I guess a naked lady asking for money is probably the reputation that one doesn’t want to establish! However there are times when it is necessary to ask people to donate funds, even though it is hard to do.

First of all.. you may ask, why does it cost anything to take your clothes off and go for a ride around London. A good question, let me see if I can explain.


London WNBR has been going on for over 10 years and one of the earlier organisers was very proud of the fact that one year, he was able to organise the ride for 50 pence. The principle of WNBR is that it should not cost anything and that it should be totally environmental friendly.

As the years went by, some costs started to creep in, for example, it cost to produce some leaflets (on recycled paper), it costs to get some safety equipment, vests, arm bands, flags etc, these kind of costs were managed by the early organisers by selling small things, like flags on the day.

Then some authorities wanted administration fees, The Royal Parks, started on about £80 and went up to £100s, the police wanted administration fees. This required some additional fund raising which we managed to do.

The London WNBR is run by a handful of people who range from unemployed to quite wealthy people. One of the principles is that those who organise the WNBR should not fund it or do anything that could jeopardise running of future WNBR protests. For example if one person always gave £500 for the WNBR they might influence how it is run and also what happens if they decide to leave the WNBR?

We are also not supposed to obtain any kind of corporate sponsorship, WNBR must remain independent and free of being influenced by anyone or any organisation.

As the time goes on, the rules change and some additional costs arise. We have managed costs quite well so far but this year we were hoping to run the WNBR at no cost at all. This is because the authorities haven’t asked for any money and we are going ahead as per normal.

The biggest issue we have on WNBR is communications between the each start leader and during the ride through busy streets of London when the ride gets split up and no one knows what’s going on. It is very difficult to keep control and respond to incidents when there is no communications.

We have tried many different methods, none have worked to any satisfaction for many reasons.

This year we would like to try a new technology that uses GSM (phones) network to send messages using Press To Talk method.

This we think has a good chance of working, but!!! It will cost about £450 to hire 12 handsets for the week.

The easiest thing for me to do would be to just pay for the hire. However.. what happens if I decide to leave the WNBR next year? Also what influence will I exercise for having spent this money?

For this reason, we have set up a bank account, and paypal account, much the same as other WNBRs and we are asking you to donate some cash!!

So what you get for your money?

Well, first of all, it will help to secure the safety of about 1000-1500 riders. That in itself is worth the money isn’t it?

If we can run the WNBR successfully and safely, it will increase and have greater effect as a protest.

We will comply by the authorities rules that we must maintain control.

I am sure there will be some of you who will say, why don’t those who ride pay, perhaps they should but how do I get hold of them? We don’t have registration system and we can’t collect money on the day as most don’t carry any and there is not enough time. Also what about you? Do you believe in WNBR? If you can’t ride, why not do something to help the cause?

So.. there you are! You can donate, no matter where in the world you are, be generous and help us to do what is right! PLEASE.

WNBR 2014 LONDON (6)


  1. Artsinherts Events Says:

    Hope you don’t mind me posting this here … I found the page through a web search and I don’t know anywhere else appropriate to post it.

    Reason is I happened to be walking down Pall Mall this afternoon and at the entrance, there’s a sign that says it will be closed for the weekend for a big event — “The Patron’s Lunch”. Not just Pall Mall, it looks like it is taking over the whole of St James Park.

    Now, unless I’ve misread the map (it’s a bit small) I think it is still showing the bike ride going down there. Maybe the organisers already know about it. But if they don’t and a detour is needed, I’m sure they would rather start thinking now rather than when the ride arrives at the entrance.

  2. radicalbitxh Says:

    Good job mam

  3. arunkumar Says:

    £20 Paid now…. hope so my contribution is correct and good cause…

  4. pht1951 Says:

    I totally admire & praise everybody who physically takes part in the WNBR. I wish I could do it but sadly now I am unwell & unable. Take the message of naturism & clothes optional lifestyle options out into the public’s face! Let them understand the great good health aspects & the joy of the freedom of social & private nudity.
    Thank you Lady Godiva, you are wonderful.

  5. FUNDING THE LONDON WNBR – Lady God1va | CasuallyBuff Says:

    […] This appeal explains exactly why the boodle is needed and it’s a good cause on every level. […]

  6. Jack Says:

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  7. yden4466 Says:

    Lady Godiva: Here’s £11.00 GBP for the London WNBR. Ride in safety!

  8. Dieter Says:

    25 punds from me, have a good ride

  9. Tom Says:

    Hi.. My full support for the cause .. I will support financially by my side.. Its good that you are taking this initiative..👍👍

  10. FUNDING THE LONDON WNBR | Nudie News Says:

    […] LadyGod1va […]

  11. clothesfreelife Says:

    Reblogged this on clothes free life.

  12. FUNDING THE LONDON WNBR | Nudie News Says:

    […] from […]

  13. Howard Anderson Says:

    £50 paid today, worth every penny. Howard

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