Strange Human Behaviour

First of all I’d like to say that same as most normal girls, I love my shopping and although I love being in the nude, I also love to dress up.  Whilst being in the nude gives me a lot of confidence and comfort with feeling of being natural and free.  Dressing up also makes me feel special and good because you have to look good to get the respect and good response/service from the fellow humans.  What I mean is that whenever we see someone dressed in less than normal we tend to view them with less respect and whenever we see someone dressed particularly good we tend to give them more respect than they may deserve.  This is unquestionable, for example, when I’m in town in scruffy clothes, or go to a restaurant looking less than my best, the responses are very damp if not ignored altogether..  on the other hand.. if I dress to make myself feel good, not only do I feel good but it also has the benefit of receiving the respect, admiration and good service from others.  This obviously changes in a naturist environment only to the point where the ‘dressing up’ is done with the body and behaviour rather than cloths.  Although I don’t agree with this attitude, it is nevertheless something that happens, what I mean is that when a  young naked beautiful girl/boy is seen walking naturally and free on a nudist beach, they  get a lot more smiles and admiration than overweight, maybe not so attractive same age/sex people who may have passed the point of caring about their bodies.   My point is that everyone dresses up but in a different way.  So dressing up in clothing is just as important to naturists as it is for anyone else.  I hope you agree with the above, because it is just a long excuse for  shopping for clothes!

Anyway today, we went to get some stuff and ended up being lured into clothing shops ask any girl it is quite normal.

My partner saw some really attractive designer clothes (I won’t mention the names as it is going to be taken as showing off or getting me into trouble), and a couple of dresses where very attractive, in that they were made with very soft fine cotton like material and quite see through.  I like those kind of clothes because it allow me to go to most clothing places that I like to go to feeling naked and yet remaining within the law.  I know some of my friends have said only girls can do that, men would still be arrested.. true but a girl has to have some advantages.. guys can go topless without too much fuss so some things get evened out one way or another…

These dresses were in a large departmental store but under the designer outlet.  They were quite expensive, over £200 which puts them out of reach of casual shoppers but obviously still within the price bracket for those shopping in the store.

What I want to talk about is that.. when a store stocks items like that, as if they were just off the catwalk and displays with pride and cause temptation, what happens when the customers actually show interest.

This has happened to me many times, but it is only today that I feel the need to write and share this with you. 

I picked up the dresses and took them into the dressing room to try on.  Most stores have the rule that men are not allowed into the female dressing room.  If a female is going to spend a large sum on  a dress, she wants the confirmation from her partner that she looks good in it.  So she has no option but to dress up and come out to parade in front of her partner and of course indirectly, rest of the shoppers..  You see this all the time in the shopping centres.. girls trying on just normal clothes but still being very conscious of coming out of the changing rooms to show their partner/family and gain the necessary thumbs up!!  I have never understood why most girls act so under confident when they do this. It is not as if they are showing anything more than they would be if they purchase the item and wear it shopping the next day!

I always come out without any concern or shame because unless it is underwear, the garment is going to be worn in public so why should I be ashamed of showing it in public?? 

The designer dresses I was trying on were sure enough for parties/going out, but that means being seen in public so I put one on and came out to show.  The dress is lovely, soft, skin coloured, down to the calf and the designed is such a way that underwear would not suit.

Although you could not clearly see my body in total as you would if I was nude, it was clear that I had no underwear and my whole body was clearly visible in the same way as you see the models on the catwalk with these type of dresses. It has a little gathering in the right place to keep onlookers guessing,  the dress looked fantastic.  It made me feel good. But the shop assistant looked at me and I could see the horror in her eyes, thinking please don’t come out of the cubicles.. she didn’t say anything, but looked around for support from other staff members and went over to discuss whilst I showed the dress to my partner.  There were one or two shoppers who looked but then walked on.  But the attention I was getting from the shop assistant was quite off-putting.    They were uncertain as to what they should do or say.. the best thing that happened was that they said nothing… because I know what would have happened and they would not have made the sale..

As it was, I tried the second dress on, which is not see through but so short that some people would call it a bra!  Well by then, the assistants seemed actually relieved, at least my body didn’t appear naked from head to toe!!

I went to pay for the dresses and reaching for my credit card I asked the Till girl, was there any problem with me trying on my dresses as your staff seemed little concerned.. of course she said no no  .. no.. no problem Madam! I guess by that time she was probably thinking that hitting my credit card with the large sum for only 2 dresses was enough punishment for me!

As I said before, this is not the first time and it won’t be the last that I get this type of reaction from people who depend on selling the goods for their employment and yet they seemed little shocked when they see people enjoying their products.  The stores should either improve on staff training or provide better dressing rooms.

It has happened to me even in larger stores and in the case of Harrods, it started with the door man not allowing me into the store one summer’s day when I was wearing a pair of shorts and a short top.  Said it was against the company rules!!  After putting a T-Shirt on and being allowed in, I spend the next 2 hour trying on some very attractive/sexy summer party dresses that made the shoppers stop and look each time I came out of the dressing cubicle!!  So I guess being almost nude in front of staff and shoppers is not against the company rules because the price of each dresses being more than the average monthly staff salary! 

So what have I gained.. I look at it this way.. My wish for people to gain better acceptance of bodies and nudity made some progress today.. if nothing else, the shop assistance were taken beyond their comfort zone and they will now be less shocked if anyone else wants to try on similar dresses.  It might even have changed something in their minds for long term affect.

Same as in this example, IF those with confidence in their beliefs of naturism or IF they support what I explained above, were to behave in similar way, not only when shopping but in general,  I feel it would help to move society in the right direction, where more and more people are exposed to behaviour that is mature and accepting our bodies and some form of nudity as natural.

This may very well be an impossible task, but the little that we all do towards it can only help and I feel that things are changing for the better slowly but surely.

I welcome your comments and share your experiences if you wish.

17 Responses to “Strange Human Behaviour”

  1. NudistWithGuitar Says:

    My friend V (while not a nudist or an exhibitionist) wears a lot of black lace see-thru tops, and often asks my opinion when she comes out of the dressing room… and I’m not even her boyfriend. (She also does modeling, but she says that she isn’t yet comfortable with nude modeling. Where was I?) So anyway, she is obviously comfortable enough to show a platonic male friend her see-thru tops in public. What a remarkable woman. We need more like you and her, God1va.

  2. Naresh (@neopeo) Says:

    Fantastic blog. I’ve been positively surprised. I saw half of your video on the plinth before reading the blog and, to be honest, i don’t think you did yourself justice up there and your point didn’t come across very well. You did have a difficult time slot though, along with the people around at that time.

    After viewing it, i didn’t expect much from the blog, but you have communicated your way of life very well on here and i’ve enjoyed reading it.

    People like you are needed in the world to provide a sense of perspective on our beliefs on nudity and sex and challenge existing perceptions. Slowly, over a long period of time, we’ll progress our outdated beliefs.

    As my name suggests, i’m indian too, living in London and come from a very conservative right wing section (hindu gujarati). Relatives of mine don’t even believe it’s okay for females to drink/smoke. Luckily my direct family are far more liberal.

    I agree with your view on nudity although i wouldn’t go to your level of commitment (I have my own battles I’d like to fight for. Mainly with questioning various beliefs/attitudes among my local community).

    Some questions i have…
    1) Are your beliefs about other areas of life/society similar to your view on nudity? Things like health, diet, death, etc.

    2) What are your general religious or spiritual beliefs?

  3. Ken Says:

    I think you are missing the point. Some people are not used to seeing people nude and find it offensive for whatever reason. A store cashier is not the face of an entire franchise. Nudism is a lifestyle choice, not practiced by everyone. I have chosen to embrace the nudist lifestyle and most of my friends I surround myself with not only accept it and understand it, but practice it themselves. I think a lot of the responses are just horny dudes agreeing with a pretty girl because they think that maybe she will select their post and instantly fall in love with that person. Typical sheep behavior, but nevertheless I think the issue we have is like the gay lifestyle, we want everyone to accept or lifestyle choice. It’s not going to happen. Get over it. Enjoy going to the private clubs and the beaches that allow nudism, but the more you try to force it, the more push back you are going to get.

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Ken thank you for your comments and I am fully aware that a large number of naturists share your views regarding not pushing anything and living within the peace of quiet of managed naturists sites.
      However this post is not about that, the point of this post was simply to comment and provoke a thought about how we humans have been conditioned to accept certain things in certain places and by certain people.
      I mentioned a couple of incidents where the staff’s behaviour did not reflect what might be required in terms of what they were employed to sell. My attitude when buying clothes is to try them on and show them to whoever is with me, this is quite normal but when your companion is male, they are not allowed to enter the female changing rooms, so you have to come out. It is not as if I was trying do that with something outrageous. A simple designer dress that was attractive and maybe revealed a little more than what you may do when shopping. However if you follow my blog on facebook or skinbook you will understand that when I wore that dress at a night club, it was not seen as out of place or anything that I should not wear. So the point again was that why are we so conditioned that we can accept a topless girl at the beach but not at a local park? It is the same person being watched by the same people but location is different, this is what I find strange. I know why it happens, but I don’t think it’s natural. Different societies around the world have different views, some accept it (like Germany etc) and some don’t (like USA, UK), who is right??
      Also ref your comment on Gays, I don’t know what the situation is like in VA but if you go to London West End, you would notice that there are large number of Gay’s pubs/clubs and hundreds of Gay people enjoy their lives in the open without hindrance. Some dress wilder than girls!! That didn’t happen because Gays accepted what society thought they should do, i.e. hide their sexuality from Public and be banned from most places of work.
      Pushing the naturist issue has caused me some problems with the family but my life in general has been improved great deal. I work with some very senior people and some client staff are down to earth type of people who share the general views that nudity is naughty. When my nude file was being shown on the SkyArts TV about 4-8 times a week, it was inevitable that they would get to see it. The word got round and a lot of people talked behind closed doors. However I was backed by my partner who told the clients that it is something that we believe in and there is nothing that I have done that anyone should be concerned about. There was a short period of formal politeness but after couple of months everything is back to normal and I enjoy their company probably even better now than before. I could go on.. but the point is that it is up to the individual, if you feel that you are your life is full as a club naturist and you need nothing more, than that is fine, however there are many more naturists who share my view that there is nothing wrong with nudity and we should enjoy our life style whilst maintain a cordial existence amongst the society we live in, but that does not mean giving in to every wish of the society. Everyone fights for their freedom to be who they believe they are and this is no different.
      Please keep in touch and share your life style with us.

    • Logan Says:

      It was less than 100 years ago that men’s swim wear included a top, and was taboo for men to be shirtless anywhere. A small group of men began to go shirtless at swims, and eventually elsewhere, and now shirtless is very common for men and no one thinks twice about it in public. Views CAN change, but it will never change if no one “pushes the envelope”. I for one am not satisfied to be relegated to private expensive resorts and a few beaches 1,000 miles away from where I live. I’m not asking for the “right” to walk down main street totally nude (though it technically should be a right), but rather at least can we get the general public attitudes to lighten up a bit? Maybe at least public lakes, coastal beaches, and leisure center swim pools be clothing optional. In the USA, a few decades ago the YMCA centers were nude mandatory because lint from cotton swim trunks clogged the filters.

    • Rafael Says:

      Ken, the point is not trying to convert the cashier or any employee from the store to a nudist lifestyle. As I wrote on my other comment, it’s all about tolerance. You don’t have to be a naturist to respect naturism.

      If only most people saw nudity with a positive behavior, things would be much better.

      • Milessioo Says:

        LadyG it’s an interesting situation.
        I think that the cashiers probably didn’t actually object to what you did, but surprised due to most other women customers in the store not having the same (sensible and logical) attitude as you when trying on clothes.
        I think gradually over time more women in the UK are having a more relaxed/sensible attitude to underwear i.e. not wearing it as clothing or their bodies allow. I also think that they would not think of themselves as being anything other than normal. If more people have a healthy & relaxed approach to nudity like you, then more will join (even if not completely naked in public). They may not feel the need to do anything organised, but why should they?

        Does one have to be labelled a ‘nudist/naturist’ if one simply doesn’t feel the need to wear clothes all the time? Especially when naturists can be seen as weird or exhibitionists, having a confrontational attitude.

  4. Colin Hough Says:

    Interesting story.
    What seems odd is that it seems that shops are willing to sell clothes which the owners and staff would not approve of people wearing. It is that two-faced which I find irritating.
    If Harrods, for example, are unwilling to allow a woman to wear a crop-top in the store because they consider it indecent, why do they sell dresses which are considerably more revealing? It seems as though the people who sell you the dress then regard you as some sort of shameless exhibitionist for buying it.

    I think the trouble is that we, as a society, have judged people by what they wear for thousands of years. One reason people might feel awkward around nudists is that they are unable to make judgements about the sort of person they are. However, a woman wearing a very revealing outfit will immediately tend to be labled as being a promiscuous tart, a whore, a slut and god knows what else.
    It is all a product of people’s stupidity and the fact that people have a tendency to try to pigeon-hole everyone they meet into a convenient category, until such time as they get to know them individually.

    Your earlier point about naked people “dressing up” in different ways is an interesting one. I think that the attractive or fit people are admired for their physique (whether in a lustful way or not). A large part of dressing up is intended to elicit admiration either of your looks, your taste in clothing, your wealth, your awareness of the latest trends or your boldness etc.
    Therefore I would only think that naked people “dress up” if they pay particular attention to their body in order to elicit a response.

    • RalphVa Says:

      Interesting store employee behavior.

      I maintain trails across 2 or 3 neighbors’ properties. When I created these, they were deer paths through the weeds, and the properties had no children in the houses. I’d maintain and hike them nude.

      Somewhere along the line, my wife decided to hike them with me, and she wants me clothed for her and the kids that now live in 2 of the houses. So, I had a sewing shop make copies of my Venezuelan Guayuco made but without the flaps (my wife’s arthritic fingers don’t allow her to do much fine work like this any more). My wife calls it my diaper. I like them because I can put my boots on and then tie or velcro the sides and go hiking. Then off with the suit soon as I’m into the door upon return, sometimes cheating a bit in coming up the hill.

      I’ve thought about maybe replacing these with the bottoms of female bikinis (no male ones available at stores). Wonder what a stir I would make in trying some of the bottoms on? I wouldn’t need to come out parading in them. Men generally don’t do that, although I have in trying on some other stuff when I went with my wife or daughter.

  5. Reg Barlow Says:

    Good story Lady G. It put me in mind of two incidents that have happened to me that may have a baring – or not. The first happened way back in the dark ages, when I was in central London (reason forgotten) and as I walked passed a young lady I realised that she was wear a string vest and no bra or anything else for that matter, underneath. Of course my eyes were drawn towards the spectacle but I kept on walking.
    The other incident happened when I was at college and one of my friends and fellow student was about to get married. The dress she chose was very tight and the shop assistant suggested that she didn’t wear any underwear. Now my friend was of good Caribbean stock and this was not normal behaviour so she sought advice from our fellow students in class (it was a small class and the tutor also joined in). I zoned out. I was the only guy in the class and having left my ‘fashion gene’ in the womb, I didn’t think I had a contribution to make. But she was still agonising over what to do a few days later so I chipped in with: ‘Try the dress on with and without knickers then make up your mind what you’re going to do. Then don’t tell anyone what you decide.’ Don’t know if she followed my advice, but the wedding was great.
    Neither incident has anything to do with social nudity of course but I think they follow on quite nicely.
    Have to agree with Paul Rapport that not many people will see the act of buying clothes as a lesson in being nude, so we’ve all learnt something there.
    Well done.

  6. Abe Says:

    Funny you should mention this subject as I just came back from a big shopping trip with 2 friends of mine. Most girls won’t find coming out to show what they wore from the dressing room as a lesson or teaching in nudity, but they are shy when it comes to flaunting and showing the new clothes on. Its like a brought on shame of showing something new. Not sure how I can describe it though. But once again, this has been an interesting view on Human Behaviour, just shows how complicated the human mind is, and how interesting.

  7. Paul Rapoport Says:

    A fascinating story, Lady G, because most people don’t think of clothing as useful in teaching lessons about nudity. Certainly not in this way with these sorts of clothing. True, some celebs wear see-through or similar clothes from time to time, but you never get to hear their take on what they’re doing.

    I’m not familiar with dresses that suggest wearing no underwear; but bravo on your confidence, which I’ve always felt a major component of any lessons about the body and which many people simply either do not have or put away in order to adopt apologetic positions when they shouldn’t.

  8. Rodders Says:

    Men do not have the problem of trying on clothes in shops and having people stare or look, so my experience in this field is none, yet it is natural to look at something which attracts a persons attention, it does not have to be a pretty lady in an attractive dress or clothes, pictures, photographic views, etc can all be appealing or cathch the naked eye but not necessarly everyones cup of tea.

  9. Rafael Says:

    Well, I would not call it acceptance, but maybe tolerance. Anyway, these small victories are important too – it’s not like we’re trying to “convert” everybody to naturism, but just gaining the respect and understading would be perfect.

    Unfotunately, many examples of intolerance gained the news here from time to time: the worst one was when a woman, wearing a small dress inside her faculty, was verbally (and almost physically) attacked by other students, that gathered in a big crowd and started chasing her in the corridors shouting things like “whore” and worse. She had to lock herself in a class and only was able to leave the buliding escorted by police. (if you want, I can send to you some links about this incident)

    This all happened because of a simple dress. Many specialists have tried to explain how this collective demonstration of intolerance, but what shocks me is not how it happened, but why things like this happens nowadays.

    That sure makes me afraid of how people here would react with some public nudity exposition…anyway, it’s good to have people like you that are not afraid of showing your thoughts and beliefs.

    • Logan Says:

      Rafael, I had not heard of that news story before. In a way it reminds me of another news story of a woman being kicked off an airplane, attendants saying her dress did not meet a code or something. She sued the airliner company and won, but the airline still did not apologize to her. There were pictures of her in the dress in question, and it was no where near as revealing as some I’ve seen in every-day life, even in church.

      And to Lady Godiva’s post… yes how strange the store workers were suprised that soneone would actually wear their products. If they have a problem with it, then why do they have it on the rack for sale?

      • Rafael Says:

        Incidents involving dress codes are probably more common than we think.

        But what bothers me are these rough reactions some people have. Respect comes in first place. Many of these situations could have been resolved with a little talk.

        Being disrespected because of what you’re (not) wearing is ridiculous.

      • Thomas Says:

        The interesting thing about the woman on Southwest Airlines who was tossed because of outfit is that Airline has no published dress code for the woman to violate. The stewardess was just acting as a “Moral guardian” on her own

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