Naturism – What it means

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I have in mind to write a detail post on ‘Naturism – What’s it all about’ I have some views on the subject but I really want to do some research on what Naturism means to others.  I know it stretches from Sexual satisfaction to nature worshipping and everything in between.

Could I please ask you to leave a comment and answer the following questions for me;

1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism?

2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)

3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?

If you don’t want me to ‘approve’ and publish your comment here, please let me know.  I am also happy not to release your id if you so wish.

Thank You. 

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  1. rahul Says:

    The purpose of naturism is to promote wholesomeness and stability of the human body, mind, and spirit. These come most easily to those who shed the psychological and social encumbrance of clothing, to see and respect the human body as created.

  2. Paul Says:

    Like many naturists I have a sense of freedom when I am naked. Although this feeeling is very apparent I have often wondered why.

    I have tried to analyse the feeling and have come to the following conclusion.

    In every day life we mask our true self from the people around us. We project an image of oursleves that hides our fears and true identities. For example, we may try to appear more confident than we really are, or we might try appear in control or cool or many other things. To some extent we are under pressure to do this from lifelong conditioning but it is a hard act to keep up.

    We dress in a way that enforces this image. However, when we shed our clothes we also shed this false image to not only expose our bodies but also who we really are. We are no longer hiding. This gives us a huge sense of relief and confidence and that feeling of freedom. You actually find that you like the real you and and you have a sense of calm.

    For a naturist it is not a case of look at me but more a case of see me.

    Naturism needs to evolve. It has to protect itself from those who give it a bad name. It must explore new new opportunities and educate the doubters.

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  4. naturistrunner Says:

    I love the freedom of being clothes-free wherever and whenever I can.
    Naturism is about being happy to wear your own skin and not something taboo or sexual.
    I’d love society to be more accepting of simple nudity in public places so that we can all be naked wherever we want with no risk of being arrested.

  5. iliff Says:

    I’ve spent a lot of the last week naked on a beach in Fuerteventura with this question rattling around in my head. To extend my original answer…

    Of course being naked under the sun feels wonderful. If you’ve tried it you know that. But why the feeling of deep peace, calm and serenity? Is it a deep species memory of a time when we lived at the sea’s edge, with plentiful food and no threats or discomforts that required the invention of clothing? I like to think so.


  6. Tom Says:

    I think nudism is beautiful. A nudist scene is a Bernini sculpture or Matisse painting of gods and goddesses in nature..

    Naturism is about acceptance of our biological identities. It’s kind of like “working your edge” in yoga. This is what I am; anything more precedes from this. I imagine that whoever coined the word “naturist” was thinking along these lines.

    Also, being naked is a kick. This quote goes way back to the fifties or early sixties and Alex Comfort: “All of us, even the most sophisticated, harbor more infantile sexual curiosity than we wish to admit: some of us, it is said, become doctors, artists, or explorers to satisfy it, continuing with these occupations because these are worthwhile occupations in themselves, but never quite losing the original forgotten cathexis, however many individual members of the opposite sex we have the opportunity of examining. Social nudity in a nonsexual context seems to somehow earth this residual of curiosity — we are not seeing a particular man or woman individually (leaving all the others for our infantile unconscious to wonder about) but men and women in general.”

    I’d quibble with Comfort’s characterization of social nudity as primarily voyeuristic, and as infantile, but the statement is profound, getting at a genuine desire or impulse for social nudity. Naturists’ claiming a philosophical motivation has never squared with the characters of the naturists I’ve known. I usually don’t operate that way.

    I’d ask the same thing from naturists I’d ask from everybody: more critical thinking, particularly a more thorough accounting of relationships between things.

    Club nudism is doomed by profound, prolonged, global economic contraction, and by the need of the formerly housekeeper sex to work for wages. We lack the leisure necessary to shut the house and go be nudists. Haven’t had it in America for thirty or forty years.

    Let’s recall the lebensreform beginnings of naturism, and change the way we live.

  7. Christiana Gaudet Says:

    First, I would say that I am not comfortable with your opening statement. Naturism is not really connected with “sexual satisfaction.” I raised my kids in the naturist environment, and I can promise you the environment was not sexual.

    On the other hand, it is true that having no body shame and having good body acceptance probably does create an attitude that fosters a better sex life, so as a by-product of naturist philosophy you are quite correct.

    1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism?

    The feeling of freedom – the breeze, sun and water on my skin.

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)

    Body acceptance, community, love of nature.

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?

    Naturist organizations need to stop sheilding pervs in their ranks. Naturist men need to stop trying to turn it in to a sexual thing, and treat naturist women with more respect.
    There needs to be a more concerted effort to create nudity-OK parklands.
    There needs to be more education of the general public, many of whom fear and misunderstand us.
    The older bingo-playing nudists need to let younger nudists plan activities that attract younger people.

    • Mark Says:

      Christina I’m sure there are a few out there who do but there more I have found who don’t treat it as a sexual thing. I don’t at least. My club is a small one I have not seen much of a problem there. I think some women are as much to blame though for this problem though. I have seen them get drunk and do some very sexy things. I do agree that that kind of conduct should be kept out of the public but I have seen just as many ladies start the activity.

  8. Northern Nurse Says:

    First of all, let me clarify.
    I have been a nudist since I was 15 years old when my dad pointed out that there was a Nudist beach in Vancouver. (Wreck Beach). I am 43 now. The next week I jumped on my bike and went looking for this fabled place where adults took their clothes of in a social environment.
    The first thing that struck me other than I could buy a beer at 15 (LOL Score!) was that there was such a friendly atmosphere and a feeling of acceptance. Once the laundry was dropped there was no symbols of class or economic status. Every one was treated as a human being and was accepted as such.
    It is true today as it was back then.
    I have been to many CO and AN areas both in North America and in the Caribbean and the feeling of belonging and acceptance for who you are is prevailing! We have never encountered a more friendly bunch of people from a more broad spectrum of society than one will in a nude venue and honestly, you don’t know if you are talking to a world class chef, a fire fighter, a soldier, or an unemployed person unless they choose to share.
    Each person is taken at their skin value. All are accepted until they prove that they are someone who you choose not to socialize with.
    Acceptance is the key to Nudism. I will accept you as who you are and choose to enjoy the sun with you until you demonstrate through actions that I don’t want to hang out with you.

    Northern Nurse

  9. Rouslan Says:

    A lot of naturists themselves including naturist club owners (!) are unable to articulate why they enjoy to be together with other naturists.

    An emphasis is often done to demonstrate to the mainstream society that naturists are people like everybody else and do exactly the same things in their club as the textiles do in a camping: playing, resting, socializing, hiking or swimming.

    What’s the point then? why should one pay to do what they already do, just to be naked?” It is to believe that the naturists don’t say all the story. Actually, they do not.

    The main reason why naturists enjoy being in a naturist environment (i.e. with other like-minded people) is the freedom from irrational fears of everybody they get. While the textiles are always afraid of what other people may think about them when they see them (that often includes family members!), and spend a lot of energy, time and money to wear clothes, build walls or put shutters or curtains on the windows, confining themselves in the bathroom etc., the naturists got free of these irrational fears and started to trust each other even when they meet for the first time!

    This freedom is the main benefit of naturism.

    As you can see, getting rid of clothes is important to start with, because clothes are like a mental wall and a symbol of slavery, but once the mindset of freedom, trust and mutual care is put in place, the clothes or their absence play a secondary role and are not necessary to define naturism. I can be very much comfortable nude among clothed naturists or vice versa.

    The secondary benefits of naturism is health, economy and ecology. It is a good lesson to learn that to produce only one cotton T-shirt, 200,000 liters of clean water are wasted, including permanent damage to nature. Because of the millions of T-shirts produced and transported each year, the habitat of polar bear is shrinking. I do care about polar bear. I do care about all living creatures in the world. And I hate those who kill them or destroy them for profit.

    At this point naturism becomes Naturism, i.e. Philosophy of Life. Its principle is very simple: “respect yourself, respect others, respect nature”. It goes far beyond social nudity as some persist to believe. And of course it has nothing to do with exhbitionism+voyeurism as many textiles still believe.

    It would be nice if all the naturists understood this and started to be proud of their philosophy instead of hiding, talked about it around them, including in their professional life. Why shouldn’t be a good principle in your company: “respect yourself, respect others, respect nature”?

  10. Wikaniko Says:

    Naturism is being comfortable in ones own mind while being without clothes. Naturism is being in touch with nature, expressed by the way we live. I would like to see the naturist society take a more natural and holistic approach to naturism.

  11. Tim Higgs Says:

    I enjoy the physical sensation of the elements on my body and the liberation from societies labels.
    Naturism is the interaction of a group of people who share the above, don’t judge but do enjoy a fairly simple and honest lifestyle.
    I would like everyone who enjoys naturism to have the confidence to talk freely about their pleasure, to as many people as possible, create better understanding and more acceptance.

  12. Blaise F Egan Says:

    1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism?

    I like the complete honesty of it. This is me. This is what I look like without a suit or uniform, without adornment or indicators of rank.

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)

    Accepting the unclad human body as completely natural and normal. It is sad that so many people feel shame about their body and even sadder that powerful authorities continue to promote such psychically unhealthy attitudes.

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?

    We’re gentle, open-minded people in the main. That means vociferous campaigning does not come easily to us. However, our rights are being steadily eroded by the law (e.g. Section 5 of the Public Order Act), even as we are more accepted by our fellow citizens.

  13. Colin H Says:

    I think the best thing about naturism is the sense of freedom and wellbeing that it gives.

    For me naturism is about having the freedom to choose to wear nothing when it feels natural to do so. Such as when it is hot, when swimming or when clothes would just get in the way.

    I don’t like the term naturist society, as it seems to suggest that we are somehow outside of normal society. I think that is the thing I want to change most about naturism. All the naturists I know are very friendly and welcoming, and naturist society has a lot to commend it, but I would love for the division between naturist and everyone else to be stripped away. I know quite a few people who are happy to strip off for a swim, but who would never consider themselves naturists. I would love for naturism to become more normal. In Germany it is perfectly normal to strip off in a park to enjoy the sun. I would love to see that here. To see nudity as being something normal.

  14. chenjunyuan Says:

    1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism?
    –> Based on my answer to #2, I would have to say that although I shed my clothing whenever possible, I haven’t truly experienced naturism.

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)
    –> I think naturism is about being in the natural state (nude), in as much a natural environment as possible (e.g. forest, lake, beach)

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?
    –> I would like it to be accepted in my country, the Philippines. Our close-minded society is not mature enough to accept it, I believe. So people like me become closet nudists instead of true naturists. Luckily my wife accepted me as I am.

  15. Jason Ardron (@Jason_Ardron) Says:

    1. I enjoy now relaxed and free I feel naked. As a 16 year old I hated my body, but then I discovered naturism. I’m now 36 years young and thanks to naturism I have learned to like my body and to enjoy been naked.
    2. For me naturism is about stripping away all the meaninless stuff we surround our lives with and reconnecting to what really matters. Its about not judging people based on what they have but accepting them for who they are.
    3. I think naturists (me included) need to be more open about been naturists.

  16. med255 Says:

    1) freedom. And by that I mean from the masks that society makes us wear. Business suit at work; casual clothes when going out with friends; exercise gear when working out publicly, etc.

    2)I think it’s about a total lifestyle geared to healthy living and positive attitude

    3)I think somehow basic nudity needs to become more acceptable in society. Nudity does not always have to equal sex. And why society accepts violence in film and on tv but it so squeamish when it comes to the body in its most beautiful and natural state is beyond me

  17. Ted Bun Says:

    I enjoy the sensation of being dressed apropriately for hot weather and getting wet,
    Naturism is about being and allowing others to be dressed as they see fit at the time and the place, it is about respect for yourself, the environment and other people.
    There is no such thing as naturist society, naturism is a broad church and covers everything from the occasional skinny dipper through to the likes of Steve Gough and includes those who would never go naked but accept my definition of what naturism is about!
    People who subscribe to this philosophy need to be more open about it to “normalise” our behaviour. In 1960’s Britain very few people thought they knew a gay person, by comimg out they have brought out the fact that they are perfectly normal people with good productive lives not seeddy pervs.
    “My name is Ted I am a hetro sexual naturist” might be overkill but telling people where you are going for your holidays honestly is not such a big step.

    • Mark Iliff Says:

      Good point, Ted, about coming out as a naturist.

      My better half is braver at this than I am, but we’ve started telling people that we prefer to holiday with our kit off. The reaction is more often “I wish I were brave enough” than “how could you?”

    • Mark Iliff Says:

      And wouldn’t it be cool if more people in here posted under their real names!

      [reword of previous post]

  18. leera Says:

    Naturism for me is changing your perception of the world and the hobby we enjoy.The naked bike ride in London this year was great event of a balnced amount of both sexes but look on Flick and it looks like 80-90 present of the riders where slim young women no older than 40 which is the wrong way to portray the hobby. I attend 2 clubs in Kent one allows single men the other older one doesnt and that is the one that is slowly dying as it has failed to adopt to the modern world and one that young people would not want to join populated by people over 50 ! Also I understand that the ybn is doing a great job of promoting naturism but alot of members just see it as a fad while at uni and dont carry it on in the real world !

  19. James Murray Says:

    My reply is short and sweet. The good Lord made me naked so if it is good enough for him, who am I to argue.

  20. Hawai`i Naturist (@HawaiiNaturist) Says:

    1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism?

    I enjoy the liberty of being able to swim in the ocean and get some sun while fully nude.

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)

    Naturism is primarily about social interaction with like-minded people in a nude environment, although there is a place for solitary participation in nude activities for those that choose to do so. It is the non-judgmental acceptance of others for who they are.

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?

    It bothers me to watch those that advocate for “acceptance” openly discriminate against singles, especially single men. I respect the freedom of association for private organizations, but it sends a bad message. Also, while Naturism should be non-sexual, some hyper-purists go way overboard and get upset even when there is innocent hand-holding and kissing. Everyone needs to lighten up to attract younger nudists.

  21. Someguy Says:

    Actually most Naturists want you to know that Naturism has nothing to do with sex. It’s social nudity. It’s a love, and respect, for ourselves and the plant we live on.

    But it’s not about exhibitionism or sexuality in anyway.

  22. MSB Networking Says:

    What do I most enjoy about naturism? For me it is the sensuality of feeling my whole skin area exposed to the elements. Without shame. It is so wonderfully erotic in it’s own way.

    What do I think naturism is about? Apart from it just being about living nakedly it is nothing. People, self imposed authorities make it something else.

    What would I like to see change in a naturist society? People getting on their soapboxes and being almost evangelistic. It is what it is. Some people like it, some people don’t. Unfortunately society doesn’t allow us to live as freely as we want but that’s life.

  23. freewilluk Says:

    1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism ?
    The back to basics feel in both body and mind.The earthy basic instincts of human nature with all lifes problems stripped away !

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)
    Nothing else..the simpler the better

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?
    A coming together of all naturist and less division after all does it matter who is a true naturist ? as long as people get naked

  24. homeclothesfree Says:

    For me naturism means practicing a clothes free lifestyle whenever possible. I feel this is a liberating experience that bring us to a more natural state of being. It is not about getting naked or sexual activity.

  25. Martin Warrillow Says:

    What do I enjoy most about Naturism? The sense of liberation and freedom. There are certain circumstances in which I just don’t want to wear clothes (swimming, sunbathing, exercising, walking in the countryside, working in my office at home on a hot day, lounging at home, working in my garden – if I had one..) and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t want to shop nude in Asda, but I do want the right/opportunity to do all of the above – except the Asda bit…)

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)

    Naturism is great at showing people, especially young people, that there is no need to have hang-ups about their body-shape/size/image. There are six billion people on this planet with six billion different body shapes – be proud of yours.

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society? I would like to see more naturists be willing to talk about what they do without fear of the consequences from work/family/friends. As editor of BN magazine, it’s easy for me to do so and almost a job requirement. I know lots of people who wouldn’t/can’t dream of discussing naturism in public.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Martin thanks for your input. If possible could you post this on BN forum, I don’t have access. It would be good to get some feedback from BN members.

  26. Sumit Banerjee Says:

    For me, naturism is being close to nature “the natural way”. Though I am not practising it a lot but the most enjoyable part for me is to see a lot many more like me and the idea of being natural altogether beyond the boundaries of sex. Naturalism (if I am to term it that way) should be made legal in all counties across the world. Freedom is the change that should be brought about.

  27. pawanjot Says:

    What do you enjoy most about Naturism?
    It’s all about freedom for me. Free from anything that is no natural. Feeling all the elements of life on your body the way nature wants.

    What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)
    Yes – It is definitely NOT about sex. Though, in a meet up scenario, what happens afterwards between 2 consenting adult naturists is totally a different matter and individual choice. And i again say it – It’s all about freedom for me.

    What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?
    I guess it’s utmost important for any society to accept naturism as a way of life and a choice of lifestyle by individuals who want to be close to nature and be nude – whenever and wherever they want to be. Dedicated naturist spots or some forming some organized naturists societies / groups will surely help the cause – especially in countries like India where naturism is still confined to 4 walls of people wanting to go nude.

  28. Vegie Says:

    It is NOT about sexual satisfaction.
    It IS about comfort.
    Comfort in the dress sense why wear hot heavy clothes when not needed.
    why wear clothes to go swimming its like wearing clothes to shower/bath.
    It is about being comfortable with your own body and other body,s

  29. Abraham Says:

    1. I enjoy the part of just being naked, feeling the elements on my bare skin.

    2. Naturism to me is freedom, to be closer with nature by being naked.

    3. I would like to see changes in the society mostly on how they treat newcomers, they need to be more open to people because they often aren’t very open to other’s personalities and views often, sometimes discrimination.

  30. Rob Snow Says:

    1. For me it’s very tactile. When clothed, your sight and hearing are usually unhindered, but the sense of touch is mostly blocked. The feeling of the elements on your skin, the brush of foliage, the ground under your feet all add the enjoyment of the natural world.

    2. Naturism is the realisation that we are part of the natural word, and therefore the human body is a natural object. A naked person can be no more offensive than a tree or a rock.

    3. Not really sure, I think change is happening, just very slowly. A more modern outlook possibly would help, a lot of naturist clubs feel more like nostalgia clubs. Most modern naturists seem to strike out on their own and do their own thing.

  31. Rafael Says:

    1. What I enjoy the most is the feeling of freedom and comfort – not only in your body, but also in your mind.

    2. Naturism for me is changing your perception about yourself and the world that surrounds you. It’s about nudity, but not only. After you drop the “barrier” of clothes, you are submitted to a number of discoveries that will change the way you face your own life. It affects your mind, after you start dealing with things such as confidence and shame directly. And then you start seeing the world with different eyes. Of course each person has his/her own particularities, not everyone experience it the same way, but in the end, is about being open for these changes.

    3. From my little experience, the naturist society needs to be more active. Don’t wait for federations to do things. I see many “independent” initiatives around the world that make me hopeful about the future.

  32. scotty1111 Says:

    1. I think I like the freedom most, and the fact that nudists seem to be more genuine.
    2. Naturism is about being comfortable, with your body, with your surroundings, with your life in general.
    3. Does it really matter what “I” would like to see change in the naturist society?? Isn’t it a matter of personal choice, not what anyone else in the naturist society thinks/wants?

  33. Eric (@EPX82) Says:

    I think a lot of people way over-think this. In answer to the first too questions:

    1. It feels good to be nude.
    2. It’s about the freedom to enjoy being nude and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Which leads to the answer to the third question, split into two parts:

    3a. Stop saying naturism is about anything other than the above. It’s got nothing to do with environmentalism, getting back to nature, love, world peace, veganism, healthy living, or any of the myriad of other things I’ve seen various people claim it’s “about”. The only thing that all naturists have in common is they like being nude.

    3b. If our premise is that there’s nothing wrong with nudity and naturism is about having the freedom to enjoy being nude, then *act like it*. Stop hiding behind tall fences in private clubs. Stand up for ourselves against the prudes of the world. Stop being afraid of offending people. Stop acting ashamed of being a naturist.

    In summary, there are times that I feel the naturist community is more comfortable and active in promoting something like veganism than the acceptance of nudity. If there’s anything about the community that needs to change, it’s that.

  34. Darren Green Says: says it all for me…

  35. Chris Lusby Taylor Says:

    1. It feels great – liberating, if you will, and relaxing.
    2. It’s about being totally comfortable in your skin, to the point that you barely notice that you haven’t got anything on and don’t care who sees you. However, it’s also a social activity since it’s more enjoyable in the company of like-minded people and more relaxing if you are confident that you are not offending anyone.
    3. I’m not sure what the question means. Is it “What would you like to see as a change in naturism as practised in this country?” I’d like naturists to have the confidence to ‘come out’ and to spread the word. Most naturists hide away and are utterly secretive, with the result that non-naturists have no idea that it is, as we believe, a healthy and enjoyable activity suitable for all, including children.

    I am happy to be identified with these comments.
    Chris Lusby Taylor (CJLT on Flickr)

  36. Mark Iliff Says:

    1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism?
    > warm sun on my body

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)
    > (i) rejecting pointless dress codes & (ii) and stopping kids getting screwed up about their bodies

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?
    > [no comment – I don’t belong to the Naturist society]

  37. sean robertson Says:

    Its about having a relaxed state of mind. We, and especially young girls, have this “perfect” image drummed into us by the media, which causes distress to the 99.9% who do not have that image.
    By removing the false sexualisation of the body you begin to appreciate it for what it is. An amazing wonderful and unique creation.

  38. Guy Mountfort Says:

    Naturism is simply wisdom for me, and a sense of living life fully

  39. Rick Says:

    1. I think what I enjoy most about naturism is the comfort of being in my “natural” state.
    2. To me, naturism is about comfort, acceptance of yourself and others and the freedom to be who you really are.
    3. I’d like to see more emphasis on health and well-being within the naturist society at large.

  40. Stuart Says:

    1. There’s a sense of freedom that comes with shedding your clothes outdoors, a freedom that can’t be felt any other way. By yourself or with others, I find this to be the single most liberating experience I’ve ever felt, and it draws me back, time and time again.

    2. If I had to define naturism as something different to nudism, then it’d have to be the outdoors element, especially in wide open spaces and not confined to a landed club environment. Be it skinny dipping in rock pools or lying naked in a meadow, its that “back to nature” element. I don’t think naturism needs to be associated with other causes such as vegetarianism or environmentalism, its counterproductive and divisive.

    3. I’m not sure what you mean by naturist society, is this the general naturist society or the name of an organisation? I’ve no comment on any organisation, but for the naturist community generally, I’d say it needs to be more inclusive, especially age wise. That said, there are a lot of young naturists who seem to bypass the landed club environment and strike out into the wilds by themselves, something I think is a very good thing.

  41. joe Says:

    1 – a heightened sense of freedom
    2- seriously when ure nude outdoors, thats already a rush of excitement in me
    3 – that people in general wouldnt be so close minded abt it

  42. homeclothesfree Says:

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    Chime in what do you think?

  43. Mark cecil Says:

    What I enjoy is living as we are ment to live. I think nudism is about living a normal life. I think society puts to much shame on something that is more normal and natural then a clothed living. I would like to see it grow. I would like to see more parks and resorts excepted around the nation as being a normal and useful income base for there economics.

  44. Roy Snell Says:

    1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism?
    I enjoy the pure, freedom to be as natural as the day I was born. I enjoy the sense of freedom and the absence of the artificial masks which societies generally hide behind.

    2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above)
    For me naturism provides an honest, friendly and natural environment to completely relax and interact with others who also enjoy the clothes free lifestyle.

    3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?
    I would dearly like to see the naturist community become more acceptable by society in a similar way that the gay community has.

    My blog entitled ‘What is wrong with being naked?’ provides a general outline of my views on naturism and social nudity. View the blog at:

    PS. You are welcome to publish the above comments and my ID – as a naturist I have nothing to hide.

  45. John Cornish (@JTCornish) Says:

    As someone who has considered himself a naturist/nudist (I hate that term) for over a decade now but has kept it separate from the majority of people in his life, I’m finding that my answers to these questions have changed over the past few months as I’ve “un-closeted” myself.

    1) This is a simple yet complicated answer for me. Simple in the fact that I enjoy the feeling of not having clothes on. Whether it’s the feel of the wind, the water, the sun, or some other sensation on parts of my body that are usually covered up….it’s the pleasure in feeling the things we typically don’t. Complicated in the sense that it allows me to have a freedom from the confines of a conservative upbringing and sequestered country where nudity is involved. Looking back, I can remember wanting to be naked when I was as young as five years old, but my parents refusing to allow it. I remember asking every night for nearly a month straight if I could sleep naked and my parents balking at the thought. Now that I’m a parent I want to ensure that I don’t fall into similar patterns. My wife and I therefore allow our son to wear as little clothing as he wants around the house. Usually, he enjoys being “nakey-boy” and doesn’t even notice that daddy’s naked as well, which makes me happy. As an American though, I know that this type of behavior is frowned upon by the majority of people and I’ve personally struggled with the battle between what’s accepted by society versus who I am.

    2) I think naturism is about three basic things: the feeling it gives you, the freedom it personally gives you, and the idea that you are not governed by what is accepted in society. I touched on all these above, but one thing I will add is that I am not one who embraces the “earthly” aspects of naturism. I don’t do it to become one with Mother Earth, etc, etc, etc. I do it because the lack of clothing is something that has always appealed to me and I was forced to live otherwise for many years. I do not frown upon people who wish to experience naturism in the more earthly sense, it’s just not for me. That and I don’t get the whole “let’s let all our body hair grow” thing. Not…for…me. The last time I was at Haulover Beach in Florida I met a woman from Seattle that had shaved all her pubic hair off but didn’t shave her armpits. To this day I regret not asking her “Why?!”

    3) Changes is the naturist society……sigh……there’s honestly no right answer to this question. Obviously, the people involved in the society are more free with their bodies, the views, their acceptance of others, and their love of life. You can’t find fault with that unless they take it to the point of “hippie-ism.” However, I think there needs to be a bigger champion of who we are, what we enjoy, and where we can enjoy it in the midwest portion of the US. As much of the world already knows, the US is bi-polar. We’re run by rich white men with lots of money who are trying to force their views on everyone in and out of the country. Obviously, with the election last week having laws allowing gay marriage, legalization of pot, and Mitt R(money) losing the presidential election proves that there are rational, sane, and accepting people in this country. The problem is, there is a fraction of the acceptance and understanding needed to make naturism mainstream like we’d all like it to be. It’s easier along the coasts where there are beaches and resorts in more tropical locations and the idea of naturism/nudism is more visible. Unfortunately, in the midwest (i.e. The Bible Belt), our choices are few and far between. And when you do get the chance to be naked and try and enjoy it, the patrons are an oddball group that you have difficulty associating or communicating with. We need more actual resorts and places of the like that are more luxurious and have more attractive features. Our closest things are campgrounds with terrible upkeep or old hippie communes where you can go but wouldn’t want to stay. This is not likely to happen any time soon though as we lack adequate funding, resources, and representation.

    My name is John, I am a naturist/nudist, and I give permission to approve this message for publication. And please, be kind, this is my first time publishing something under my actual name and not “anonymous” or “unknown.”

  46. James (@JEGography) Says:

    What I enjoy is the comfort and freedom of being naked. It feels nicer (climate permitting) and is often more practical.

    What I think nudism is about is getting past ridiculous taboos society has amassed about our own bodies. I think nudism can be an important way for people to access their own being, physically at first, but then getting a better understanding of who they are once they have learnt to drop their self image concerns. I think this is especially important at the moment with the continued pressures of the beauty media, which so many people seem content to listen to, and as a result feel bad about themselves; when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Nudism at its best encourages diversity, and individuality, and encourages people not to be concerned about making themselves look like a homogeneous model of beauty.

    The biggest change I would like to see in the nudist community is for us to stop being so private and uptight. There is a curious irony that we have accepted there is nothing wrong about being naked, yet many nudists seem more paranoid about nudity than textiles! I try to normalise nudity in my life, to make sure it isn’t a taboo subject, to be completely open about the fact I am a nudist. I think if more did the same we’d be far less of a niche than we seem to be.

  47. naturalian Says:

    From nakedmike2(twitter) – The thing I enjoy most about naturism is the feeling of freedom, of being myself,unencumbered by the un-natural trappings(i.e., clothes) of society. the
    Naturism to me is enjoyment of being naturally human in nature,esp in the countryside without any sexual element but a sensual one!
    I would like to see naturism being brought into mainstream society, so that simple nakedness can be enjoyed and accepted in most public places without fear of being unlawful.

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