Naturism Videos

This post is a collection of some interesting videos that I have come across that you might find entertaining…

Naturism & Sex

If you are a naturist, you will probably have seen this video already, however if you haven’t please watch it if you can.  It is funny and educational at the same time.  My thoughts are that Rufus Hound appears to have pale skin that probably hasn’t seen the sun very often, so he may not be a regular outdoor naturist, however he did strip naked on a national TV show in support of naturism.  So the question is.. if he can do it, why can’t more naturists face their family, friends and workplace without embarrassment or guilt..

Nude at York Maze

What is Nudism

Bud Advert

Just for fun..

6 Responses to “Naturism Videos”

  1. Informer n'est pas communiquer Says:

    It’s an amazing article for all the web people;
    they will obtain benefit from itt I am sure.

  2. alchephy Says:

    aesthetic vision you have

  3. map Says:

    my favorite nudist (US word for naturist) videos are National Geographic Taboo Nudists & there was one on i-naked/i-nudist about nudist place in Brazil.

    National Geographic Taboo video is on Youtube (American site) but of course they block the 2nd part of it. has it unblocked (European site)
    details about the N. Geographic video here

  4. Ninja Mike Says:

    Cool! I was a tad surprised to see some of those vids on youtube… they censor so much. Then, of course when I tried to watch it turns out they found the vids and had blocked them due to violations of terms. SHoulda figured. The argumental was hilarious.

  5. Dale Says:

    Just here to show my support as a fellow naturist.

  6. Naturist Review Says:

    Check out the naturist related videos on my blog.


    The Naturist Review

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