left #WNBR London 2017 💐😃

  7. sharma (@mskumar2289) Says:

    Hey Kiran Did you cast your vote in Elections?

  8. bradfilippone Says:

    I am so glad to finally hear from you. You’ll probably remember me as your Twitter follower from Nova Scotia.
    What I can’t understand is why your account was taken down, but so many other twitter accounts that feature naturists/nudists still exist. In fact, I’ve seen pictures on some of them that seemed sexual in nature, while your pics were not sexual at all.
    I hope you can someday come back to Twitter with your own account, but I’ll understand if you don’t. I wish I lived closer so that I could participate in the London ride as well, but for now, I’ll just wish you well.

  9. sharma (@mskumar2289) Says:

    Hi Kiran Thanks for your intimation on WNBR 2017….Please share your Latest photos on Flickr..! Wanna see new naked images, Please don’t hurt your fans….!

  10. nafee Says:

    I was your twitter follower, do you re-claim your twitter account ?

  11. Jacco Van den Top Says:

    Too bad you’re not on Twitter any more. Was a pleasure to follow you throughout the year. Los of love from Holland.


  12. spotnaked Says:

    Great to hear from you again.

    I am really sad to hear about Twitter. I have tried to be banned without no reason. Fortunately, they opened my account again. So sad that they have started to censor as well – really bad for freedom.

    I have shared your post on Twitter – I hope that many will show up at the WNBR in London.

    It is so sad what has happened in London – and I hope that people will show up to tell the world, that you can’t beat us.

  13. Dieter Says:

    Thank you for your engagement and good luck for WBNR 2017.

  14. Michael Baiz Says:

    I live in Trinidad (Caribbean) so it will be difficult for me to attend. I wish you all the best on your nude ride and hope that you take lots of pics to share. I am a nudist and would love to be part of such an event one day. Thanks for keeping in touch. Regards, Mike.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  15. Julie Says:

    You are a brilliant role model, you deserve full support for all you do. Thank you

  16. Sneha Says:

    Madam are u on facebook?
    i was another indian women who was nudist, i was unable to make London WNBR., but i will attend amsterdam WNBR this time

  17. αNaturist Says:

    Done! but what was the formal reason your account was taken down? I thought Twitter wasn’t as censorship-prone as fb…

  18. Smoothalx Says:


  19. oldkahuna Says:

    we ride!

  20. Guayuco Says:

    Great to hear from you Lady God1va. Hope to see you on the ride on Saturday. Best wishes

  21. Sneha Says:

    Madam ur really amazing

  22. EarlD Says:

    Rebooted and retweeted

  23. themanfromtheblacklodge Says:

    I had a look on Twitter and found an account promoting the event –@LondonWNBR. Do you have anything to do with that Twitter handle?

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