i received the email below today.. first I thought it was some poor deluded person then I realised that it was actually funny, so it can’t be real.

I then did a trace of the IP address it came from and found out it to be in San Jose CA USA.  So it has to be someone with a sense of humour or someone trying to make a fool of me? I don’t know.


I don’t plan to reply to him but if I get some good responses I might!! 🙂

 Anyway read and enjoy.


I am a RICH BUSINESS MAN in INDIA. I live in BANGALORE CITY. Karnataka State.

I have never travel out side my State. Not even out of my COUNTRY.

I quite Busy in Business. I do RICE & Real Estate Business.

I live with my Parents also Huge Joint Family too in my own city.

I am looking to marry a WHITE CAUCASIAN GIRL. Because I don’t think Indian GIRLS are Better than European Origin Girls in any aspect.

Actually I should have been married at my age of 28 in INDIA. But I rejected so many Indian GIRLS.

Told my parents that I marry only a WHITE CAUCASIAN GIRL other wise I won’t marry at all.

But I am not getting any White CAUCASIAN girl to marry.

As per Indian Culture first Marry & become FREINDS (Girlfriend or Boyfriend). But marriage was arranged by parents not on our own.

The European Culture is Different. First Become FREINDS then Marry.

But as per INDIAN Culture doing sex before marriage is illegal.

It’s really very much different Cultures.

I have asked many WHITE CAUCASIAN GIRLS in my CITY about marriage straight away.

But most Sucking Impossible thing is to Talk to a Strange PEOPLE & then second Hesitating thing is Asking them about Marriage.

I didn’t get even a single positive Reply too.

So I started searching via INTERNET. But in Internet of INDIA only Indian GIRLS or African Girls.

Off course African GIRLS are better than INDIAN GIRLS as per my Views. But Parents & Family won’t accept African Girl at any Chance.

They have given permission European ORIGIN WHITE CAUCASIAN GIRL or at least Chinese/ Japanese Girl. Or else Default Indian GIRLS.

Look I request you to at least Find a WHITE CAUCASIAN GIRL willing to MARRY a Indian Guy like me.


10 Responses to “JOKER OR JACK?”

  1. Saurabh Says:

    Lol so u need to start a matrimonial section on your blog now:-D

  2. Colin H Says:

    If he is using a VPN the IP will give you the wrong country of origin.

    You could just send him a link to a dating site.
    (p.s. I like Stuart’s response)

  3. Nate C Says:

    Couldn’t be any worse than any other American marriage – go for it! LOL – j/k.

  4. Stuart Says:

    Respond with:

    Thank you for your email. Although I am not a white Caucasian woman, I am a Nigerian princess so perhaps that might satisfy your parents, especially as you would share my £100 million inheritance should we marry. I can even arrange to deposit £10 million of my inheritance in your bank account as proof. Please send me your bank account details so I can arrange this.

  5. Chris Says:

    Well, it’s someone who knows that Bangalore is in Karnataka, so either Indian or done his homework. My IP seems to indicate I am in Ealing: right country, wrong county by miles. So maybe San Jose is a red herring.
    How about:
    Dear Rich from Bangalore,
    I can understand your frustration – I don’t fancy Indian women, either. I want to help you. As a businessman you will understand that time is money, so if you send me a photograph and transfer 10,000 Rupees to my PayPal account I can get started on the search.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. caperelux Says:

    Joker indeed. Haha.

  7. Wayne Adams Says:

    bizarre, must be a mass send!

  8. Bart Says:

    It sounds like a badly written form letter with auto fill-in-the-blanks.

  9. Andrew W Says:

    This is probably just spam mail. But boy is it desperate.

  10. Darren Says:

    Don’t do it, sounds very dodgy!!!

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