London WNBR Night Ride

The World Naked Bike Ride – WNBR is a world wide protest that;

  1. Wants to reduce dependency on Oil
  2. Promote cycle safety
  3. Promote body confidence

You can read more about the WNBR on various websites and Wikis including

London has its own WNBR protest that normally occurs on every 2nd Saturday of June.

Currently the ride has 6 start points and maybe that will increase in the future.

The collective that organises the London WNBR are considering organising a WNBR Night Ride, similar to that in Portland USA and I am looking into what needs to be agreed with the authorities.


The idea is that we would organise the ride during one late evening in the first 2 weeks of September each year, the exact day will depend on the weather. It would be at the weekend if at all possible.

To help me understand what I need to discuss with the authorities and the collective, I’d like to understand your views on;

  1. Would you participate?
  2. How would you like to see it run?
  3. What are your ideas on pre/post ride party?
  4. Would you help to run it?

Just copy the above 4 items and write your response in a reply/comment to this post, please provide your actual email address otherwise I won’t be able to approve your reply to have it shown below.

Also we are doing a post ride survey, if you participated in the London WNBR this year would you please complete this short survey for us

If you want to email a longer reply, feel free to email

Thank you in advance.



5 Responses to “London WNBR Night Ride”

  1. Andy Jackson Says:

    Would you participate? probably
    How would you like to see it run? as per day ride
    What are your ideas on pre/post ride party? ambivalent, depends on timing of ride and last trains/first trains
    Would you help to run it? would consider,

  2. Howard Anderson Says:

    Would you participate?

    How would you like to see it run?
    The same as 2016 ride.

    What are your ideas on pre/post ride party?
    Parties are not really my thing.

    Would you help to run it?
    Yes but not sure how I could contribute, I have no experience as an organiser.

  3. surapaneni sudheer Says:

    Dear Lady The answers to the q s are below. – Would you participate? YES

    – How would you like to see it run? Naked, ofcourse, in Manchester/ Liverpool/ Sheffield/Leeds

    – What are your ideas on pre/post ride party? Why not organise a protest

    – Would you help to run it? YES. I live near Manchester

     Sudheer Mohan Surapaneni

  4. ChrisLT Says:

    1. Would I participate? Very likely.
    2. How would I like to see it run? Single start, single end.
    3. Parties? I don’t know London well enough, sorry. I would certainly like a post-ride party.
    4. Would I help run it? I live too far out to commit to pre-ride meetings, but otherwise would be willing to help on the day.

    5. Do I approve in principle? I very much prefer daytime rides where possible, but think a night ride could have a number of benefits:
    – it would frustrate many of the intrusive gawpers whose only interest is in seeing and snapping photographs of naked bodies
    – it would encourage anyone who would like to take part but fears public identification
    – it would reach people who are in town in the evenings but not during the day
    BUT I prefer daytime rides on balance because:
    – they show that we are fearless both in cycling the streets of London and in daring to be bare
    – there are far more pedestrians to see us, including families
    – it’s a lot warmer when the sun shines

    Good luck with organising it. I will come if I can.

    Chris Lusby Taylor

  5. Dominic Mcguinness Says:

    – Would you participate? It is possible, but I would need to consider getting back to Birmingham whether to make it a weekend trip or come back same night.  – How would you like to see it run? Run on same lines as the earlier one. Is there more traffic in the day or night that may cause a problem in organising the ride? – What are your ideas on pre/post ride party? For both events in June and September it is a ice idea, but I usually try to get back as quick as I can, being so far from home, having a early start and late finish. – Would you help to run it? I am a more of a participant than a helper, having done a few of the rides I have seen some of the issues than can arise and I am not sure I would be so diplomatic.

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