London WNBR

I am going to take part on the London WNBR this year, it is on the 12th June and it will be my very first WNBR.

I am posting this to help the interested people understand a little about the ride and why there will be no police presence.

I am actually very excited by the fact that London is grown up enough to host a WNBR without the need for a police presence. I hope it all goes well and everyone has a good day.  The ride starts in Hyde park and ends near Towers of London, going through various parts of London, it is my understanding that the ride will be around 9 miles long and take 2-3 hours.

I have copied the latest email from the ride organisers below because not everyone has access to the WNBR Wiki site or the Yahoo Group.  Hope it helps.

Subject: Re: [wnbr-uk] Re: Stewards for London needed urgently. Please volunteer if you can!

I think that on the day that the World Cup game between the England and the USA, there are more risks of serious disorder in London than in many other cities. I think that this probably played a role. Basically, the London police said it wasn’t an easy decision to reach, but they didn’t have enough budget to attend all public events (as in previous years). As we’ve had a fairly incident free 5 years of cycling on the roads, they felt that we’d be fine on the roads and advised us to dial 999 if an incident arose. There are police all over London, so they’ll be able to reach the ride in no time at all. You are lucky to have police attending the ride, but that has been the custom until this year. The police didn’t attend the London ride in 2005, on the same basis as this year. Prioritising other events for police coverage.

The mood of the WNBR is so positive and optimistic, that I think there is very low risk of incident. In the 6 years that I’ve known the ride, we’ve
had reports of only one attempted assault, and one attempted grope, and a few drunken spectators threw beer on riders in the 2006 ride (which
coincided with a major World Cup game). People should take care not to expose themselves to risk – specifically avoid passing too close to
spectators spilling out of sports pubs. Our stewards will do their best to help ensure safety of riders, but participants should help each other avoid wandering into oncomming traffic, or riding in a risky manner. All bike passengers should be seated and/or secured such that they are not in danger of coming off the bike.

22 Responses to “London WNBR”

  1. Photopolitan Says:

    Hi LadyGod1va.
    So what time are you going to be there and where?

  2. Photopolitan Says:

    So when is the Nude Bike ride taking place,this year.
    June 10th or 12th?
    And what time does it begin and what part of London?

  3. Graham Says:

    Ladygod1va on ITN News

  4. patrick mcnulty Says:

    i was at the WNBR last year and thought it was an excellent event but i was only watching sorry now i didn’t take part in it i might give it a go some time. i was on holidays 2 years ago and i fond a nude beach it took me a wile but i finally took my clothes off and there i was nude on a beach full of people and i’m hooked on nudity since, don’t get to go nude very often but i love the idea of it the felling is the best can’t wait to be nude again.

  5. Naresh (@neopeo) Says:

    I went to this 2 years ago. It was absolutely brilliant!! (as a viewer not a participant).

    As I waited in Trafalgar Square, there was no indication that thousands of naked bikers were about to speed through.

    I looked around at the general audience and i don’t think many were aware of what was to come. There families, kids, as there always is at Trafalgar Sq.

    Then, all of a sudden a few police vans/cars come up and block a few roads, and minutes later cyclists sped past. It was an unbelievable amount of people. Everyone in such good spirits. It was particularly pleasing to see the majority of them smiling and enjoying themselves.

    Some of the body paint was incredible!!

    Here is a blog post i wrote at the time:

    I’m sad i’ll be missing it this year as i’m away on holiday on the 11th. Have fun!!

  6. Michael Says:

    This Summer I participated in the third annual St. Louis WNBR. We aren’t as big as the London event and we need to hold ours after dark…the folks of our town are a bit more sensitive to such a “display”. However, the world changes and we too (St. Louis) are growing up.

    The London event looks like great fun and I’m looking forward to next year’s St. Louis event.

    Have fun.

  7. Jon Knight Says:

    Hi Lady Godiva

    I was at the London WNBR as well. Going through my pics, I found this one of you. It’s posted on my flickr page. Hope you like it.
    Sorry I forgot to add the link

  8. Jon Knight Says:

    Hi Lady Godiva

    I was at the London WNBR as well. Going through my pics, I found this one of you. It’s posted on my flickr page. Hope you like it.

  9. John Says:

    I did the Brighton WNBR for the first time this year and really enjoyed it. The police did a good job of controlling traffic to allow us to keep moving for most of the time. 99.9% of the people lining the streets, and at the two stopping points along the way, seemed happy to see us. The ride finished up at the naturist beach so most people had a swim, and there was no need to dress again until you left that area.


  10. Carlisle Says:

    Hi Lady God1va,

    Congratulations to you on doing the WNBR. You looked like you had a lot of fun. You’re a bold, brave, beautiful woman.


  11. Graham Says:

    Here is the Brighton link again they removed the first clip as i added some music which Dailymotion considered may infringe ccopyrights so i had to remove the music which means some of the film now has no sound.

    Next i would like to say a big thank you to those who organised the rides and also the Stewards who did a great job.

    I did Southampton on the Friday evening a great bunch of people very friendly well organised and policed, also a big thankyou to the young lady who painted a slogan on me.

    Saturday morning i boarded the train with my bike which i strapped to another that was allready in the cycle rack, i then got chatting to a young lady who owned the other bike who hails from the U.S. and is studying here in the U.K. a little while into our conversation i thought i would reveal as to where i was heading for the day so i reached in my bag and handed her a flyer for the ride, now thinking i could well get a look of shock, horror or a gasp but no none of those she simply said gee is that today i wished i had known earlier, it turns out that she has taken part in the Seattle naked rides back in the U.S. but had allready arranged to meet friends somewhere else in London but said she would try to join the ride en route, wether she did or not i wouldnt know.

    Whilst still on the train i recieved a call from Will Golden giving directions to the secret body painting area in Hyde Park, now i know the park fairly well and spent some time sweeping the park on my bike but to no avail i just could not locate the body painting area, well it was a secret,

    Anyway i retired to the main assembly area by which time large numbers of people were gathering, a kind person offered to paint a slogan on me and many thanks to them, the ride eventually gets underway and after riding through the gauntlet i could see daylight and the park exit when suddenly a WPC dashes in front of me with her arms outstretched shouting stop, now i thought to myself i know im naked but so are a 1000+ other people so why pick on me… it turns out that the Cavalry were about to pass through and they dont intermingle to well with naked cyclist, this of course split the ride in two before we had even got out of the park with those at the front allready heading along Piccadilly, once out of the park i went into top gear and managed to catch up with the front part of the ride.

    Now this is not a criticism of the Stewards who i believe did a fantastic job but merely an obseration, in previous rides the police held the ride for a sustained period along Piccadily to allow the ride to catch up as it takes some time for all of the riders to leave the park, we did make stops along this stretch but only short ones and i thought at the time the ride is getting well stretched as large gaps were allready apparent which hasnt happened before [merely an observation]

    Anyway on we went crossing over the River and then coming back over the bridge i spotted LadyG with her partner so i went over and said hello, we than rode along together for a while chatting and parted somewhere in the City by which time the ride had become very stretched and you felt quite isolated at times and detached from other riders, a group of riders took the wrong route with a Steward frantically shouting at them but to no avail.

    We crossed the river for the third time with cyclist having to weave in and out of the traffic, and what about those two young girls on the tandem who said they had only hired it for the day and had never ridden one before lol.. anyway they got round safely, coming back over Tower Bridge the traffic was heavy and with the pavement full with tourist and onlookers it became very difficult to ride with a lot of riders opting to push their bikes, once over the bridge the finish was within sight and it wasnt long before the papparazzi were there and the two girls on the tandem arrived and were swamped by photographers but they didnt seem to mind and were great sports.

    The poor old Stewards even then couldnt relax as the finish was at the exit to the coach park and with coaches trying to exit they had to clear a pathway for them, they worked hard.

    Anyway i would like to say a big thanks to the organisers and stewards for all of their hard work and making the ride a success and to all of the other riders for making it a great day, and the two girls on the tandem well they were just wicked…

    And of course a big thanks to the organisers of the Brighton ride, another great day well organised with plenty of sunshine and entertainment on the beach after the ride, the perfect end to a perfect weekend, thanks to you all…

  12. Graham Says:

    LadyG, did i mention Brighton to you, what a great day you missed, but London was also great

  13. Dariusz Says:

    Hi Lady G,

    I’ve had the chance to quickly say hi at the nude bike ride finish and asked you if I could take a photo. I think you looked great and happy to be there. Sorry I didn’t have too much time to chat, but had to rush back home over many many kilometers, to battersea.

    I find you blog refreshing and naturism has always been with me. Call if Freudian, but I recently saw some photos from when I was about 3-5 years of age and guess what? I was naked on the beach.. haha. must have stopped for a while, until I rediscovered the natural freedom years later.. But I hope you had fun; I know I did. Hope to see your video up soon.

    Here are a couple of photos of you

    World Nude Bike Ride London 2010 - Kiran aka LadyGod1va
    World Nude Bike Ride London 2010 -Kiran aka LadyGod1va

    And my link will take you to the whole set of photos..
    It was my fourth year in the race!

    Take care,

  14. ladygod1va Says:

    Thank you to everyone for the kind comments. It was an excellent experience and I lookforward to next year. Ref Photos, please treat all photos as if they were of your family members and not publish them on the web. I would be delighted to receive full size copies and if they can help to promote something I will publish them after adding the tracking code Digimarc which helps me to know where they are being published. My aim as always i to promote a healthy attitude towards nudity and these type of events give us all a great hope that things are moving in the right direction at least here in ENGLAND.

  15. Jake Says:

    Hi Lady G

    I saw you at the end of the race in your fantastic black dress. I thought you looked so wonderful, and I was so captivated by you, that I took numerous photos. I hope this was was OK.

    I thought I recognised you and then remembered the doco on the 4th blinth last year, but I was too shy to say hello (not too shy to ride naked throughout London, but too shy to say hello!!)

    I’m more than happy to send pics or post your site of you in that fantastic black dress

    Take care and all the best


  16. Graham Says:

    It was nice to meet you LadyG at the bike ride, you looked very cool wearing your designer sunglasses and riding your shiny new bike, pity you couldnt make Brighton on the Sunday which was another great event, maybe next year, all the best Graham.

  17. Patrick Says:

    Good to see you at the start – you were next to us pushing through the gaggle of photographers in Hyde Park. The rest of the ride was a blur even though 9.5miles!

  18. Matt Says:

    Excellent. Hope it was fun and safe.

    This year I went down to Brighton – much nicer vibe I thought, compared to the two Londons that I’ve been on. Quite a few cops (helpful to manage traffic) and generally a great atmosphere. And besides, where’s the beach in London?

  19. Colin Hough Says:

    The lack of Police coverage does seem to indicate that the police don’t see a naked protest as a likely source of trouble, which implies a belief that Londoners don’t object to nudity.
    I hope the WNBR goes well. I regret I had made other plans for this weekend and will be unable to join you all.

  20. stefan Says:

    I hope to see you there. it will be my 4th London naked bike ride. the 6 of as going there from Northampton. it all good fun

  21. A Lee Says:

    Good luck then on the WNBR Lady G 🙂 Its great to see that London has matured to host the Bike Ride with no cops around, perfect for the freedom.

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