Edinburgh WNBR – Silly Law?

The email below is from the Edinburgh WNBR organiser,  Considering what is happening in London with the WNBR (see the other post) this action by the Scottish Police..

Hello everyone,

Once again, thank you for expressing interest in Edinburgh¹s 2010 World
Naked Bike Ride! It¹s all coming together pretty well with full go-ahead
from all the necessary authorities, so just fingers crossed for the

There are a few things I must mention to you all of the UTMOST importance,
however, so please take note and we look forward to seeing you all on

LOCATION AND ROUTE: Riders are to assemble on Middle Meadow Walk from
2.15pm. You will see the wnbr group flags and hopefully some brightly
coloured riders somewhere in the middle just off the path. We shall depart
at 3pm and make our way to the top of Holyrood park for a downhill ride,
coming back up (gradually, no big hills I promise!) through the new town and
then the old town, making our way back to Lauriston place and terminating
the ride in the Meadows once again. We do not have permission to hold an
Œevent¹ at the Meadows, we have permission only to disseminate, so I would
ask that upon dismount, riders dress as quickly as possible and then feel
free to picnic in the meadows or head off into town for drinks….there will
as such, however, be no Œpost-ride meeting¹ at the Meadows.

WHAT TO BRING/WEAR: We are aiming to have a few windbreaks set up as screens
for body-painting, but will be packing these up at about 2.45pm (as the ride
starts at 3pm) so anybody unable to come down early I would advise to
prepare at home, so just a simple de-robing is required upon arrival! The
police are going to be very stringent that we stick within the law in terms
of modesty, so PLEASE NOTE that absolutely no genitals must be exposed. Wear
as little as you feel comfortable with, but rather than risk jeopardising
the event for other riders keep to the law¹s requirements. It is important
that we get our green message across, especially in light of the recent oil
spills, and I think that Œone message at a time¹ is the approach here. If
this year¹s ride is successful, we can perhaps push the boundaries some
more! Bring a pannier or small bag to put clothes and a waterbottle in, and
any form of slim cane attachable to a bicycle would be useful as you can
then have one of the fantasic WNBR flags! You are welcome to bring camera
phones or cameras for your own memories of the event, but as always ask
permission of other riders before taking their photo! The police have also
asked me to inform you all that the Law in Scotland not only prohibits the
exposure of genitals in public, but that an offence may also be committed it
a member of the public takes offense. So, please bear this in mind when
choosing what to wear/not wear on the day. You will not face arrest, but you
will be asked to cover up if you are deemed to be inappropriate, so I would
advise riders planning on being especially risque to prepare for this in
terms of what you take with you on the ride (ie. bring a pair of swim trunks
to put on if you get collared about wearing just bodypaint, etc etc)

Hope the above makes sense and doesn¹t put anybody off. This is an important
cause and will be great fun and send a strong message the more participants
involved. Hopefully we can build on the success of this year¹s ride in years
to come and make it into a huge event.

12 Responses to “Edinburgh WNBR – Silly Law?”

  1. how to seduce anygirl Says:

    this is my first time of visiting your site. with such a great post i will surely comeback hopefully you will not disappoint :

  2. sandy_beach_cat Says:

    The law on sex crimes in Scotland has now changed (as of today.) It ought to be more in line with Englands. However it remains to be seen what exactly will happen next wnbr. see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-11885686
    I wonder what this might mean for Steve Gough? Next time he walks out of nick naked, does he get to go on his way?

    • Colin Hough Says:

      that’s interesting. thanks for posting the link. I don’t think it will do anything to help Steve Gough though. If anything, the new statutes against flashing will work against him.

      • sandy_beach_cat Says:

        As long as it’s “non sexual nudity” he ought (in theory) to be OK.
        This doesn’t mean he won’t get nicked under a different law of course!

  3. mike Says:

    Yes I also took part in WNBR London and Bristol. Lots of Full nudity -male and female at both – and the response from the general public was 99% positive. People were amused, but not offended.

  4. mike Says:

    Scotland does seem to have prudish anti-nudity laws compared to England and Wales. Stephen Gough th eNaked Rambler mad eit all the way through England and Wales, even with some help from the boys in blue at times. He only came to grief in Scotland, where the poor guy is still in prison.

    Apparently the state of being naked in public in Scotland is a ‘breach of the peace’.

  5. Brian Taylor - British Naturism Says:

    This is an example of why Scotland’s teenage pregnancy rate is higher than England’s. The trend extends either side of these two points – The US rate is even higher and they are even more prudish; the Danish, German and many other European nation’s rates are MUCH lower and guess what? They have no problem with “exposing genitals” for events such as this or indeed in Saunas, naked sunbathing in city parks on a sunny day, etc.

  6. Ian Says:

    How ridicolous! I took part in the London naked bike ride in June and a great time was had by all…..and yes the vast majority of us were stark naked….and there were NO police in attendance either.

    I can only imagine that somebody ( with a self inflated opinion of themselves ) decided to complain and thus “protect” the general public from such a horrific sight as naked people having some fun and protesting at the same time

  7. vlad Says:

    We are in Ukraine on such can only dream. Good luck!

  8. ericbrighteyes Says:

    I wish if could be there…

  9. Rodney Says:

    Good luck and thank you for the e-mail.

    I saw the dates and times on the BN Mag. page9.

    Your info I’m sure is very helpful and reassuring.

    I’m off to Croatia, and have Skinbook Brighton in July on my calender.

  10. stefan Says:

    Am so happy I will be in London on Saturday and not Edinburgh doing the Edinburgh WNBR .

    It will be my 4th London WNBR

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