First of all, I would like to thank all who have sent me emails, commented on blogs, on pictures and twitter, congratulating me for my effort to bring this subject into the public discussions  and given me encouragement to do more.

My effort is not without pain.. whilst the naturists may think I did well, there are large number of people who think I’m quite mad.  So.. I’ve been thinking…

I have a choice to make.. Do i fight this prejudice and ignorance or crawl back into hiding behind my garden fence?

But the genie is out and you can’t turn the clock back.. so I have no choice but to fight.. whilst I am quite happy to fight my own fight, no one is treating this as a personal fight.. it’s a group thing.. I am part of the group of people around the world who think the freedom to be nude is our right as human beings.  OR am I? are these just words or are people out there who genuinely  believe in this and are willing to do something about it.

I’ve been using my blog, twitter and Skinbook for a few weeks now and trying to understand their purpose and how I can use them to promote naturism/nudity? 

I can’t figure out the purpose, there are very few blogs and those that are written don’t really have any debate going on, most people seem to leave short, same old comments on photos, nude female photos attract more comments than others etc… I was expecting to find a lot more organisation of events, people having local events as well as international events etc.  So….. can you please help me to decide how best to use these sites.  I am not looking for sex, I don’t see the point in one to one chat, I think web cam stuff sounds bit seedy, … I know that we all share one thing in common, that is we support the right to be nude, whether as an individual or a group.

My belief is that we need to tackle the prejudice towards nudity, we are not going to get the world to accept it as norm, but we must attempt to get the world to accept that it is our right if we select to practice it.  This is no different to many other campaigns against prejudices going on and gone on in the past. 

I don’t believe for a minute that this or any other campaign can be conducted without casualties, of course if you come out and state you like being in the nude, someone will think less of you or worse attack you in some way.  But if we go on hiding behind high fences, are we doing anything more to progress this way of living.  Is the only thing we can do; talk about how unfair the world is amongst ourselves, are we really going to get anywhere by crying on each other’s shoulders and looking at pictures of how free we have been able to act when no one was looking.

So .. what do we want to do?  .. look at the photos or do something positive.. whatever that might be… what would you like to see happening?… what would you be able to do?… how far can you go?.. how proud are you of being yourself?

I have 2 questions that I would like your help in;

1.  What are you willing to do to follow your belief that; whilst respecting the rights of others you have the right to be nude.

2.  Are we using these internet sites to their best effect?  What would you like to be able to do?  What would you like to see the end of?

If you think the only thing open to you is to rummage around the internet looking at people’s naturist (or other)  photos… well no harm in that; the internet is an excellent means of communication and I’m sure you will get what you desire.

If you agree or disagree with me, I would like to see a debate, looking inwards.. lets examine our own intent, ability and use of the internet.  I’m  happy to address any comments but please don’t take anything said above personally.. it’s my view only… you have the right to ignore it!

You may find this of some interest. She is not saying that she’s a naturist but it’s about acceptance of nudity as being the norm..

48 Responses to “NERVOUS NATURIST”

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  2. Wayne Adams Says:

    I have no problem with nudism, especially women, I think God blessed them as works of art, the female form is very pleasing to the eye.

    I find funny in the U.S. anyway the female breast is considered indecent you will never see it on TV (except cable) or in public except some beaches but still very rare. Women have been arrested for daring to show a breast (remember Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl) in public and charged. Most if not all those cases are eventually thrown out beacuse men are allowed to be shirtless. I don’t think in my life time I will see a woman naked from the waste up, women are to brainwashed for it to happen.

    I wouldn’t mind being naked except I am 70 lbs. overweight and have moderate to severe Psoriasis, it bothers me so I cover up.

    Lady Godiva your a beautiful and natural woman in mind and body, God bless you always.

  3. Mahatmama! Says:

    I have found that women will wear as little as they feel safe, secure and comfortable in. As you have seen by thousands of examples, it takes very little to get men out of their clothes. While for women– the exact opposite. I am sure this is based in gender hormones. Kiran I know you did not want to be erotic on the horse. However, it is the most erotic thing on the internet. You with your young skin, tight, fit and brown. You rocking back and forth moving your long black hair out of your face occasionally. The cold breeze blowing your hair around. Try to understand that you can own the land. You cannot own my view of it though, and hollering louder is not changing my view. HAWT! There were other nudists at Plinth. None were as “successful” as you. Could it be because you are so wicked Fine?

  4. Centauri4 Says:

    Since it has been several years since this Blog entry posted, I believe to, “tackle the prejudice towards nudity” we need continue the things which have happened since you wrote this entry. All across the world people are rising up in support of various causes, whether they be political, social or ideological and in some cases the demonstrations include nudity in order to garner media attention. However, an equal number of events appear to include social nudity for the purpose of allowing people to enjoy the sensations of being nude and have a sampling of the unity a group of unprotected, unfiltered human beings some have reported.

    There also needs to continue being additional writing on the subject, and I am pleased to see your Blog remains in place for people to read and consider.

    As people do come in all shapes and sizes, and we consider ourselves “normal” regardless of whether we have a few extra pounds of weight, are hairier than the next guy or have dissimilar genitals, the concealment of our bodies fosters all sorts of misconceptions regarding healthy living, good diets and attractiveness. Therefore if we believe in acceptance of people ideals and defend their right to speak our minds as much as we say we do, shouldn’t this attitude also extend to accepting the ways people behave? Whether I want to wear an extremely conservative outfit and cover most of my body or live at the oppositie end of the scale and wear almost nothing, actions are as defendable as speech; and the practice of protecting individual rights to free expression has a long history in most of our societies.

    I say, don’t be nervous, be yourself! Know the individual you are is as important as any group you identify with, and every philosophy requires participation at some time or another, so just try it. Talk about it, watch videos including non-sexual nudity, experiment freely in your own home and when you feel comfortable introdcue at least one friend or relative to the idea. As long as you explain it to the first and maybe show them this Blog, they may be more receptive to the idea and grow in their understanding of a fellow human because of what you did. That’s looking back at the activity after you have done it, and analyzing the situation including your own feelings as well as the other persons is the process by which we learn. If the first person you try this with is not receptive or feels uncomfortable about it, then this tells you as a lot about the difficulties in acceptance you (or we) face. Even failures advance understanding when it comes to the ever evolving realm of social behavior, and ultimately we all move forward through the practices of trial and error, of astonishment and acceptance, on whatever level is comfortable for each of us.

    Very best wishes!

  5. Conroy Says:

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  9. paul hurley Says:

    hi ladygod1va

    i hope you are well. i have been looking at your
    websit, and as a fellow nudist i think it about time someone
    like you who is female and open about being naked and free,
    to be so honest. the nude life of ours is to closed which gives
    it a bad presentation to the outside im sure you
    know that many people view naturism with a mixure of ridicule
    and suspition
    anyway i hope you keep up the good work on behalf of people
    like myself.
    as i wish to make more nude contacts i wish you to reply to
    my e mail.
    i attend eureka in kent once in a ido elixia club near
    alexanda palace.ereka i do not like as much exept for the grounds.
    well its gettingl late so i will turn in now.
    hope you will reply when you have afew moments.

  10. Milessioo Says:

    Luckily for us in England it is not against the law to be naked, so we are in a different situation from, other countries or the suffragettes campaigning to get the vote. I think ‘fighting’ is the wrong attitude to have, as it invites an enemy to fight back & there to be a loser.

    The first thing everybody can do is set a good example: Does going to a clothing optional beach and having sex in the dunes or laying on your towel with your legs wide open give a good impression to the general public or make them think that nudity can be a positive and fun thing? Also, how many ‘normal’ people would go to the beach in the middle of winter & wear their swim suit with a coat on top (because it’s cold)?

    Being happily naked in public e.g. during the naked bike rides or on the plinth will do more to gain acceptance than hiding away in a naturist resort feeling oppressed. Also, hopefully other late night walkers on the Millennium Bridge or along the Embankment who might have seen you naked or nearly naked, would have thought how nice you looked & that maybe another time they could do the same thing.

    When you show your friends photos from your holidays, include some of the ones with you being naked and having fun. If you invite friends over this summer & it’s hot outside, why not all just wear swimwear. When that’s accepted (who’ll refuse if it’s good weather?), ask if they care if you take off your top & maybe bottoms too. The others might well feel a little awkward at first, but if you’re relaxed, unashamed & natural, they might well join in. If not then, they might the next time or when they’re at home.

    In short, the more ‘normal’ people see others they know or can relate too being naked, the more likely they are to join in when they feel comfortable.

    Yes, we do need some more events where being nude in public is seen as being part of the fun, but not obligatory. For example the Notting Hill Carnival in its own way includes nakedness & near nakedness that doesn’t cause a stir. Do we need something like a ‘Dare to be Bare Picnic in the Park’?

    Most internet sites at present seem to cater for the committed naturist & have little of interest for the curious general public.

    Your blog is great, as it explains why you feel the way you do about nudity & shows how you are normal person (though one who dared to be on the plinth naked). Being neither white, middle-aged nor a man, but an articulate young woman gives you a huge advantage in spreading your message. If your blog could include other experiences of being you less than fully clothed in public, with comments from others around, it could encourage others and women in particular to consider joining in. For example even if you couldn’t join a float, if you wrote about the dancers in the Notting Hill Carnival wearing simply body paints & how great they felt, that would help make others realize that public nudity isn’t wrong or an exclusive club for white middle-aged men.

    Just a few thoughts from somebody who gets naked when the moment’s right, but doesn’t feel the need to call themselves a naturist or nudist.

  11. stringsinger Says:

    Hang in there, LadyG! Your cause is a just one. All of Humanity ought to be comfortable enough with itself to, at the very least, tolerate the natural state of each of its members!

    For those who are frustrated by the ineffectiveness of typical search engines to return genuine nudist/naturist websites, there is one organization that is trying to develop a search tool that will yield “only relevant and useful information.” Folks can go there to search or to suggest sites to be added to the database:

    As for me, I’m not hiding either. I’ve actually, recently, been expanding my promotion of body acceptance on my own blog, through connections on Blogger, Yahoo!, Twitter and Facebook. More exposure for more exposure! (both of ideas and our bodies.)

    -Gregg Gatewood

  12. Sussex nudist Says:

    Perhaps what is needed is simply more opportunity for people to go nude. Probably the main problem in organising anything is advertising. I remember a London shopping mall had a nude evening but hardly anyone turned up – but who knew about it?
    So to get started we need campaigns for new beaches, sunbathing areas in parks and public nude/clothes optional swimming events (such as the one held last year in Lewes) and to use press interest to advertise the campaigns (plus the networking sites like Bn and Skinbook). This could be done on the back of the new Equality Bill where BN made a submission on naturism as a minority belief. I haven’t found out what the bill actually says, but if councils need to make provision for other minorities, then we should ask them to faciliatate naturism.
    If a collective website or blog (rather than a personal one) can be set up for the overall campaign, then the url can be advertised at naturist events and WNBR etc. – on our bodies if necessary.
    As Keith said the best promotion is to attend as many naturist events as you can.
    Interestingly the Body Freedom website, which is US centric, doesn’t seem to have been updated much in recent times. and go-bare did not survice long. So I guess its not easy.

    • Colin Hough Says:

      I agree that public awareness is the key.
      There are other people out there, but they need to be brought together in some way.
      It seems as though some forums attract more of the curious than the dedicated. despite having nearly 2,000 members of their facebook group barefest had to be cancelled recently due to a lack of tickert sales. It suggests that most of the people joining nudist groups / forums are there out of curiosity or in order to browse photos, and that only a few of us are dedicated naturists.

      The other thing is that the internet brings together people from all over the world, who then find that they are too far apart to hold events together. I think you are making an important and valuable contribution to nudism and body awareness and should keep up the good work.

  13. Colin (Jeep) Jansen Says:

    I think having naturist organisations is important as it is a way of naturists to get together or at least find each other so they can socialize if they wish to with others of a like mind as some people do feel safer not being “The only one” or just prefer good company clothed or not.

    But the problem with any organization is they sometimes loose track of why they were formed and spend more time growing the organisation for its own sake than concentrating on the core objectives. In this case promoting naturism and a change of public attitude towards non sexual nudity as a whole or in public or social settings, the acceptance of nudity of others for those who don’t wish to be unclothed and to dispel myths so those more adventurous or curious give it a go at least before judging it to be not for them.

  14. Dr. P. Rapoport Says:

    John’s characterization of AANR seems correct. It’s all about the organization and its superficial boosterism. His characterization of The Naturist Society and, however, is too narrow. Although I’m not surprised he encounters reactions he doesn’t want, it’s necessary to determine whether an organization of some sort is useful. It may not be if a sort of Gandhi can be found.

  15. John Says:

    The problem is the fundamentals. I completely know where you are coming from. I’ve been trying for years to create a community online for nudists to debate and organize. But every attempt I’ve made has been met with frustration and even some very strange situations. But I soldier on, I work in the media so I know it can be done.

    Some random thoughts… Sadly you have sites like who put so much emphasis on paying to see photos/videos that it gives naturism a very poor image. Then there’s skinbook, where it’s 90% male and all they do is comment on the photos of the female members. And then there are the numerous other “nudist” websites that are all about photos and videos, porn.

    On the flip side you have sites like AANR or the Naturist Society that focus, well, just focus on being part of their organization. Not much really accomplished there. And I know my myself and my other friends who are in their mid 20s really aren’t all that excited to join an organized group like that.

    The fact of the matter is the real “normal” people out there who enjoy being nude on their own are turned off when they google nudist/naturist and see all the crap out there. It’s intimidating and it also adds a degree of raunchiness. It’s a huge image problem.

    For our generation I believe being a naturist is more about being natural, not about belonging to a group, going to a club. It’s about being nude whenever possible/convenient.

    There isn’t a safe zone on the Internet for nudists. I truly believe that if something could be developed we’d see the gender issue disappear and a real activist spirit.

    How can this be accomplished? I have some ideas, feel free to contact me to brain storm.

    • Steve Says:

      Spot on post from John.

      John Says – “I believe being a naturist is more about being natural, not about belonging to a group, going to a club. It’s about being nude whenever possible/convenient.”


      “How can this be accomplished? I have some ideas, feel free to contact me to brain storm.”

      If you do get any kind of initiative underway would be happy to help in any way I can.

      • John Says:

        Steve: What kind of initiative? I have several ideas. To start, I’ve been trying to start a global internet initiative that would create a new, all encompassing site geared towards naturism. Something that would bring a little credibility to the whole lifestyle. A normal internet portal for naturists, that looks normal, has information, etc. Not a site that’s going to say all over it, click here for photos, etc… But a place that sheds naturists as normal everyday people. I can go on and on, I have a list of ideas a mile long.

      • John Says:

        Steve I just looked at your site, it’s amazing what you’ve done/are doing! It’s funny because you’re living my dream. My wife and I are very green (we even had an green blog for a short time) and after going to the Greek islands for our honeymoon we keep saying we should give everything up and open up a little resort like yours.

        Shoot me an email and let’s brainstorm, maybe we can get something started online: a.broch[at]

        BTW, i just reread my posting above and it barely makes sense. I chalk it up to a bad case of the Mondays and a 12 hour workday.


      • George Says:

        I’m not sure what part of the world you’re in John, but a site that matches your description already existis in the UK. Take a look at the Naturist UK Factfile (NUFF) at

        Cheers, George

      • John Says:

        George, perhaps I did a poor job explaining myself, but that’s not the look nor feel that I’m going for. I envision a site that has a modern look and one that encompasses more than just a couple of stray links, etc… I think we need original content catered to the naturist lifestyle. But that’s the important thing, this is a lifestyle and sometimes we get so wrapped up in the not wearing clothes bit we fail to realize how this lifestyle affects the other parts of our life.

        Take for example the site, its main focus is on green living, but not everything on the site is 100% about being green.

        Naturism lacks a lifestyle site. Now people will start arguing that there is this site and that site… but can we really say that there’s a true naturist lifestyle site out there? I say there isn’t.

        The more of a truly legit looking site there is out there promoting naturism, the less the site will be taken over by men looking for photos, the pervy comments on articles, etc…

        The point is to make naturism look as completely normal as possible.

      • jeep Says:

        One of the best sites i have seen is the Young Naturists Association International (YNAI) site and forum, it is policed very well and is does not lean towards the Voyeristic. It is aimed at the younger crowd but they are our future after all. Maybe discussion as to how that and maybe other existing sites can better represent naturism as a “Lifestyle choice” rather than just a odd pass-time could be discussed on these sites so they and your new one have a united or common angle to help “Normalise” naturism as a whole.

      • Paul Says:

        Have you seen this site ?

        I know that they would be interested in hearing your ideas and are always looking for new articles.

  16. Delfin Amante Says:

    All fundamental societal change happens with brave souls take it upon themselves to force that change. You are a prime mover in the change we all seek, and I salute you for that.

    You crossed a line by getting on the plinth and there really is no crawling back into hiding. You have to fight the prejudice that has arisen, as you suspected before you went up on the plinth. Remember, your fight fight is not a lonely one. Thanks to the internet, naturists can rally around each other better than they could earlier. Our lifestyle is not as isolated as it would have seemed earlier thanks to the information available to us. There also seems to be a strong correlation between geekdom and naturists, which should help.

    It behooves each of us to make what effort we can to inform and educate people. It may not always be possible to let people know that one is a naturist, but when the opportunity presents itself, each of us must use it. I’ve been surprised at how people who used to think that naturism is “a bunch of weirdos hanging around nude”, are willing to consider that it is a perfectly normal lifestyle once they find out that I am a naturist. I think they make the connection – I know him, he’s normal, ergo naturism may not be what I thought it was, it may be normal after all.

  17. Colin (Jeep) Jansen Says:

    Hi Lady G
    Wow what an amazing effort, you make my attepts at educating others re nudity and the naturist lifestyle pale in comparison. Keep up the good work. In answer to your questions as to how do we change attitudes? Well the first is we must not give up trying, second we must raise our little ones to be comfortable nude, third be open and frank with thier inquisitiveness, forth show our contemporaries that nudity does not equal sex by OUR behavior and opposition to inappropriate actions by others (IE pervs at beaches) fifth if we change the attitude of guys to nudity then girls will be more comfortable with it and then we can help them accept thier bodies as they are. But the key is the following generations, eventually the wowsers and morrons who cant see past sex will die off leaving well ballanced and enlightened generations who know sex has its place and nudity can be distinct from it.

  18. Alan Says:

    I think George is correct when he says, “don’t underestimate the power of what you’ve already done. Social change really does happen slowly, but everything we do to raise social nudity in public moves it forward a step – the more we do, the more steps we take. “. So Karin if you are confident in the way you are raising awareness toward greater acceptance of nudity then keep up the good fight. That said, I think being too in your face with anything turns the masses away from the cause. My wife and I are not in the position to wave the flag, but we don’t shy away from informing people about clothes freedom when it comes up in conversation either.

    Much aloha for you efforts!!

  19. FBANAVic » Blog Archive » LadyGod1va continues – on a familiar path Says:

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  20. George Says:

    Ken – I would imagine that the suffragettes had similar advice when they were chaining themselves to the railings at Westminster. Fortunately for the sake of womens’ emancipation, they ignored it.

  21. Ken Says:

    Your comment– My belief is that we need to tackle the prejudice towards nudity, we are not going to get the world to accept it as norm, but we must attempt to get the world to accept that it is our right if we select to practice it. This is no different to many other campaigns against prejudices going on and gone on in the past.

    My response– I don’t agree with your belief. The world already knows about us, and they already have their beliefs whether preconceived or based off of experience. You are preaching to the choir. The only people that are reading your posts are other nudists. Like other lifestyles..nobody wants it thrown in their faces, and the more you force the issue…the more people will resent and argue your stance. It’s great that everyone is proud of walking around naked and accepting themselves and others for who they are…Thats what its all about. It is the most theraputic and relaxing experience every time I go to my resort that I have been a member of for over 10 years. I find that if someone asks for information, they will definitely be more open than if you give them your opinion without being requested. My belief is, relax, enjoy yourself and those that have embraced this lifestyle with you. Those that are worthy will come to you.

  22. TheGriffter Says:

    Despite my comment about people being increasingly overweight etc, I do believe that a lot of the supposed “defects” that women see when looking in a mirror have been planted in their minds by the men who’s opinions they for some reason value! But that’s a whole new topic…

  23. Ian Brown Says:

    I really think your blog raises a lot of interesting issues about the body in society. We see pictures of naked or nearly naked people in the media almost every day, typically airbrushed – and yet if we try to go naked in public most places, it’s a big hoo-hah. Makes no sense at all!

    I think there are actually quite a lot of us out there who feel the same way, so it’s great that people like you are willing to (literally) stand up and say – hey, stop discriminating against us nudists. Because it is a form of discrimination, really. Good for you.

  24. ladygod1va Says:

    Thank you very much to those who have contributed in this blog below. I have not replied to each one as I am taking in all the views as expressed and then I will do a summary. Please carry on adding to this blog, as the thoughts expressed are of great value in helping me to understand the situations that naturists have to face.

    • John Kendrick Says:

      ladygod1va – thanks again for raising the level of the debate on nudity.

      Being a nudist / naturist has many of the hallmarks of being a member of an oppressed minority. One is what one is, and wishes no harm to others, but one lives in fear of discovery and the irrational over-reaction that it may bring.

      At least it may seem that way to many people who feel more comfortable in the nude. So they keep the curtains shut, grow thick hedges round their gardens, join secluded naturist clubs.

      As you have recognised, the only way out of this impasse is for nudists to be a little more assertive. I can’t see myself being brave enough to get on a plinth as you did, but this year I have enjoyed participating in the World Naked Bike Ride, a 10 mile hike with the Singles Outdoor Club visiting Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury on one of their Clothes Optional days and the Nude Pride boat trip on the Thames (thanks to Sky TV).

      I’m not sure I have an answer to your Question 2 (use of the internet) but I think the answer to Question 1 is quite clear:

      Participate in as many nude public events as you can.
      If you can, organise a nude public event.
      Be much more open about discussing nudity with your friends, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances – you’ll be surprised: very few will voice objections; most will be interested / intrigued / curious; some may be inspired to try it or even be nudists themselves (but too shy to admit it!). Since your request to tell our friends about naturism, I have told a number of my friends and had just this range of reactions!

      On the subject of age – my feeling is that self-confidence comes with age and this partly explains the skew towards middle-aged people in naturist society. To put it another way – closet nudists in their twenties and thirties tend to gain the confidence to “come out” as they move into their 40s / 50s. Perhaps if it were more mainstream / acceptable / hip / cool, more young people would get involved.

      The other tricky topic is why more men than women fell comfortable with naturism. Difficult one, this, but perhaps illuminated by the honourable Mr Wan – women seem to have a stronger sense of shame built in – women look in the mirror and see their “defects” while men look at themselves and see a god !!! This seems to indicate that women have much more to gain than men by learning to accept their own bodies – and becoming comfortable with their own nudity can do so much to progress this.

      Written in the nude – of course!

  25. TheGriffter Says:

    I can’t even remember how I found Skinbook, it could have been an item in a newspaper, possibly The Independent or The Guardian, but the reality is that despite having been a nudist for about 20 years, I really wasn’t looking for a forum to share photos etc. In fact I had always kept myself to myself, yes of course girlfriends over the years had discovered my preference for nudity if only by virtue of when we went to certain beaches, but to me nudism albeit in public has always just been my choice and nothing to do with anyone else. It began when I first went abroad on holiday, to Tenerife, and came home with a fabulous tan except around my middle – to me that looked stupid. I also felt, whilst away, that I was in nature but slightly disconnected as I was covered up, that just DIDN’T feel natural. I decided from that point that being naked on a beach, in the sea etc made a lot more sense and would feel fantastic. I don’t have any nude pics on Skinbook as again I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business plus I hold down a responsible position and can do without the negativism. I have met many interesting people on beaches in Devon and Brighton, and had some great times but there is something not quite right with going on the web, look at the Skinbook audience and you will notice it is probably 80% male and call me a cynic but I think men showing off their bits is still slightly more sexual than just natural. Maybe it’s because I’m male but there aren’t many men that look good naked, there are some women that do, although with the current trend for people generally to be overweight those numbers are waning too.

    For me the internet and nudism are totally unrelated; I have no desire to show off, I generally have no desire to see others naked unless they are truly artistic photos of attractive people, male or female (I am an avid photographer).

  26. Andy Russell Says:

    I think you are asking the right questions. Unfortunately I think that only a small percentage are interested in pushing the boundaries of the envelope entitled “where and when I should be tolerated naked” although the Naked Bike Ride event is encouraging. Most seem happy enough with the quiet knowledge that they are in a unique club of understanding and go to the sheltered clubs or the select beaches (never the very nice beaches). People are worried about intervention of authorities and the media, with worst case scenario, especially for a man represented by the sex offender’s register. Personally I like to see your crusading style, and I think it helps that you’re a woman, but you are right about more events being key. It will clearly help in the battle for toleration if more organise and participate events, even moderately small ones: the picnic in the park (starting with big parks where there is plenty of space) or on the hill or the river bank and then moving to the smaller parks in the city, the claim staked to an area of a non-naturist beach (between the piers at Brighton from 9am rather than shoved up the end), the nude hike in the countryside. Personally I would be nervous but I tend to be up for a little bit of envelope pushing especially when abroad and first onto the small beach, or having an early morning runs on a beach in the UK with the only risk being the possible distant dog walker. Not up to your standards obviously, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

  27. George Says:

    Hi Lady God1va,

    As others have said, don’t underestimate the power of what you’ve already done. Social change really does happen slowly, but everything we do to raise social nudity in public moves it forward a step – the more we do, the more steps we take.

    I think websites such as Skinbook, etc are great for networking, but aren’t really the vehicle for making change happen. Getting naked out there and showing people that we can be naked without sexual overtones will change attitudes and give others the confidence to join in. I do feel quite strongly that there are many people who share our views but don’t have the confidence to act on them – seeing others might just encourage them.

    Stereotypes around nudity are common and it seems that one of the strongest is that of a naked man in public being some kind of pervert. A naked woman in public is, I think, less likely to be seen in that light. I think the most powerful image we can project is for naked men and women to be seen together publicly,doing things that clothed people do in public but without any clothes and without any sexual overtones.

    It’s a great shame that you haven’t had much response from women to your post on Naked Body Pride. That day will hopefully be a great opportunity for us to do something very visible that will challenge the prejudices and stereotypes,but I think it can only do that effectively if it’s a mixed-gender event, not a load of blokes and a handful of brave women such as yourself.

  28. agde Says:

    Three thoughts.

    On internet naturist forums, I think their most important function is the growing sense of community. I grew up naturist, but I’ve lost count how many times recently I’ve heard “I didn’t know there were so many people like me — I thought I was alone!” Related to this is the chance to refine and clarify the basics of naturism, both among ourselves and in the consistency of the ideas and language we use to present naturism to the public. You seem to have hit just the right tone, not only for traditional naturists, but more importantly for an emerging generation who needn’t see some clothing-free time as a particular or separate activity unintegrated with the normal flow of daily life. Don’t underestimate the impact of your blogging, twittering, etc. There are people listening all over the world.

    On what to do, I think you are helping to open the way to a new approach. Not so much the traditional naturist formal events (eg. Naked Bike Ride) as getting people to think of new kinds of informal everyday activities (eg. “ladies night out”, picnic in the park). Each time you do something casual and fun, you provide both a role model and a template for others to follow. Your plinth appearance publicly defined the parameters of wholesome naturism in a way that allows you to be kind of the point-person for all sorts of new kinds of mini-outings that can help the public get used to a bit of nudity and inspire others to emulate you and your friends. The “net naturists” are a kind of built-in pool of replicators who, having already internalised naturist principles, can take your example out into real life in their own local settings in the spirit you’ve defined.

    The final thought involves your theme that nudity is just a normal extension of daily clothing choices. I think this strikes an important note with people who might never “have the courage” to be nude in public, but who don’t mind if others are (if they behave properly). In fact, your good influence may be greatest, though for awhile a bit hidden, on the “textile” lads who need time to work through their awkward pre-conditioned reflexes, on the “textile” lads’n’ladies who need time to quietly experiment with being a little more relaxed about “exposure”, on parents who learn how to calmly answer their kids’ “why are those people naked?” with “I guess, its warm out and they just feel like dressing naturally.” Don’t get disheartened! Let’s welcome into the “naturist community”, not just nudists, but anyone who is fine with the LadyGod1va approach to cheerful, healthy, no-fuss personal choice.

    Engaging naturists on clear shared values, organizing new kinds of fun LadyGod1va-style outings, building broader public awareness of LadyGod1va fashion principles — Kiran, you’ve got far too much going on to sit in your garden! 🙂

  29. Jim Says:

    It is a challenge to know when to tell and when not to tell. I have been just a bit shy to tell family and friends, especially those of fundamentalist leanings.

  30. Paul Says:

    Personally I feel that internet forums and chat rooms are unlikely to help in any campaign to ‘normalise’ nudity in society. They often need to be heavily moderated to prevent them from being overwhelmed with comments from weirdos and are only really used by a hard core of enthusiasts whose obsession with nudity tends to deter the less committed. I think the solution is for naturists to join existing groups such as the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) or feminist groups and promote nudity there.

    The best way to promote nudity is just to do it. My girlfriend and I tend to stay naked at home around friends and its surprising how quickly many go from being surprised to supportive through to joining in. We walked with the naked rambler and his girlfriend for a couple of days were amazed at how enthusiastic passers by were. I suspect that quite a high proportion of people would like the chance to be nude if you can make it socially acceptable in some way. The WNBR and Spencer Tunick photographs are good examples of this.

    In the 1930s in America men fought a successful campaign for the right to be topless in public and in the 1970s German naturists gained the right to be nude in the parks (notably the English Garden in Munich). I think this is what is needed and preferably involving many more women and younger people. A campaign by women, for example, for the right to be topless in any swimming pool or anywhere that men can be would be a good start. Lily Allen is famous for being photographed topless everywhere she goes – perhaps she would become an active member. We also should campaign for the nude sunbathing areas in parks every city.

  31. Optiskeptic Says:

    Hi LadyG. When I did the WNBR in London there were more than a thousand of us with more than a third being female. The crowds just gawped and took pics with their mobile phones. I don’t recall a single negative comment from the crowds. What was encouraging was the few randomly passing cyclists who got caught up and joined in.

    Any of us who have been on our own naked on a beach or in the country has probably at some time met several people who smile and pass on and the one or two who snarl and spit like rabid dogs. Unfortunately your stint on the plinth seemed to attract comments from a baffled and befuddled few and one or two rather nasty types. Had it been midday and the square full of tourists, I suspect your experience would have been very different.

    You ask what can we do? I would suggest that we carry on doing more naked – whether that is socially at a swim or other gathering, at a protest or art event or just hoovering at home. But I don’t think that there is much more that men can do: look at any beach, web forum or whatever and men predominate. Independent women are rare and, from what I’ve seen, feel overwhelmed by male attention even when that is friendly and well meant.

    I applaud Hlary Swank for being so naîve, but read the comments and it is clear that, for most Americans certainly and probably many Brits too, nudity is only permissible in private between consenting adults. Personally I cannot square this bizarre attitude with the Americans’ consumption of porn… but perhaps that is the crux: we are fascinated by sex and are besieged by guilt. Most of Swanks critics were female, most set arbitrary age limits, many said perhaps Swank could be excused because she was a female but it would have been 999/911 had it been a naked male…

    I applaud your courage – but you are one of very few women while, as the replies to this blog demonstrate, the majority of active campaigning nudists are male. I would suggest that you need to mobilise the regiments of women who in all probability are sympathetic to your views but are too isolated as individuals to break out of their clothes. Women have asserted their equality in many areas of life – why should they not claim equal rights to be nude too?

  32. dbcsez Says:

    Greetings from the Lone Star State. LadyG, thanks for your courageous and inspiring Trafalgar appearance. I wish only that you’d been a bit better prepared for your rather random audience, and had a more persuasive speech to give.

    It’s also inspiring that you have doubts about your chosen mission. But you’re certainly not alone. There are plenty of crusaders for body-freedom in the UK like the Naked Rambler, and only some of them are mentally unstable. Also, have you been in touch with Earthfriend Gen? She’s acquired some fame for nude appearances in Oregon and California. I’ve made it to two Solstice Parades in Seattle: Imagine the exhilaration of being out there on the city streets with 500 others wearing paint and little or nothing else (like World Naked Bike Ride).

    The key here is networking. This needs to be a movement, so individuals like us don’t have to face the bewildered crowds alone.

  33. Dr/ Paul Rapoport Says:

    It’s a myth, at least in America, that resort owners lose from nudity elsewhere. Many resorts were established by people who were beach nudists. Resorts offer much that public locations can’t. Proper publicity from resorts at beaches would draw people to visit, provided that the resort didn’t impose rules upon rules.

    For most of its existence, AANR ignored or fought beach nudity; but let’s not go there, except to note that such a short-sighted policy did no one any good.

    How it is in Croatia or Montenegro, I have no idea. England strikes me as potentially if not actually more like the USA in this question.

  34. Steve Says:

    I make that 4 questions but let’s not get picky 🙂

    What am I prepared to do …. ? If I’m honest, probably not very much at all when compared to yourself and others. Governing factors for me (and probably a good many others) are simple – time and cost. I admit I would not be ready to make huge personal sacrifices in either in pursuit of my right to be nude. Things that are of less importance to me include what family, acquaintances, work colleagues, friends (I whole heartedly agree with an earlier comment about true friends) and society might think of me. These I am far more ready to sacrifice but only if I have the time and money to afford to do so. For me these sacrifices are most effectively made by being open about my belief at every appropriate opportunity or when there is a chance that I might change the belief of others. Does that make sense and/or answer the question?

    Are we using internet sites to their best effect? Not really sure what you are trying poll with this question. The diversity of internet sites out there makes it almost impossible to answer this question as phrased. Each site or type of site will have strengths and weaknesses. The community network sites do have a role to play in engendering a sense of belonging to a larger group of likeminded people – for those who need that re-assurance. They have their faults and less desirable side effects, many of which you list but in my opinion they do not outweigh the benefit they porovide in ths area. Nor do I think there is much you could do to ameliorate the side effects.

    In my opinion, their (social networking sites) value in terms of engendering acceptance of nudity or the right to be nude is limited. For me, this is the job of naturist information sites although in my experience rarely are they focussed on this goal, their primary goal is to disseminate information to naturists or those who are already very interested in learning more about naturism. Again there are good and bad sites of this ilk (how do you spell ilk?).

    What would you like to be able to do? In my opinion a new breed of site dedicated soley to positive promotion of naturism, the acceptance of nudity and the right to be nude. I have a flickr photo site and came close to establishing a group on that site that might pictorially achieve this. I felt flickr was a reasonable vehicle to achieve it as it has a large member base that goes beyond naturists. I thought long and hard about what it’s aims should be and came up with :

    To provide wannabe naturists & non-naturists with an opportunity:
    . to question their fears, hang-ups, & misconceptions;
    . to “virtually” explore what it might be like like to shed the above
    with their clothes.

    To provide new naturists with an opportunity to:
    . share their first time or early experiences;
    . discover new ways and places in which they can experience their new found freedom.

    To provide confirmed naturists with:
    . a chance to demonstrate why; how; or when “Nothing” is better.
    . a reminder of their early naturist years;
    . an opportunity to relate to and share the treasured naked moments of others.

    The idea floundered when I began to realsie how much time and effort would be required to properly administer & promote the group. I still think the aims are sound but the success of any such site in terms of acceptance of nudity and the right to be nude would be heavily dependant on the amount of traffic that could be driven to it.

    Blog sites like yours also have a role to play (and yours is one of the best examples I have stumbled across BTW) but, in my opinion, the personal, one to many messaging they provide position the writer as a sole campaigner and can too easily lead the reader to believe the writer is …. just a bit weird:-) Apologies that was a tortuous sentance – edit at will!

    Finally, What would you like to see the end of? Couldn’t really come up with much here and besides I’ve warbled on for too long. So time for a somewhat tongue in cheek answer.

    I’d like to see an end to attempts to gain wider acceptance of nudity and the right to be nude. I am a resort owner trying to earn a modest living from providing my guests with a safe and enjoyable place to be nude. If open nudity was more acceptable – why would anyone want to visit my resort? I did say tongue in cheek remember but food for thought nonetheless.

  35. Pete Knight Says:

    I for one have made good use of the internet to widen my circle of naturist friends, and to spread the word that naturism is wholesome and healthy, but you’ve made greater impact through your plinth hour than I have in years of trying to sell the naturist philosophy.

    Hope you can come to Alton Towers to speak to the ladies there.

  36. Suburbanudist Says:

    Yes! This is exactly the problem. I have been frustrated with websites because they pander to people looking for nude photos and/or are oriented inwardly to the community. Your link to the article about Hilary Swank does a very good job of highlighting the problem. People are quick to label nudists/naturists or those that just want to be naked and don’t care about being seen as perverts or immoral fiends. This is a prejudice that we have to openly fight. Going to a nude club or being as such in the home does nothing to fight the mindset that persecutes us. In fact keeping it “in the closet” probably does more to hurt such a lifestyle than anything. There are good websites and events out there but they are few and far between. I think thinks like the World Naked Bike Ride are good examples. However, I feel like it falls somewhat short on nudism awareness. Such events use nudity as a lever to draw attention to their cause. WNBR uses the nudity to highlight oil dependence. I think that it gets labeled as a bunch of “hippies” and loses credibility in the minds of onlookers because of this. It loses meaning and fails to highlight “nude rights.” I am so on board for taking the offensive here. Alas, I fear that the nudist mindset is a gentle one at root. Most are happy to practice in silence wanting not to stir up commotion.

  37. Keith Cornwell Says:

    Hi LadyG,
    Fristly well done for progressing the fight.

    My answer to question one is to be as bold as we all can be. This is an individual journey for each of us and will depend on our own strength of belief and the level of support and understanding from our family friends and colleagues. I have appeared on a radio phone in, in a local paper (beachwatch) and TV (Great British Body and next week Naked Britain) all to try and show naturism as a normal and fun thing. The World naked Bike Ride was also a blast. The more things we do naked the more people will get used to the idea. All we can do is join in and do as much as we can.

    Question two – I don’t yet have a full answer for. I think we do need to use BN, Skin book and other sites plus build good networks amoungst ourselves to set up and promote as many events and venues as we can.

    Keep up the good work


  38. Rob Stead Says:

    I wouldn’t underestimate the impact your thoughts have. Things happen slowly.

    You’re trying to address some complex issues which I for one find very confusing. I’m not an ‘activist’ and I’m still exploring the issues. All I can say is I have fonder thoughts towards everyone these days after reading your posts and seeing your performance. Why I’m not sure. Or perhaps I feel uncomfortable revealing too many personal ‘issues’. I have a few!

    Social media needs a critical mass I think of perhaps 2,000 as people tend to be busy and this number means a decent conversation continues.

  39. Dr/ Paul Rapoport Says:

    You’ve really hit it, Lady G.

    Whilst I’m unsure about the details of the right to be nude (that being a legal term with ramifications), your attitude is inspiring. I hope you don’t retreat. But of course you need help. We all do.

    Yes, Skinbook is good, with many features, but too much of it hasn’t progressed beyond males looking for females, or superficial chitchat that doesn’t get us far.

    I recommend having a look at, one of the first websites with forums for naturists and still one of the best. There’s still room, however, for a spectacularly excellent website that goes beyond them all. (I know that we at the FCN don’t have that or anything close.)

    Because of recent changes in laws, England and Wales are ideally positioned to progress in ways you seem interested in. Because I don’t live there, I’ll continue to ponder how I may help, even if I can’t participate, and the answers to your two stimulating questions.

    Although this doesn’t apply to everyone, there’s a striking discovery that may be made. When people tell others about their interest or practice in naturism, those others tend not to react adversely at all. Many will applaud. Again it’s an oversimplificatoion, but there’s that old saying, “Your friends won’t walk away; if they walk away, they weren’t your friends.”

    The quantity of people who are willing to stand up and be counted is very important.

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