The Plinth Hour

The plan was to have 3 activities in a 9 min phase and repeat it 5 times;

  • Ride the horse (get warm)
  • Walk around with Placards, decided not to do it like a boxing ring girl because it might put the placard out of shot of the near camera.
  • Discuss points on the web/telephone/on ground audience

Nice and simple… Well that was the plan!

The Pre Plinth Interview

Before going on the Plinth, each Plinther is interviewed for the record as part of the project.  This interview is to be stored with the rest of the activities on the Plinth itself.

There had been a few other Plinthers who had decided to go nude, however as far as my knowledge goes, no one had been interviewed in the nude.  Because I did the 4 hour long interview at home in the nude, it didn’t seem to make sense to me to do it any other way.  So when the staff offered me the option, I said yes, I will do it in the nude.  It felt quite normal, a few questions and then waited for my time to go on.

The staff was little bit protective and didn’t invite me into the main room after the interview, as might have been the case with other Plinthers.  This I suspect was to protect the interests of other Plinthers as well as their staff who may not agree with my nudity.   I have no issue with this, it was a management decision and I had no discomforts in the interview room.

On The Way Up

When my time came, I had already informed OneAndOther that I would be going up in the nude.  This was based on my principle that you can do whatever you are comfortable with in the nude.  There is no crime, as I was promoting nudity, it made perfect sense to be in the nude.  This was my dress, my artistic display, my statement and my decision.

I was supposed to have my PA blearing Frank Sinatra ‘London By Night’ on the way up to the Plinth, but I was instructed to switch it off because it would be outside my hour on the Plinth.

The Hour!

It is possible to write a lot more about the preparation and discussions leading up to the hour, but I supposed you (the reader) has probably skipped most of the above and want to know what was behind my hour’s activities.

Didn’t set about to do anything other than have an opportunity to be involved in something that seemed significant, I had not planned for this level of personal involvement.

What is more personal than showing my full naked body you say…

Well I had to decide whether I would be willing to allow the cameras into my life to record my personal life and broadcast it to the world.

There is a reason for everything I do and did leading up to and during my plinth hour. What happened on the plinth was probably little bit of an anti-climax.  Having done all the preparation and decision making, all I had to do was go onto the Plinth and do a few things to try and get my message across.

As I arrived on the Plinth, the outgoing Plinther, who had been ‘beer tasting’, basically drinking lots of beer… was probably far too confused to say anything sensible, I suspect he was wondering whether he’s had one too many!

The OneAndOther Staff Lady, helped me with my horse, which wasn’t expected as I was ready to show the crowd below my ability to lift my 65Kg horse.  In fact I wonder if that might have given them something more to think about!

I set up the equipment as planned but didn’t have any internet link because the wireless internet broadband device decide not to work just before we had to leave home, and I was not allowed to connect to the OneAndOther  Wireless network.  So no communication with the twitter world or internet telephones.

As soon as I had arrived, there were a group of young lads, aged between 16- 20 something, they got very excited as soon as they saw a naked girl, could not believe their eyes I guess, to see someone naked at 5am.  I have no idea what they wanted to see at 5am or what they were doing in the square at that time.  But I learned that most of them were either visitors or not long moved into this country.

They were very loud but I could not see them very well, so I set my music up and went about my plan as mentioned above.

The idea was to communicate my message through visual of me being comfortable with being in the nude and through placards and speech/discussions.

By some fluke, the day before (29 Sep) had been one of the hottest days in London and a low cloud cover in the evening meant that the night was still very warm, the temperature in the Trafalgar Square was about 16c. I felt warm enough to be doing what I was doing and of course a little bit of excitement helped to keep the body temperature up.

I was expecting some naturist people there who I was going to engage with and to do this, I had brought with me an extra wireless mic, this was on the ground and I didn’t know that there were only 4 naturists there and they had no intentions of being in the nude as the intoxicated lads were little too excited.

When I did try to engage with them, they were shouted over by the young lads, who would not wait their turn to talk with me.

Initially, the lads’ excitement was about how beautiful I was, they made lots of comments about my body etc then started asking questions as to why I was in the nude.

I tried to explain the reason, but the communication was very bad, I could not understand them and through their own shouting, they could not understand or hear much of what I was saying.

I could have muted their mic and increased the music volume to drown them out, but decided against that because the whole idea was to engage with people.  I had not planned to engage with 10/20  intoxicated overexcited lads, but I was there now and so were they, so thought best thing to do was to continue with the plan and talk with them.

This seems to work because couple of them that I could see volunteered to strip, not because they were being rude but because they wanted to do what I was suggesting, however their nudity lasted only a few seconds as you can probably see on the video.

There were a lot of nonsense calls why are you doing this, why are you not hairy and why are you wearing boots.

In the heat of things, it is difficult to communicate the reasons and educate these lads who obviously were not familiar with a lot of things.

I guess some of them found my message little too much to digest at that time of the morning particularly with their brain cells having received some alcohol abuse!  One lad was particularly confused by the whole thing and could not understand how I one could be natural in the nude.  To him, nude=sex, so I was sexy and therefore I must be doing it because I want sex.  He found the boots sexy, which is ok as far as my view is concerned because it illustrates my argument that clothing is more sexual than just pure nudity.

I am used to getting attention from people, male and female because I have a very free attitude to clothing and most of the time I wear items that make me look, I guess fashionable or attractive enough for people to notice therefore this level of attention was not much different than what I might get at closing time in some night club.

Does this make me attention seeker, well if it does, then those with that thought should consider whether they dress for themselves or others.  If we dress for others then where is the freedom.  Most girls make themselves look as smart as they can before they go out.  Is that right? Or should they cover up in order not to be noticed?

I found it quite entertaining but in my confusion, I forgot to take my boots off as was the plan, however that’s probably because I didn’t get to ride the horse as much as I had planned.

I managed to get my message out successfully in all the 3 ways that I had planned;

  • Worldwide through use of Placards.
  • Visually by remaining relaxed and comfortable in the nude even though there was quite a loud crowd below.
  • Convincing some in the crowd that it was good to go naked.  I have no doubt that the experience of seeing me naked will stay with those lads for the rest of their lives… and at some stage at least some of them might consider going nude more than they would have done if not having seen me…

 I consider that job done.

11 Responses to “The Plinth Hour”

  1. Alee Says:

    Great job on the Plinth hour. U did ur best to get the message of nudity is natural to the masses. 🙂 We will do what we can to get the msg out for everyone to understand, that nudity is nt just about sex, its about being yourself.

  2. Ade Windisch Says:

    I just saw you on sky arts so thought to look you up.

    You are very brave and very beautiful. I wish I knew you were going to be there at the time, I would like have joined your supporters.

    I have been to some nudist beaches, but don’t have the guts you do, on a plinth! A fitting tribute to Lady Godiva, who make the world a better place in her time.

  3. Michael Says:

    Hi LadyG,

    I just stumbled onto your blog from a link on Diary of a Nudist. I’ve read his stuff for years, but never paid attention to his links to other blogs. Anyway, I commend you for your efforts on the Plinth Hour. Being a Yank, I’m not totally up to speed on how the Plinth Hour works. It would have been nice if you could have had help with the sound and perhaps a partner on the street controlling the microphone. I gather that the “rules of the plinth” don’t allow for that.

    Once again I thank you for being such a great spokesperson for everyone’s right to be nude. I salute you and wish you all the best.

    Warmest regards,

  4. John Says:

    An inspiring performance.Confident yet modest. You were obviously totally at home with your nudity , not in the least self conscious. You might have been in your own home rether than on show to th world via television.

  5. Ian Brown Says:

    Wonderful statement you’ve made. I hope that people get the chance to go naked in public in cities more often thanks to your activism!

  6. Liam Sweeney Says:

    Interesting project and some very interesting reactions – you’re a rare voice of reason in a frequently irrational world.

    Is the interview you did for the archive available, or is it likely to be in the future?

  7. Mike Says:

    Hello and well done! I have sent you a PM to your email. I am full of admiration for what you did and your cause. I just feel its such a shame you were not given a better time slot. For maximum impact and a more coherent dialogue (Q and A) with the audience a daytime slot would have been much better. Maybe another time?

  8. ladygod1va Says:

    Mark, Thanks, Done Now. Just not enough time for everything that needs to be done.

  9. Mark Says:

    What’s up with the website you advertised on the placards whilst on the plinth at

    Not much content there – just Latin filler! You might want to point that site at this blog if this is where you are centralizing your content.

  10. Suzanne Piper Says:

    As Pete Knight says we did manage to engage in conversation with some of the more mature spectators and some were interested and took leaflets. Possibly even more important was the opportunity to discuss with some of the many police officers there (at one time they outnumbered spectators) aspects of the law on nudity in England (different laws apply in Scotland). They took away a fair amount of information and hopefully will share our discussion with colleages (it was one of the personal transporters (full of police officers) as they did admit I was probably more up to speed on this aspect of the law than them. They all agreed that Cautions were not something to accept lightly as it does mean you are admitting to being guilty of a criminal offence.
    But you did well, given the general demeanor of the spectators and were very fortunate with the weather. Forecast for Wednesday evening for this little old lady is not so good.

  11. Pete Knight Says:

    I might point out that not all the spectators were uncouth, some were in total agreement and many took the leaflets explaining what naturism was about, so some measure of success, although sadly overshadowed by the yob element. The bonus was that a few of them may have been late for work, they appeared to have spent a little longer ogling than they had allowed for, judging by their rapid disappearance at around 5:45.

    On the whole you did an excellent job, and I regret not joining you, but in the middle of the unruly crowd it seemed unwise at the time.

    Has it done anything to advance the understanding of naturism in the UK? Well the jury is still out, much debate continues and television interviews are still rolling in, so only time will tel, but it looks good so far.

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