Steve Gough – The Naked Rambler

Having read about this in the papers… I was in the process of learning about this case before deciding whether there was any possible way that I and other naturists could assist Steve.

Please leave a comment below or email me at if you wish to assist or be kept informed.

However someone else started a discussion on Skinbook which seems to have taken an odd direction for a naturist site, so I’ve drafted a quick response with the details which as far as I know are correct.  I am sure even with the details given here, it is not enough to fully understand the case, but then again I don’t think everyone has enough time to read and understand everything.. it has taken me a number of days to catch up with all the information obtained in the last few days. So.. this is a health warning for anyone wishing to comment on Steve Gough’s resolve to confront the Scottish legal system .. Please take the time to learn the facts before passing judgement on his attitude or behaviour. I was pointed to a Skingbook discussion by another user which seems to be quite anti Steve, saying that he is doing damage to the naturist cause etc…

I read about Steve in the online papers a few days ago and didn’t know much about it before that. Since then I have been trying to learn what this is all about and have requested help from all my contacts who have been kind enough to explain the situation and point me to the relevant documents, laws etc. My education of this has been helped by people who know Steve and have walked with him as well as some senior members of British Naturism and other naturist organisations in Canada, USA and Australia. I am explaining this because having read on this subject for a number of very late nights and having communicated with knowledgeable people and listened to the Radio 2 broadcast during Jeremy Vine show, I still don’t feel adequately knowledgeable to make comments such as I find on the Skinbook discussion.

Whilst there are plenty of injustices and disasters going on around the world, we end up commenting on what affects us most, so as this subject is something that I have a deep interest in, I can justify the time to comment. I don’t know Steve, never met him and didn’t know who he was until just a few days ago.

As a caring human being, I am quite depressed to learn that a normal person who has not endangered animals or mankind has been locked up since 2006 on a matter of NOT unlawful nudity but a matter of technicality of the Law.  He is, as I have been informed, being locked up on charges of ‘Contempt of Court’, in that he has refused to dress for the court appearance and decided to undress whilst in flight (air) to his court appearance. I ‘suspect’ he keeps getting arrested because the court instructed him to remain dressed until the court hearing.   There is a lot more to this case than this blog can illustrate… So I shall try to keep it short.   It is even more depressing to read some of the comments on Skinbook and some emails to me, this can be made into a massive debate of what is right and wrong about naturism.  However, as I am no expert of the Scottish Law or Naturism, I shall attempt to remain within my limits.   I would suggest that you allow yourself the time to read this and the linked articles. 

This is important because If the naturists are not able to understand the law, how can we expect others to understand the naturist ways of life.  Do people really feel that it is right to keep a man locked up for over 3 years just because he doesn’t feel it right that he should be judged to be wrong before the hearing has taken place?  I say this on the basis that if nudity itself is not a crime (although in Scottish Common Law it is regarded as ‘Breach of Peace’ and the Law on indecent exposure is different)  his court appearance is to judge whether he has committed a crime, why should he be ordered to appear before the court dressed where that act in itself could be used against him to argue that in the same way he can see the logic of dressing for the court, he should dress for public places. The Law is different in England because the naturists got involved as far back as 2003 and gained a change in the English Law see…


I can speak from experience as far as the 4th Plinth project is concerned, if you want to know more about why we were not arrested (about 14 people went nude during day and night) see the link below where the English law was challenged and it was made public that being nude in public (anywhere) is not illegal in itself. If someone complains there has to be some reasonable evidence that the complaint is valid.

The law is little clearer in England/Wales, it is NOT the same in Scotland. In the case of Steve, this law has not even been challenged because he has not had his day in court as far as I understand from what I have read. I am not a Law ‘Professional’ so I will avoid the temptation to provide a ‘Living Room Lawyer ’s ‘ interpretation of the Scottish Law. However the law as applied to Steve’s case is very clearly documented at his appeal papers available at the links below: A summary of the appeal is available at

The full details are available at

I would strongly suggest that all who wish to comment on the legal aspects of this case, read the details at the links above. Having read all that and all the views expressed in email responses to me over the past few days.

It would appear that the stalemate now is that the Court Demands that Steve dresses prior to leaving jail.

My view is that Steve’s case will force a review of the ‘Breach of Peace’ common Law  and maybe the ‘Contempt of Court’, however that is more difficult to deal with.    There are various source of information if you want t learn more about Steve, I can point you to one such site ..

He is obviously not involving any naturist movement, he says he is NOT a naturist, if any naturists feel associated it is because they share a common interest to be in the nude.   If you have read the details provided through the links above, then, please feel free to comment on rest of this post, otherwise avoid the temptation to feel that you have been personally criticised, which is not my aim.

What right does anyone have to comment on his relationship with his ex-wife or girlfriend? There are more ‘ It’s Complicated ’ relationship on Skinbook/Facebook than anything else!! You have the right to believe whether he is or not damaging the naturist cause, but if your naturist beliefs are not strong enough to argue your own case with whoever you need to argue them with, then I have no suggestions or recommendations other than perhaps that you should avoid questioning other people’s resolve in their beliefs.  Just because you are weak in your beliefs should not result in you criticising someone else’s stubborn attitude or maybe strength in doing what they believe in.

The world is shaped through small wins and at times major achievements. Why not admire the man? Why do the Scots take so much pride in their men wearing kilts without pants and not afraid to ‘expose’ themselves.. What would happen if a proud ‘Jock’ continued to wear a type of kilt that exposed his bits at the slightest gust of wind whilst wandering down Princes Street??  Would they have him taken to court and made to wear a Kilt with heavier yarn???  Or would he be hailed as a hero of Scotland for being a traditionalist?

Is the world history not full of people who stood up to the ‘Law’ and made the change for better. Is this not something that happens each and everyday in the courts all around the world?  Doesn’t every defence attorney aim to challenge the evidence and the Law in support of the accused? Are we as naturist so weak that we cannot stand up for someone who is being bullied into submission by the Scottish Legal Authorities.  If the Scottish Law is so right, then how is it that a Sheriff has the power to lock someone up for the rest of his life without trial?  Is it not about the time that someone in the higher office (not the job of an appeal court as they themselves have stated) took a look at this 0n humanitarian grounds and not to mention a total waste of tax payers’ money! 

In my humble and sentimental opinion.. this is total nonsense and it is about the time that someone higher than the Sheriff took the matter in hand and put a stop to it.  The Scottish Law can perhaps find the time to address this difference of Law where a person on a country walk (in the nude of course) can be quite happily enjoying the freedom and freshness of the ENGLISH air.. and a few minutes later can be arrested for wandering into the SCOTTISH air without being adequately dressed.

I have also learnt that the WNBR are trying to organise a ride in Edinburgh and the Police direction is that anyone ‘Fully’ nude (boobs or lower parts showing) will be arrested! Apparently this is the only city in the world where WNBR participants are subjected to this condition.

There is now a FaceBook Group to support Steve Gough’s Plight:

29 Responses to “Steve Gough – The Naked Rambler”

  1. Stuart Baanstra Says:

    Willgolden, changed my mind. What “gay rights”? You call being a minority and continuing to be condemned by religion “rights”? Clearly you belong to a hetersosexual bully majority that have had it too good, for too long!

  2. Stuart Baanstra Says:

    It seems to me both his former partners abandoned him. Oh well, that’s women for you!

  3. Brian Says:

    If you want to support Steve, please sign these two petitions:
    and .

    Forward these addresses to everyone you know, and spread the message on Facebook and Twitter!

    See also the Facebook group “Free the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough”


    p.s. A few relevant quotes…

    “The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor, and moral courage it contained. That so few now dare to

    be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time.”
    – John Stuart Mill

    “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”
    – Bertrand Russell

    “I’d rather be in prison expressing my freedom, than outside suppressing it”
    – Steve Gough

  4. Mr Anthony Crowley Says:

    I think Stephen Gough,is suxh an amazing Character and believes in himself and the promotions of nudity and naturism,and more of us all,should support him,if not join him..We need to get naturism out of the 1950s behind the fence attitudes and move forward with 21st progression. Also needing to cater for the youth for the future of us.

    • willgolden Says:

      It is ok standing behind Steve Gough… he gets all the rotten tomatoes!

      But are we forgetting that he is not a naturist, so he is fighting for us.

      Are we such vulnerable adults that we cannot fight our own wars? Is there nobody among our alleged 1½ million members with the clout to make a scene? No lawyers, no journalists, no filmstars, no pop idols etc?

      Where would gay rights be without Ian McKellen, John Travolta, Donny Osmond, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Diana Ross. Interestingly… how many of them were actually gay?

      We need to engage the elite and we need to do it in force, in numbers. This falls in line with LG’s (precised) comment, “The only thing I can hope for is the concept of safety in numbers….. The more of us speak up, the better the chance that someone will hear us.!

      I am reposting something I put in the Facebook group and the SteveGough yahoo group!

      Here goes………

      I have just finished watching Legally Blonde 2, again.

      It’s about us, isn’t it?

      We buck tradition by wearing pink in places where it is least expected. It’s called SKIN! People find it hard to identify with us, but one thing is certain; like Elle Woods, we cannot fail to be noticed; we cannot be ignored!

      …….and what was Elle fighting? A system that is corrupt, an incongruous marriage between conservative dogma and lurid tradeoffs.

      …….and how did she do it? By breaking into the elite, the very
      exclusive set who decides our future.

      THAT is where we stand!

      Steve Gough will run his own defence; he has more experience of that than all of us put together. We can do little to help other than as character witnesses.

      Our campaign is about us. Similar to “Bruiser’s Bill”, “the Rambler’s Bill” should be about and encompass all naked walkers, sunbathers, cyclists, dancers, skinnydippers and simple peeled couch potatoes …….including topically the Tay Bridge nudewalkers.

      Yes public opinion can work, but only if we can engage a national nude protest, not by nudists but by ordinary non-nudists…. just like Steve (well how about that)! As Elle advocated, we need to use our voice!

      But LB2 suggested something further.

      We need collectively to get to the elite. Not the dogowners, but those who have been on naturist holidays, those who like nude sunbathing in privacy, those who enjoy wandering about their homes in the buff, those who value freedom. Or how about the idealistic politicians? Human rights is such a goldmine for those who want to dig. They are all out there but they are harder to spot than doggie folk. However, they all have one soft spot…… conscient intelligence!

      Where would gay rights have ended without the big-name support, nay, drive?

      We could start with, for example, Helen Mirren, who would know somebody, who would know somebody, who would know somebody, ad nauseam. There are many more. We know the Law, but it isn’t what you know but WHO you know! Where is our real-life Delta Nu sorority?

      But if we don’t use our voice, as Elle found out, we will get to nobody.

      Only if we engage power will our engine move forward; …….the power that determines whether the UK and its naturists are in for a bad haircut.

      Why are we putting all the stress on one person, an ex-marine? He hasn’t the ammo to shoot all our enemies! Why can’t we take charge of ourselves ……like Elle Woods?

      A campaign, a strategy, a movement …….in the big league! “Legally blonde 3; the bare essentials” starts here in the aftermath of Steve’s latest arrest..

      Everybody; …..we want all your skills – what you do for a living – who you know – anything and everything you can contribute.


  5. Stuart Baanstra Says:

    So, he’s been arrested again. I agree, he’s not a “naturist”. He’s a good old fashioned nudist, and so am I. Nothing wrong with that.

    What he needs is more than talk. He needs others to join him.

  6. Alastair McGowan Says:

    Helping Steve: There must be pro-bono lawyers who would support Steve. In my view he is being harassed, I don’t know what legal basis this has. In any case there must be some way to bring this authoritarian law of ‘breach of the peace’ into question in terms of, for example, human rights law. currently awaiting permission to join the facebook group then I will contribute there.

  7. Stuart Baanstra Says:

    Hi, I’m disappointed to hear Paul says he should get dressed. He shouldn’t have to do anything. What he’s doing is just fine. And Ian is equally disappointing. You say he’s not a naturist. Who would want to be one? Naturists can’t get their own politics straight, yet alone anyone elses! And as for Will’s Officer Muhammed, who claims his religion disallows him from seeing another person naked. What about his wife? Ah, but that’s ok, because “God” says so. Well then, show me God!

  8. northlondoner Says:

    Others will disagree with me, but I think he should put some clothes on, come out of prison and then use his experience to campaign for a change in the law.

    At present he does no good in prison, and the justice system will not back down.

    • Stuart Baanstra Says:

      No northlondener. You want him to do that to become another nothing “naturist”, like you.

  9. Sandy Beachcat (@SandyBeachcat) Says:

    Some of us can’t support facebook pages on nudity ‘cos our facebook profile is in our real name & are not ready to “come out” publicly as a naturist.
    Anyway, what about some sort of a whip round (maybe through BN?) to get him a better lawyer?

  10. mr grumpy Says:

    of course I understand the problem .. but he is right, we should not be ashamed to walk around naked, and it is not indecent.

    The problem is that there are many bad people in our society who would take advantage of the vulnerability of people who by wearing clothes have a little more protection than they would if they were not.

    Perhaps if it was put to mr Gough that people might like him to cover up a little so that others with bad intentions might not take advantage of him setting precedence of a relaxed attitude to nudity in public, in order to take advantage of the more vulnerable, especially children, he might agree to do that.

    There are many other points to be made, and many people and organisations with vested interests in making him conform, imagine for instance the impact of something seemingly unimportant like the vast profits that would be lost from the clothing industry, the taxes, and related services. As you can see, there is more at stake here than covering up for the sake of decency, there is money.

  11. steven adams Says:

    As a fellow naturist rambler (albeit I’m slightly more circumspect) I aplaude Mr Goughs valiant , if somewhat futile, efforts to change the laws covering public nudity, futile because until societies attitude to the naked MALE can be challenged & changed then the Law, Government, and judical system will continue to penalies MALE nudity.
    Had it been a ‘Miss Gough’ in a similar situation would the legal system be as rigorous in its actions….I think not!

  12. Ian Says:

    As the tv documentary made about him had him admit, this walk was/is the equivalent of a job to him. He stripped off at the start of his ‘working’ day and dressed at the end, the opposite of what the majority of nudists do.
    Whilst appreciating that we should all have the right to go naked as and when it suits us, we should also be accepting of people who believe otherwise if the circumstances are such.
    I can’t imagine for one minute that in an attempt to get nudity allowed there Steve Gough would try to walk naked across Afghanistan. He’d not be locked up there, unless it was for his own safety, he’d be lynched.
    Since the vast majority of people reading this are naturists, or naturist sympathetic, we want the right to be naked anywhere. But all that Steve Gough is doing is making us seem petty (if he knows he’ll be arrested if he sets foot outside prison naked, stay dressed until he’s back in the countryside), egotistic (I’ll keep doing this until I get my own way), and pathetic.

    He wasn’t arrested the moment he set foot in Scotland, he was arrested for offending public decency in Edinburgh, quite a few miles inside Scotland.
    Will Golden: By accepting a police fine you have a record for life. There’s no point to making what I consider to be a racist comment alleging the police lying now, you are saying two ‘bent’ coppers who are willing to lie are still employed because of your embarrassment over the way your body was created.

    • Paul Rapoport Says:

      I think this mixes a few things. If Steve says he’s not a naturist, why worry about what his effect is on naturism? Is a naturist someone who strips off only at the end of the day? Goes only to clubs? Being naked in nature may be closer to “naturist,” for a start.

      What Afghanistan has to do with this, I don’t know. Why not bring up Denmark or Spain, where Steve’s walk would not be considered a religious challenge? Or England?

      I don’t know that the answer to his predicament is obvious. Whilst I agree he could do some things differently, I also respect the point he’s making, especially if he’s being abused by the authorities in view of Scottish law.

      • Ian Says:

        The public see him described as a nudist or naturist, it reflects on all nudists or naturists.
        I used Afghanistan as an extreme example, what I was trying to suggest was that people of any (or no) religious convictions can find the naked body offensive.
        The law may be an ass, but until its changed it is the law, and breaking it (repeatedly) is wrong.

    • Paul Rapoport Says:

      There are flagrant exhibitionists and sexual criminals described as nudists. They reflect on naturism only for those who don’t know what that is or believe an erroneous label in the media.

      “until its changed it is the law, and breaking it (repeatedly) is wrong.”

      It may be. Or you may want to reflect on how laws change. There are good reasons for breaking laws; those who have studied the notion of civil disobedience might also have a discussion with you. Obeying a bad law is hard to justify sometimes.

      Gandhi might disagree with you.

    • LadyGod1va Says:

      Ian, first of all thank you very much for taking the time to detail your views on this matter. It is clear where your feelings point to and I am also happy to tell you that you are not the only naturist with these views about Steve Gough.
      I try not to be too definitive about my views on things that I am not fully informed about to leave myself a door open and not get trapped into doing something that I don’t really feel comfortable with. I say this because I have been trying to learn about Steve for some time and I have read some of his legal papers, seen some of the letters to his friends and of course that TV documentary.
      As I have mentioned in my post, I am quite used to people like Steve and to a degree I think I understand them. There is no great right and wrong, it is just what a person is. The biggest plus for Steve is that he has no record of being violent or criminal. He did not come across totally as a loveable character because of his attitude towards his girlfriend. Yes, he does what HE wants to but then again is that not the case for majority of men (some females too!). I think that naturists would prefer him to be softer and sensible and not make too strong stand, but that is not Steve.
      Why do the naturists feel that he does not represent them, I suspect because most naturists I have met are loving, caring people who just want to live a peaceful life without making too many waves, which is fine but that life style is not for everyone.
      Is he a naturist? Well consider this… I have been using various naturist web sites for the past 6 months to learn more about what/who the naturists are and what do they want to do about the freedom that they are being denied. Let me share some knowledge with you. There are a LARGE number of men who do nothing other than sit in their bedrooms, at best in their living rooms in the nude and they feel strongly that they are naturists and yet they may not have ever walked on a nude beach, through the natural woods, rivers, garden and so on. IF we accept their status as naturists (which no one is challenging, least of all me), then whether Steve says he is a naturist or not, can we possible classify him as anything else? The man loves being in the nude and in the open. Why is it wrong for him to cover his body at night when certainly out in the open UK countryside, you are not going to get the warm weather like you might get in some other parts of the world. I don’t see anything wrong with that. At the end of the day Naturism is not a religion, which you might offend because you’ve had to dress to keep your body warm.
      I said I have been studying his case, I have not done anything to support him, not written to him because I don’t think he is ready to listen to anyone, let alone me who he has never met.
      I my view, Steve’s case is more of a humanitarian needs than legal rights and wrongs. IT CAN NOT be right to lock a man up for so long just because he wants to live a nude life! We need people like him, he is one of the path finders that force the people to ask difficult questions and confront their own fears and prejudices.
      Once I can see where his case is going, I hope to be able to write to him and see what I can offer in the way of support and information.
      I know that he has been offered help by the British Naturism (BN) and as yet, I don’t think he has taken up the offer. This makes me less confidence that he would accept anything I have to offer. But I cannot simply wait and see what happens.

      Thank you also to Paul for helping to keep our focus on the core issues, rather than on personalities.

  13. Colin Hough Says:

    I saw your comments on skinbook and was interested to learn more about the matter.
    It does seem that the courts sometimes abuse their power, not to serve the law, but because the judges have some personal prejudice in the matter.

    If the key issue here is his refusal to wear clothes in court and the irritation which the court system has with this I was wondering whether he actually needs to be there.
    Why not have the trial handled in absentia. I think it is legal as long as the defendant has the choice.

    A voluntary waiver of the right to be present requires true freedom of choice. A trial court may infer that a defendant’s absence from trial is voluntary and constitutes a waiver if a defendant had personal knowledge of the time of the proceeding, the right to be present, and had received a warning that the proceeding would take place in their absence if they failed to appear. The courts indulge every reasonable presumption against the waiver of fundamental constitutional rights. State v. Whitley, 85 P.3d 116 (2004)

    (Admittedly the info above relates to US law. I’m not sure what the UK or scottish stance on this is.)

    He could observe proceedings via a camera link and have phone contact with heis representative.
    It would allow Steve to preserve his right to remain naked without the Judge being offended by his presence.

    I don’t think the Scottish courts should have jailed Steve but I think that his current approach is not going to work unless he can get a lot of public support for what is essentialy a human rights violation.

  14. Paul Rapoport Says:

    Bob Janes has an excellent article on this topic in a recent H&E magazine.

  15. Brusle Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this, make it clear that things are not as simple as they may appear, and bringing it down to what it is ultimately about: the right of an individual to be nude (where this is not with the intention to shock etc.).

  16. FBANAVic » Blog Archive » Naked Rambler gets even more jail time Says:

    […] a Facebook group in support of his cause if you want to participate that way. And nudist champion Lady God1va has an article on her site as well, so check that out!! Share and […]

  17. Logan Says:

    I’ve heard other references to “winning the war by loosing every battle”, and may well actually work for Steve, but looks like will be a hard long process. Eventually, someone is going to get fed up with the waste of taxpayer money and make a big stink about this isssue. This will be the deciding point whether they will just let him go or have a kangaroo court for him in absentia, then lock him away without a proper trial. Like his methods or not, you got to respect a man who stands firm for his beliefs. I certainly wouldn’t have the guts to fight the system like he has. I wish him well.

  18. Will Golden Says:

    Sorry to pour water on the idea! But is there any point? The police and court system are corrupt.

    I was arrested in 2007 for cycling naked through Portsmouth to a beach event. This may be illegal in Scotland but not in England. Officer Muhammad however told me that as a Moslem he was outraged as he is not allowed to see an other person naked. They both gave evidence that they saw my genitalia hanging. I did not want to be humiliated in Court so I chose not to use my obvious defence (people who know me know what I mean). However they lied. They continued to lie in Court and, as they are always believed, I received a fine. Maybe I was convicted under Sharia law as it is not an offence under English law.

    I posted for an appeal. The date was set, but when I was in hospital after my WNBR injury (topical) it was re-arranged. When I came home from convalescence, there was a notice that the hearing was the same day, 15 minutes later. I called from my phone, explaining my hospitalisation, and after the court officer took 4 minutes to discuss this with the recorder, I was assured it would be postponed for another date. Not hearing after a few more days, I called again and was told the Recorder had decided I could have turned up (15 minutes from Brighton to Portsmouth). This time the Recorder lied to the Court. Clearly he had changed his mind when he found out what myfabricated “offence” was.

    This is the kind of system you are up against. Police and Court officers who are quite prepared to commit criminal offences themselves (as PCs Muhammad & Campbell-Crichton and Recorder Martineau did in my case) but treat nudity as if it were assault. If I have no chance where I didn’t even break any law, then what chance do you and Steve stand?

    Hugz, Will Golden

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Will.. Thanks for sharing your experience and I am sure most people will understand that to be the state of our law enforcement authorities. The only thing I can hope for is the concept of safety in numbers and the power of public opinion, which has changed many things in the past. We can only do what we feel is within our ability to help another human being who we feel is being unfairly dealt with. The more of us speak up, the better the chance that someone will hear us.

  19. Graham Says:

    Hi, myself being a long time naturist i do have concerns about Steves treatment by the Scottish authorities, i met Steve a few years ago at the London naked bike ride and like myself and many others he just enjoys the freedom of being naked except in his case of course there is no freedom, i know nothing about the legal system in Scotland but surely there must be a human rights issue here which should be challenged in the European courts, i will support any legal activity to try and gain Steves release from prison. i am the moderator of the freespirit naturist group and will post this blog there and hope to gain more support for Steve.

    Regards Graham.

  20. vegie50 Says:

    well said

  21. Paul Rapoport Says:

    There’s much more nonsense being said about this than sense. Thank you for adding much of the latter.

    There are various ways to proceed. Having a good solicitor is one. Although Steve may think he will ultimately win the war, recently he’s losing every battle, which isn’t generally the thing to do if you want to be on the winning side.

    I’d divide his activities between going on his nude walks and insisting on walking nude out of jail. Although I have no respect for the authorities who keep wasting taxpayer pounds to support their belligerent intransigence, Steve could do both himself and various ideas some good by getting dressed once.

    A larger picture of this is important; recurrence of the “get out of jail for a few seconds” activity obscures it. It also becomes lost in the irrelevant comments made in various places. Thank you, Lady G, for having none of those, and for doing some research before writing.

    Whether your solution is right isn’t for me to say; I leave that to others more knowledgeable.

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