Nudity & Arousal

I asked the question on twitter

Question for year end! Could you spend a day on the beach with a bunch of attractive naked people of opposite gender without being aroused?

through this tweet:

The reason behind this question was that I frequently get asked the question on various social media..  if I go to a naturist place, will I be aroused ( or similar words!)


How can I stop myself being aroused.

As you know this is a particularly a male problem!

So I wanted to know if it is problem for people who read my tweets or not as I have only ever seen one lost looking male in the south of France walking around with a proud look.

So what is the truth?

If you were to read the replies to the tweet above, you could be forgiven for thinking that naturists are not sexual. Which is obviously not true! Whilst most people have said that they would not get aroused, some have said that they would or could get aroused. Those I think are probably not regular visitors at naturist places because no matter what you relate this to, there is a point after which anything can become normal and therefore not exciting.

What I know of the regular naturists is that their arousal is self-controlled, in that if they get used to seeing naked people, it would take something special for them to show visible arousal and probably in a non public surrounding, after all, being a naturist doesn’t mean you lose your desire for sex, does it?


For females ( I speak from my own experience) it is different.

I for one do not even look at people’s bodies in any way other than to avoid bumping into them!

I don’t see the need to glare and compare! I’m there for one reason and one reason only, that is to enjoy the weather and environment in the nude without being treated as a circus act, as it would be the case if I went nude at a normal textile beach. Nothing else interests me.  When I tell people this, most don’t believe me, that is because most asking the questions are men wondering about how it feels to be a naturist and probably have not seen too many naked bodies.

For those who said  yes they would get aroused in naked company, and they  would go to naturist places to see naked people,  then I’m afraid your days as naturist are limited !

For those still looking for the answer..

I would like to say that even if you think you will be  aroused at a normal naturist beach when there are 1000s other naturists, you should give it a go anyway, the outcome is likely to be very different than what you may imagine whilst sitting at home and looking at naked pic on your monitor.

That is my opinion; you are welcome to use it or ignore it!!

59 Responses to “Nudity & Arousal”

  1. Bert todonow Says:

    Am I talking a risk by admitting it but I really enjoy seeing naked women when my wife and I go to a nude location, beach or whatever. I also like that people can enjoy seeing us if they wish.

    Over all I do not become “arroused” and environment is not overly sexey but men are made to like naked women. More than that i enjoy seeing all shapes sizes and ages, to I enjoy how confident people seem and how pleasant an environment it is.

    It’s nice to be able to feel comfortable and talk to people more so than in clothes and we have met some really nice people.

    Naked women are nice to see in so many ways.

  2. Fred Says:

    Hmmm…. It is entirely possible for a man to be aroused and not have an erection. Useful skill to learn.

    It doesn’t take much for a man to get erect if he is looking for something to be aroused by. It could just be the cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. OTOH if arousal isn’t sitting on the back burner it takes a lot more stimulus.

    The younger the male, the more likely the event. As a teenage kid, I’d get erect for almost no reason at all. I’d get turned on in Math class watching the 40-something teacher draw examples of conic sections on the blackboard. Or maybe just the scent of a girl’s perfume. Raging hormones can do that to you. It is difficult not to think of sex all the time at that age.

    When I hit my 20s, the hormones had settled down and spontaneous erection wasn’t a problem anymore. I suspect this is one reason why there are so few young nudists. Puberty hits, things go out of control. It takes a really dedicated family to keep a 14 y.o. involved in social nudism.

  3. checkheroutblog Says:

    I agree with you. The arosal comes from a different place. I have a blog just dedicated to my wife nude in public because that’s where my arosal originates.

  4. omi Says:

    Your thoughts are simply greate. I came over your blog about 15-20 days and i have read almost all of your blogs..more power to u friend.

    • Thom Says:

      well, I think this is not a very smart question to constantly keep bringing up. There is no reason to blame a man for getting aroused when among bunch of attractive women. its a very natural thing for men to get aroused in these types of situations. Why is that even a question? Its not more civilized, polite or even educated if a man does not get aroused when among bunch of attractive naked women. Please get over this issue

  5. northlondoner Says:

    In answer to the original question, I could spend and have spent days on a beach or in a sauna/spa without being aroused. My view is that if it happens and you seek to calm the situation (cover up, go in the sea, sit cross-legged or think of something unarousing) then that is OK. Flaunting, walking about proudly etc is not.

    It should be recognised that the fear of an erection is something which will put off some young men from visiting clothes optional beaches or saunas, and that those put off might be the very kind of decent well-behaved men that would be welcomed by all.

  6. magnus greel Says:

    I think that what an erection means is in the eye of the beholder. I’m getting the impression that it’s usually seen as the direct result of a conscious decision to picture the sex act taking place, a sort of conscious preparation for the act. That’s an assumption, something taken for granted, without asking the men involved.

    I may be so atypical that I’m somehow a unique case, but I doubt it. I don’t see much of anything in life as totally sexual, or totally unsexual. There’s a bit of a tinge of the sexual in everything that appeals to and stretches the emotions. An amazing sky or landscape, say. Being affected “down there”, a bit or a lot, is part of feeling the joy of life. Unless actual sex is going on, though, if I’m around naked women, or seeing them, with no sex-act context, I am never thinking about having sex, yet I could be having a partial erection. Because I’m fully feeling the sensory experience.

    What if everyone is overly sexualizing the erection? “Aroused” may not be the right word, for all of them. Misleading, anyway.

    I’ll suggest that once we’ve made it past that great, big boundary in our thinking, and have made ourselves okay with men and women being comfortable with each other naked in a relaxed, adult social setting, we should go that further millimeter or two in our thinking, and not be bothered about what position a penis happens to be in. We are already seeing it, right there, out in the open. If we don’t read certain intents into a penis that happens to be at a 45 degree angle, or a 90 degree angle (perhaps just for a minute or two), we should be able to be just as okay with it.

    It seems inconsistent that the body part is fine and wonderful one way, and some sort of shocking, conscious, pornographic act, in another. It’s life. Not entirely involuntary, yet not entirely voluntary either, and not necessarily crass or crude.

    Politeness enters into this. The man involved is probably very often mortified by how this sort of thing will be seen. You can tell that in posts about it. Often he would much rather that it hadn’t happened. I believe in trying to make things comfortable for other people, when at all possible. That includes those who have a problem with erections, but also those with them. Let’s not guilt or shame, encourage a relaxed respectful atmosphere, and try to move our mindset toward being okay with it, just as we made ourselves okay with nudity in the first place.

  7. Thom Says:

    Well, I have been a naturist (and exhibitionist and voyeur like many many of us men and women) for the past 35 years (since I was 15). after all these 35 years I am still having difficulties stopping my erections when seeing a sexually attractive woman, and I think thats pretty natural. When a man can get erection in a buss station, market, at school and even church, so whats the taboo with getting erections on the beach.
    Some women themselves do not have this natural functionality with their bodies and therefore associate weirdness with it. The honest ones at the beach show some interest when noticing an erection and sometimes even admire the scene.
    I think its time to stop making such a fuzz about mens erections. Its natural and a sign of love.

    • Greg Says:

      Thom, i like what you said. very sensible and balanced.
      I have been in new situations many times in my life. I grew up going to fully nude saunas and I’ve been to nude beaches a number of times. For me, I think bodies are beautiful, whatever the state. That includes erections and arousal in general. It’s natural and it feels good!
      as a matter of fact I think that it’s so cool that men’s bodies change like that. I like seeing erections at a nude beach, and I like being erect myself. I don’t make a big deal about it and I think people need to get over it. It’s not as if a man with an erection is suddenly this uncontrollable crazy person.
      I think this attitude that men should not have erections, or should hide them, or it’s “bad” is essentially moralistic body shaming and doesn’t make sense – particularly in the context of naturism.

  8. Colin H Says:

    I agree with what you said. For most nudists, nudity is normal. I have spent quite a few days in the company of a lot of attractive naked people and have not been aroused. I am no more likely to be aroused by an attractive naked woman as by an attractive dressed woman. If anything, I am more likely to be aroused by a woman wearing something provocative than by someone naked, as provocative clothing is more likely to make me think about sex.

  9. Saurabh Says:

    Very interesting article and discussion thread indeed.
    Last year when my partner and I visitied nudist beach ‘Playa Los Tusales’ as a first time nudist it was a big concern for me as well. When we strip off Initially I hesitated a bit and covered my private part with a towel 🙂 but later within few minutes I got so comfortable surrounded by fellow naturist that my concern was all gone. Nothing embarrassing happened. We enjoyed our time on the beach, in fact went for a walk ..smiled at fellow beach walkers and it was all wonderful experience. In short don’t think about it just go ahead and experience it. Even if u get aroused take a deep in sea..or cover it or just lay down on ur stomach till you calm down :-).
    It’s not a sin it’s perfectly healthy sign.

    May be before your trip for the first time experience get yourself comfortable by going clothes free inside your house ..walk around..cook naked ..try to do all normal activities.

  10. Willpost Anything (@AllMyOwnViews) Says:

    I have spent some time on naturist beaches, been to swims and spent an entire afternoon in the company of a naturist couple (all naked of course) and can categorically state that I never had an erection during these times. I think if you get an erection through the sight of a naked woman on the beach, it must be because you are having sexual thoughts.

    The erection problem during sleep is irrelevant; chances are you are having an erotic dream which you will never remember anyway. Let’s not try to make excuses by saying erections are involuntary.

  11. prithvid Says:

    hi there,
    one day one of my friend forwarded your pic in wats app as some other nude girls pic. But after seeing your pic my mind just wanted know about you. i have never been to any foreign country only heard and seen through my friend’s eyes who have settled there and from internet. my question to u is.. why is it so important to be nude and experience the nature. Even without nudity you can enjoy nature with some good company or good ambiance ?? Does nudity gives different kind of experience??? forgive me if my questions are annoying..


  12. fatunclecheapo Says:

    I have never been to a nudist beach so can’t comment on that. But as a practicing nudist, I have been to a number of meetings and events. Some of them have been only male, some mixed. I will not lie, the first time there was a mixed meet, I was worried about getting an erection, but as it turned out luckily I didn’t. Having a bit more experience on the thing now, I can say that if I don’t harp on the fact that there is a naked female with me and become self-conscious, I am fine. As long as the talk is of generic things or issues and nothing sexual, there is no chance of an erection.

  13. Jason Says:

    the best way to deal with an erection at a naturist, nude, nudist beach is tolerate them or an offended person/s can leave beach

  14. John Says:

    Personally I’ve never had an erection on a Naturist beach or at any other Naturist venue. However I only started using them when I was about 55 yrs, and things might be a little different, although its still an unlikely problem, for a much younger guy.

    As has already been said, any arousal is easily dealt with by covering up with a towel, or rolling over on to ones front.

    • Jason Says:

      it’s normal to see an erection at a naturist (nude) beach tolerate them or the offended person/s can pack up and leave the beach

  15. Arousal when naked, is it natural? | Naturalian's Blog Says:

    […] read this first…   A particular problem for us males, often construed as a sexual response, but it can be a totally […]

  16. Jason Lee Says:

    @ ladygod1va you asking is it normal to see an erection at a naturist (nude/nudist) beach is like saying is it normal to see a female nudist with a hairy vagina or a shaved vagina or is it normal to see a female nudist with an external labia or an internal labia (vulva)

  17. Jason Lee Says:

    @ ladygod1va it’s normal to see an erection at a naturist (nudist) beach

  18. pipermac5 Says:

    Isn’t it time for us to say last-rites over this old horse? Why can’t we admit that, once in a while, a man will get an erection at a nudist venue, for whatever reason, and that it is completely normal? As long as he covers it up, and doesn’t strut his stuff, no harm is done.

    With all the phobia about erections, a man can’t even enjoy being naked for a change, because he is in constant fear that “it” might happen to him. It is time for us to move past body-part shaming and grow up.

    No one person’s experience is normative for everyone else, so just because you haven’t experienced an erection, or seen a man with an erection, doesn’t mean that they don’t occur.

    I am a man, and yes, Mr. Happy has saluted a time or two, and I merely covered him up until he settled back down.

    • Jason Lee Says:

      should a guy (man) cover up his erection at a nudist beach?

      • ladygod1va Says:

        Don’t know what your experience is but the answer to your question is that it depends on what type of beach you’re on.
        On a family/normal naturist type beach, you would be well advised to cover it up. The alternative is to face other beach visitors who may not be so pleased to see you.

      • Jason Lee Says:

        i believe the only reason the other naturist, nude, nudist beach users (visitors) would an issue (problem) with my erection then ask me to cover up my erection is because if i was jerking off my erection, playing with my erection, pointing my finger at my erection, stimulating my erection, stroking my erection, touching my erection then i will (would) cover it up

  19. oldkahuna Says:

    I’ve been a naturist most of my life. Yes, I do get aroused on a nude beach. No, my penis and my mind respond. No, I do not stare or get obsessed. When I was learning to be a massage therapist, we were all naked. When we bumped into each other our learned response was, “Thank you.” Now, what was the question? 🙂

  20. Matt McCarthy (@MrLinkUK) Says:

    If you agree that you subconscious can affect you state of arousal, can we agree that the subconscious is far more in control than any of us would like. Why and when someone gets aroused often has little to do with their soundings. While females have far less visible clues to their state of subconscious mind, men are not so lucky. So while in a naturist environment where are you say people are not their to look at other peoples bodies, the subtle signs that a woman is aroused should almost always go unnoticed, men are not so lucky. And while that particular Red Light can be switched on in an instant by the subconscious, it’s a little more tricky and time consuming to turn it off with the conscious mind, so it will get noticed unless that person if very skilled with their towel carrying. So it’s a little unfair to joke about men’s control, you’ll probably find it’s a lot better than most women’s, because it has to be, in both clothed and unclothed society.

    • themanfromtheblacklodge Says:

      As an erection can be an entirely autonomic reflex and separate from the conscious level of thought, I completely agree. Sometimes they are caused by exercise (usually lower body, including running) and even REM sleep, so are not always caused by sexual arousal.

      • ladygod1va Says:

        The aubject here is about naturist venues where sight of nudity causes this.

      • themanfromtheblacklodge Says:

        Just as nipples can become hard due to arouse or the cold, the male member isn’t always stimulated by thoughts of sex. If that happens at a nudist beach, it is extremely regrettable, but not inexcusable unless it is a repeat offender.

      • ladygod1va Says:

        i think we’re going off topic here. The subject is related to attending naturist facilities, not something that might happen once in blue moon to 1 in million.

      • Matt McCarthy (@MrLinkUK) Says:

        “might happen once in a blue moon to 1 in a million.”

        Really??? Scent is a far stronger key to memory the sight. So if someone walk past me wearing strawberry scented sun lotion, subconsciously that going to bring up some very arousing and fun memories. (That I’m not going to detail here!)

        That happening is completely outside of my conscious thought pattern, and may(!) result in an unwanted situation.
        It has NOTHING to do with being surrounded by naked people!

        But because of the exact assumptions that are expressed by this post, anyone who sees will assume it’s because of the naked people.

        And it’s not just smell, it’s phrases and at times sights, it’s everything that can cause the same (but less visible) reaction in a women. Men are human too!

        Yes, if you find that being around naked people makes you aroused, maybe you shouldn’t be around them, and that goes to both sexes. But the assumption by others that arousal is due to being in around naked people is just daft, and holds no substance in human psychology.

        PS, this is both a reaction to this post and you recent twitter comments.

      • ladygod1va Says:

        I agree with what you say, but the subject here is related to questions I get asked by men who fear they may get aroused if they see naked people. Also whether it is normal to see that at naturist beaches.
        The chance of someone getting aroused at a naturist beach as a side reaction to something other than naked people is possible but my point is that the chance of it happening for that reason is small in comparison to the subject being discussed.

      • themanfromtheblacklodge Says:

        Men (generally speaking) will not become aroused by the nudity, are unlikely to have an erection and, if they do, can hide it until it goes. It is not normal to see it and shouldn’t be something to worry about.

      • ladygod1va Says:

        Tell that to a family with teenage kids on the natirist beach.

      • themanfromtheblacklodge Says:

        I was a teenage kid on a naturist beach once and, as I said, it happened but had nothing to do with nudity. The first time was embarrassing, but it wasn’t something which offended anyone or prevented me having a good day with my family and going back again and again.

      • Wayne Adams Says:

        Can a woman who is ovulating give off a scent (pheromone), that men can pick up, causing arousal for both?

      • ladygod1va Says:

        Sorry, my masters in IT didn’t cover this 🙂

  21. Blaise Says:

    You said “Those with less experience or with sex on their minds have an issue”.

    True, but younger men are likely to have less naturist experience and are more likely to to have sex on their minds, as a result of higher levels of hormones. So the alternative hypothesis is that it’s just an age thing, pure and simple.

    Therefore, to distinguish between competing hypotheses the most informative answers will be those of young-ish males with plenty of naturist experience.

  22. Thomas Painter Says:

    We used to have after work gatherings at my house or others. A dozen or so restaurant workers who didn’t want to hang out in a bar, but weren’t ready to go home. Because you could still smoke in bars and restaurants, we made the rule that you had to remove your outer clothing. Nude or underwear, either was ok as long you didn’t bring the smoke smell inside. If a guy got an erection it was ok as long as he didn’t flaunt it. Oddly, there were always more women than men. No sex involved, just a group of people relaxing after work. It was a nice way to end the day. BTW, they started after midnight and could go until 6 or so. I miss those days.

    I love to learn, I just hate being taught. (8^}>


  23. Blaise Says:

    At my age (60) I would have no problem at all. If I had gone to naturist beaches as a twenty-year old I am much less sure of the answer. Seeing naked people is less sexy than I would have realised at the time, but sex was on my mind a lot of the time in those days, so I don’t know which would effect have prevailed. However, if one is carrying a towel one can always discreetly hide an erection, or a dip in the sea will do the trick, so there is really no excuse for impropriety.

  24. Paul Says:

    Being naked in a naturist environment is about you. It is about how good you feel physically and mentally. It is the in-flow feeling of being at one with nature. It is not about seeing or being seen although both are inevitable.

    Although the naked body can be beautiful and it is normal to recognise it as such, natural beauty alone does not cause arousal.

  25. Chris Lusby Taylor Says:

    I don’t know of you callWNBR naturist but I remember you at the en d of the London ride last year having to deal with some men in a distinct state of arousal. So,clearly some men do get aroused by the presence of naked bodies or by themselves being naked,
    But Ihave never seen it on a naturist club or beach,

  26. Wayne Adams Says:

    Not at first! I am a heterosexual male and love the female form in all its glory. I think after awhile I would get use to it and lose my erection.

  27. CalgaryMark Says:

    I agree with Paul and Jochanaan1. My experience of nude beaches has come later in life, and the ‘risk’ of erection is minimal; but my reason for being at the beach is for the enjoyment of sun, sand, wind, sea and conversation.

  28. Antandrian Says:

    I find that on a mixed or family nude beach a level of self-consciousness reliably keeps things under control. However once, walking along a long stretch of male-only nude beach, I sensed my penis lengthening in response to some athletic and muscular physiques on display, and allowed arousal to build as I walked, as an observable indication of my appreciation. Of course I couldn’t read the minds of the men I passed, but I doubt any were mortified.

  29. jimella Says:

    When I first visited a naturist beach, many years ago now, I was a bit surprised that I was not aroused. Everything was just so normal that it just did not happen. Just as anywhere else, it would depend on what was happening – then maybe the nudity would make it a little more likely than otherwise. I don’t think being in public would make any difference to me, but I can see it would to some people.

  30. Paul Says:

    An interesting question with some very good responses. My own experience is similar to that of Smoothalx. I go to the beach, park, sauna, whatever to enjoy the simple pleasure of being nude. It isn’t to seek excitement or stimulation. That isn’t so say that I’m not a sexual being it’s just that I don’t see a naturist situation as a sexual one.

  31. Michael Says:

    My beach of choice during the summer is Sauvie Island on the Columbia river outside of Portland, Oregon and I can say most definitely that with all the naked people, the sun and the summer breeze, the feeling is of freedom that is centered in your head, and not your loins, every once in a while you may see a guy that’s well hung, or a woman with impressive breasts, and you go “Wow” but if you’re living in the moment, arousal is not what your brain is groovin’ on.

  32. Patrick Collier Says:

    Your post is quite good and accurate! I am a nudist and do not get to visit nudist places often so I would probably be aroused when I first see naked bodies. But I also know that nudist ettiquette requires that I cover my erection until it subsides or turn over on my stomach. I agree with you that nudists are sexual beings because God made us that way. But our sexuality has no primary focus in a nudist setting or gathering unless the venue caters to that kind of behavior. I feel that simple nudity in the sun and fresh air and activities for interaction in games and other group activities is normal and should be enjoyed by all present!

  33. Michael Says:

    Before trying a naturist beach I always thought I might get visibly aroused by the nudity. That’s obviously a worry for many men who would like to try naturism, but fear having an erection in a public place. It’s because in a non-naturist context nakedness is generally sexy and arousing. Once you are in a group of people who are naked but otherwise doing normal everyday things and not making a fuss about it, the visible arousal just doesn’t happen. It’s really a side benefit of naturism: you can be in naked mixed company, including with attractive women you fancy, but have control over your level of sexual arousal.

  34. Smoothalx Says:

    I guess it may have to do with the intention more than the setting. My purpose of going to a nude beach Is to feel the breeze, relax, get an all over tan and feel free, not go to see naked bodies. I guess that if instead you go with the purpose of seeing naked bodies you may feel aroused.

    If your purpose is getting a “benefit” from watching then the setting doesn’t really matter. You may go to a textile beach and still get aroused.

  35. lifenature Says:

    I absolutely agree with the writer that on a naturist beach one does not look at the bodies.Recently , I was on a beach with other naturist people of both sex. It is only after seeing the photographs later, I realized that I did not notice the genitals when the people were moving around naked around me.

  36. jochanaan1 Says:

    My standard response to questions like the one you asked is that there is no more arousal or sexual tension at naturist gatherings (clubs, beaches, house meetings or any other gathering) than at the average church social. Of course we are not asexual beings! But we do not automatically assume that if a person is naked, s/he is ready for sex. Change that one assumption, and the whole “nudity = sex” mindset is forgotten, so that we naturist men can look at a nude woman, even a young and “beautiful” one, with no more thought of sex than if we saw her clothed head to foot.

  37. spotnaked (@spotnaked) Says:

    Well said and well written.

    I am sure of that when the norm is nude, you look upon a nude body in a different way. You learn that sex is not about being nude, but about state of mind.

    A beautiful girl on a nude beach might get some looks from men, but If the beach consist of naturists, I don’t think that the beautiful girl would get more looks than if she had a bikini on a textile beach. This doesn’t mean that the men gets erected, just that they enjoy something beautiful.

    What I am saying is that we are all sexual people,naturists or not, but there is a different view upon what makes a situation sexual. For a naturist nudity isn’t equal to porn and sex, many non naturists associates nudity with sex. This is probably also why people keeps asking the same questions :about getting aroused on a naturist beach.

  38. themanfromtheblacklodge Says:

    A very well written and interesting piece. Speaking from experience, I’m as likely/unlikely (depending on your point of view) to be aroused on a nudist beach as on a textile beach, gym or, unfortunately enough, on a bus ride! Some things are practically beyond conscious control.

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