Nudity & Sex

The OneAndOther draw for September was on 01 August 2009, but I did not receive any email to indicate that I had been selected, so assumed didn’t get picked.  Good in a way.. I could get back to work, disappointed but good for the company.

Then 4 days later, I got the email from OneAndOther confirming my plinth hour as 5-6am on 30 Sep. Almost 2 months away but at 5am… I have trouble getting up at 8am when I’m supposed to be at work.  Thought about rejecting it and seeing if I get picked again, but the risk was too high and thought better of it.  5am it will be!  30 Sep, end of the summer, it will probably rain, cold,  I can’t stand the cold, my skin was designed and developed through a clever evolutionary process over the past 10,000 years or so to be comfortable in the Indian HEAT not the British autumn at best ‘FRESH’ morning at worst more like a winter nightmare.  I have no idea why I did not reject the 5am slot, the only reason I can possibly give is my pig headed attitude that I must finish what I started.

I am not a girly girl, given the choice of going up a mountain or walking along in the Hampton Court Gardens, I would head to the mountains.  It is also not so easy to give up when you have been brought up by someone who spent most of his time in the Army and treated the family to adventure holidays that felt more like Military Manoeuvres.


Oh sugar… , now I have the place, am I going to take it? What will those who don’t know or don’t agree with my approach to nudity think and do.  This could be a serious issue.

Being nude is centric to my life style, it is who I am and what makes me happy.  I am not mad enough to go to my local Sainsbury’s in the nude, apart from anything else, the cold in the vegetable and fridge sections would make you want to run on the spot in between picking your shopping items.

I do however like to think that when at home alone or with some close family members, I can be myself and relax.  We don’t all decide to go nude at the same time, it is just something that someone might feel comfortable doing. 

I felt very nervous but my belief is my belief, we have to live with ourselves first and then figure out the issues with others.


We discussed and I was certain that I would be considered as an exhibitionist.  Whilst writing this, I also remember when I was waiting to take part in the live show on Friday 02 Oct, there was a man on the Plinth, Sean, I was watching him under the Plinth and heard him say ‘God I’m going to get some stick at work on Monday’, but he had a smile on his face, don’t think he was worried. Good for him but when I was considering my situation 2 months earlier, what about me?  What will my clients think, what will my employees think?

NO I am not an exhibitionist!! If anyone thought or thinks that then they want to try my responsibilities, background, family and see if they would consider being an exhibitionist.

An exhibitionist does it for the thrill and does not expect adverse repercussions. This is not my case.  I will have very adverse repercussions.  Do I still want to go ahead?

I decided that, any intelligent person would recognise that I want to do it because it’s something I believe in, not because I want to flaunt my body to the public in the Trafalgar Square or indeed the world.  Anyone not intelligent enough to work that out, either doesn’t know me or is just too deep into their own views and no matter what I do, I’m unlikely to convince them otherwise.. does it really matter?  I will have to face the consequences.

Is It Art

As well as trying to get my message across, I had to consider the critics of the project, is what I’m doing Art?  What is Art?  I have no idea!!  We have a lot of things in the house that were bought as ‘Art’ Artefacts but we are no Art experts.  So what is Art.  For me, it’s something that I like to look at but it doesn’t necessary have any function other than to make me smile with pleasure or admiration. 

In the case of the performing arts, you go and are entertained but you don’t come home with the performers in the car.  So I was safe up on the Plinth, no one was going to kidnap me and take me home!!  To relate my hour to Art, I felt that my image needed to be Artistic in some form.  With a combination of an attractive Rocking Horse, little bit of Nivea cream  to give my skin some shine, doing my hair and a touch of lipstick is all I had to offer to make myself look attractive enough for the ‘Art’ of Plinthing.

Should I have not done that? Why not? Have most other Plinthers not made themselves up the best they could?  Would I have been able to attract the attention of so many if I myself didn’t appear attractive.  Natural is fine for oneself if that is what you wish to be, but if you want to sell natural living to others, then you have to look healthy.

A funny question was asked whilst I was on the Plinth.. Why am I not hairy?  Well, if you are the boy who asked the question, you were just about old enough to have hair on your face, but you had shaved? Why?  How many people shave various parts of their bodies, some do it because they believe it’s cleaner, some do it because they think it’s fashionable, some do it because they feel more comfortable. Just because I was promoting natural living and nudity doesn’t mean that I had to keep all my natural hair.

Nudity And Sex

We had a long debate at home about this presentation on the Plinth becoming something like a sex video.  I had no problems with doing it as I know that I do not have any mannerism or body movements that would make it look as if I was trying to invite people to do anything erotic.

When I’m in the nude or I am dressed, my behaviour rarely changes.  So I was confident that this could be managed.

My plan was to discuss how one could separate nudity and sex.  At the end of the day we know there are people we cannot have sex with and our sexual desires are automatically suppressed.  As soon as anyone realises that they have no chance of being sexually involved or they should not be involved based on specific personal relationship, the sexual desires are either automatically suppressed or we have to learn to control them.  People walking down the street are not sexually approached as routine, however it is obvious that people at times don’t think straight and being nude is seen as an invitation to be involved, I didn’t see this as a problem, being on the Plinth and with security about, I was at no risk.

People watching the video world wide who have no idea who I am but just see a young attractive female, they may very well be attracted to me.   I don’t have a problem with that.  It is a natural reaction and it is going to do no harm to anyone.  There is no difference between that and anyone being attracted to or aroused by someone they see walking in the street or at the swimming pool or the beach.  There must be thousands of people who have seen me in the nude during our visits to the beach and saunas etc. A few more thousands are not going to make any difference to me.  If anyone really wants to look at sex videos we know that there is no shortage of them on the internet.


I wanted to get my message across to as many people as possible, there was no point in doing all that I was doing for a handful of naturists who might attend my hour at 5 in the morning.  I wasn’t going to be able to communicate with anyone unless they knew I was going to do it.

I used my previous photographs to advertise my Plinth hour.  The photo I selected was taken as an artistic modelling attempt on a naturist beach in France.  It is one of my favourite photographs and a large print of it hangs in my house.

I used further photographs as people asked, slowly generating interest until I felt I could show my topless photos around the twitter and facebook contacts.  I also advertised my appearance on couple of naturist based web sites.   This seem to attract contacts and comments but no promises of attending the event at 5am!!  I obviously was not attractive enough, if I had been someone famous maybe the situation might have been different.

7 Responses to “Nudity & Sex”

  1. chris simcox Says:

    i have been a nudist for about 30 years. I left the army and lived in germany for a couple of years in the summer at the weekends with our neighbours we would grab a crate of beer and head down to the lake all would be naked but me ! but when I eventually took the plunge a few cheers and never looked back

  2. Suburbanudist Says:

    I have a hard time convincing a friend of mine that the nudity doesn’t necessarily mean sex. I explained to her my nudist lifestyle and her only response was, “I have a hard time feeling sexy naked. I feel sexier when wearing panties.” It doesn’t even register that I just enjoy the freedom of being naked and hate the oppressiveness of *having* to wear clothes around others.

  3. John Clark Says:

    I wish you luck,but I think you are up against a faulty gene in the British DNA.

  4. Tim Leick Says:

    Lady Godiva,
    Like I’ve commented before, I support you and the more I read the more I like you. You seem to be very intelligent. I liked everything in “Nudity & Sex”, except, you should delete “pig headed”, your way to beautiful, and replace it with “bullish” attitude. Lastly, your physical appearance has nothing to do with lack of attendance for your “plinth hour.” You are perfectly beautiful and sexy. I’m know you know. But, I just wanted to say it.
    I would like to do more to promote naturism, but I’m in the U.S. Military and don’t want to jeopardize my career. I will continue to cheer you on. I first seen you on “SKINBOOK”, that’s how I became aware of your mission to break down the barriers and fears of nudity. Thanks for all you do.
    Take care, TIM

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Tim, thanks for the support and the kind words. I have relatives who served in the military and quite understand your comment. However, I heard on the news a few days ago that the US Gov is going to accept open declaration of being Gay in the military, if that happens, then you perhaps will not need to be concerned about your career just because you like to be in the nude.

  5. Steve Says:

    Spot on! I too do what I can to further understanding and acceptance of nudity and often find myself using similar rhetoric when discussing nudity and nudity & sex with interested parties but often flounder trying to get my point across. You do it very succinctly in this post – thank you – I might borrow some of the language you use from now on.

    Have put a link to your blog on ours (well predominately my wife’s blog actually) – hope that’s OK.

  6. Centauri4 Says:

    Nicely written! The radiant beauty of your being comes through quite effectively in this piece. I have written a few things almost as good in my Journal at Nudistclubhouse, but I think you have done much better here at exploring this singular demonstration of commitment and dedication to ordinary nudity as people *should* perceive it. Well done!

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