To Goa Or Not To Goa!

I’ve been asked questions on Goa many times, mostly about going there to swim and sunbathe in the nude and enjoy wild parties!!

The history of Goa tends to encourage people to go and seek pleasures of bygone era, I’m going to try and capture some of that and see if I can help you to decide whether you are going to follow the well-trodden path of sun seekers or not.

Goa is a small state on the Western coast of India, facing the Arabian Sea, it was a Portuguese colony from the 16th Century until 1961, when the Portuguese left and it became another State of India.

Goa is probably a better State to live in than any other in India, however it doesn’t have a thriving industry of any kind other than tourism, there are obviously some industries, such as mining, it survives mainly on tourism. If you compare it with other States in reference to the Indian GDP, it is by far the richest state in India.

As far as most Europeans who have ever heard of Goa are concerned, it is a place for hippies, drugs, beaches and naughty parties where people run around naked and have sex orgies. If this is what you’re after read on!!

Don’t worry if you don’t know where or what Goa is, you are not alone. I have spoken with many people over the years, who believed either that Goa is an island or that it is somewhere in the far east, one person actually thought it was an island near Spain. I’ve had people tell me all sorts, they are normally quite surprised when I show them it on a map.

You can read more on Goa here


In simple terms, there are 2 Goa(s), North and South. North Goa is made up of mostly small beaches with a lot of touristy places at and near the beach areas. If you go inland, after about 2 or 3 miles, you can see the real Goa slowly developing into a more modern place.

In the north, apart of 1 or 2, the beaches are small enough to be attractive and big enough to be touristy! There are no 5 star hotels or resorts that I am aware of although recently there have been new developments of 4 star hotels at some popular places.

In the south, Goa Beaches tend to be long and straight that go on for miles at a time. There are quite a large number of VERY expensive 5 star holiday resorts as well as a number of more modestly priced ones, but the attractions are the resorts. By now, I think I must have stayed at most if not all of them. They are very nice and the quality of service at most is second to none but considering where they are and what is available around them, I’m not sure whether they’re worth the cost, that is of course just my opinion.

Inland area both in the North and South is mostly the same, made up of villages and town that reflect their history with the Portuguese but they are certainly not as pristine as the Algarve!!


Although Hinduism is the dominant religion, it is followed up by Christianity and other religions enjoy their freedom also but they are in very small numbers. Goa doesn’t tend to have religious disputes like other parts of India.


Although Goans love their fish! you can get almost any kind of food that your heart desires, but it does helps if you like curry!!

It is possible to eat at reasonable restaurants (reasonable in terms of area of the world) and not spend any more than about £10 per person per day. On the other hand, if you have money to spend, there are plenty of restaurants where you can pay almost the same rate as some of the top restaurants as in the UK.


If you’re a lover of low cost wines, then you’ll be fine in Goa (sorry don’t mean to be a snob but it is true!). The Indian wines are OK with curries. Average cost of wine in a reasonable restaurant tends to be under £20, foreign wines, particularly the French tend to be very expensive, by that I mean £40+ for some wine you may not have heard of! If you dine at top range restaurants, the cost of your meal and cost of the wine is unlikely to be less than what you’d pay at similar restaurant in the UK. I could write a whole post on Indian wines, but it probably best if I say, don’t over indulge!

Don’t worry.. I’ll get to the sex bit soon, you have to wine and dine first!!


Well, the good news is that there is plenty of it! Traffic can be quite crazy at times but it is not as bad as other parts of India.

As a tourist, you have plenty of choices, you can self-drive, have someone drive you around all day and it won’t cost you much more than £20 per day.

A lot of young people tend to hire ‘2 wheelers’ (Bikes, mopeds), they are a bit of death trap and stats on serious injuries put Goa up there, higher than other much larger states. There are over 20 deaths each month!! My advice is to get a car and driver, preferably check the state of the driver, whether he is alert or not, some tend to work long hours! If you are going to Goa on a budget and don’t want to spend so much money on transport and want to hire ‘2 wheelers’, I would strongly advise you to get plenty of training before going there and take your own helmet and maybe some knee/elbow protection.

Beaches and Nudity

See, I told you I’ll get there!!

Back in the 60s, the Hippies came and had a party, word spread and then the 80s and 90s took all the fun away because the Indian government wasn’t too keen for the people to continue having fun.

Now, it is just a myth. There are no wild parties like those talked about, there are no sex orgies that you may want to drop in on. Majority of the non-Indian tourists are Russians, probably military or ex-military (there are military bases in the area) and you really don’t have much of a chance mixing in with them.

There are however more than enough men looking for that heavenly moment when they can stumble onto a wild party with drugs and loose western women.

There are only handful of nightclubs that are worth visiting, the main one talked about is Titos near Baga beach. Waste of time really, you can go there for some experience but don’t expect it to be anything like a western night club.

Nudity is not legal anywhere, although hotels are private property so they can allow it or not. Over 10 years ago, the 5 Star hotels were quite relaxed about topless sunbathing, now that most of their clientele are Indians, they’ve changed their policies and you will see various signs around the hotel pools, informing you that you must wear swim costumes etc…

So what do you do?

As a woman it is quite easy. I can go topless with just a small thong that can’t seriously be considered as a costume or cover. I can do this at only 1 or two 5 star resorts and others tend to say no and recommend you go to their beach area. Even there, other guests can complain and have done so, then you just have to cover up to move on. The most relaxed pool is probably the Club fresh water pool It is not cheap!! Although you can book yourself into lower cost room and visit the Club Pool and restaurant as a guest.

On most beaches you can go topless but not nude, I say you can, it is not legal but most beach shacks tend to protect you, almost as if you’re endangered species and they are the park rangers. The protection you need is to prevent men making you feel uncomfortable by turning you into some sort of tourist exhibit. You have to respect others by keeping away from Indian families and at times some females who will complain far sooner than men.

Some beaches are better for topless sunbathing than others, but it can also just depend on whether you’re lucky enough to avoid bumping into some objectionable people. My main tip would be to go as far north as possible and definitely avoid the beach during the Indian holidays.

Nudity for men is definitely very difficult. The only way to sunbathe or swim nude would be to find a lonely spot away from the main areas. These are not easy to find and you have to remember that technically you will be breaking the law therefore you could get arrested. However if you make the effort to stay away from the main areas, then your chances of being arrested are obviously not very high. It will also help if you’re in mixed company.


In summary I would say that Goa is worth visiting, north is more interesting than the south which has most of the 5 star resorts and definitely the place to go if you have some money to spare. The finest hotel is probably The Leela resort and in the high season, you will pay about the same rate as top class European hotels.

You can relax and live quite cheaply in the north, there are plenty of beaches but not many tourist attractions.

Cost of everything is going up rapidly, the Indian inflation tends to be between 8-10% but the tourist prices tend to go up higher than that each year.  The Indian population is getting richer and they’re on mission to spend money, how long this can continue, I don’t really know but I can’t see Goa thriving if the cost of living for the tourists becomes much more expensive than it already is. I would suggest you go, if you’re going to go, within the next 5 years or so.

People are definitely friendly and you will be welcomed wherever you go. Crime is not really a consideration as long as you take normal precautions.

One thing is for certain… you should not go to Goa expecting to enjoy a naturist holidays!


5 Responses to “To Goa Or Not To Goa!”

  1. Andre Krafft Says:

    Last march i have been there. No way To enjoy naked sunbath

  2. Veeresh Malik Says:

    One option for local transportation in Goa is bicycle, you can buy them (3000/- for gearless roadsters, which are the best and below 10000/- for decent geared road/track hybrids) or you can rent them by the day/week (anything more, better to buy). Do learn to fix punctures and do minor repairs by yourself. And don’t try to ride nude or semi-nude please!

  3. Nagnasukh Says:

    You have very nicely covered all the aspects of Goa indeed. We have been to goa quite a few times, and your blog exactly summarise our experience as well.

  4. NA NA Says:

    That was very good information. I visited Goa many times for business reasons but never got enough time to hang out & chill. Although airline fares have been cheaper in India but the rates of premier hotels are almost similar to international rates. India is fastest growing economy and the earnings / spending of majority of people is also increasing. I liked reading this blog

  5. Quetzalqoatl Dios Serpiente Says:

    Very Intresting Lady Godiva. I didn t Know about That place.

    Thank You for To Share This Infrmation.

    Have a great Week.

    2016-05-15 6:22 GMT-06:00 LadyGod1va :

    > ladygod1va posted: “I’ve been asked questions on Goa many times, mostly > about going there to swim and sunbathe in the nude and enjoy wild parties!! > The history of Goa tends to encourage people to go and seek pleasures of > bygone era, I’m going to try and capture some of that” >

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