The Aftermath

After the Plinth hour, I had to return to work for 10am meeting! To discuss future plans for a major client.  No time to reflect on the Plinth. By the time I arrived back home, there was more work waiting and no rest until the night time when I collapsed into my bed not having slept much the night before.

The next morning was another busy day and so on, had no time to myself, which was probably good as I would not wish to sit around thinking what I’ve done, whether it was right or wrong, good or bad, that’s for you to decide.

Those of you that get the message will perhaps look at my involvement as being brave. Those of you who have no time to consider this subject or don’t feel comfortable about seeing someone nude, will continue in the style you’re accustomed to.  The only thing I would say is that almost all of the change of views/laws and any form of progress in society is achieved through challenging  what we consider to be right or ‘normal’.  It is up to each of us to consider the possibility that what someone else believes might just be true and it might actually work. 

I cannot claim to be the founder of naturism, but I believe now that I have taken this step, I must be one of the very few young females in this country willing to speak in public on this subject and put my point of view across.  I am prepared to argue the case with anyone that NUDE IS NOT RUDE.   Look at my face on the video and decide whether I believe in the message I present to you or not.

You are invited to; Support me, Ignore me, Assassinate my views/character because it does not fit in with your thoughts, or give it some thought and maybe give it a go…. try it, you don’t know… you might actually like it.

9 Responses to “The Aftermath”

  1. Stephen J Says:

    You are a nudist hero! A role model for everyone in accepting nudity everywhere!

  2. Marjorie & Stephen Says:

    Congratulations on your plinth hour and on having the conviction to do something about the public perception of nudity. The Japanese used to have collective baths in which whole villages would socialise nude, they still have a nude festival, but, sadly, much of the lack of anxiety was lost, post WWII as a new ethic, to Americanise, was introduced and many baths were segregated.

    Marjorie and I can across your blog at Skinbook and understand full the distinction between nudity and sex. It is something that is obvious to any nudist but is hard to explain to anyone not prepared to see for themselves through experience.

    We wish you all the best, from Brazil, in any further work in favour of greater tolerance.

  3. Geff Says:

    Just a note to say well done. It’s great to see a lady who is so open about being in he natural state -wish there were more like you.


  4. Studmuffin Says:

    Lady Godiva:

    Thanks for promoting nudism/naturism on your Plinth Hour and by having this website to help educate people. I have done links to your blog, your section of the One and Other website and the O and O’s blog on the message board for Avalon Resort, Paw Paw, West Virginia USA.

    If you happen to be visiting the United States, see if you can come visit us!

    Thanks again.

  5. Dr/ Paul Rapoport Says:

    Enjoyed Nick M’s post. Some of these questions have been addressed by research over the past 30 years or so, with some articles and books much older than that. They’ve been answered in various ways, not always satisfactorily.

    The main problem has indeed been the complex relation of nudity to sexual signalling and expression. Naturists tend to deny that there is any connection at all in naturism, which is an unfortunate exaggeration required for practical purposes. Far worse, of course, is the automatic association of the two by too many in the non-naturist public.

    Just this day I’m carrying out yet another argument with someone who claims that all photographic nudity of women and children is pornography. (He hasn’t anything to say about men or visual depiction of other sorts, because he has a self-serving agenda and a big problem.) He goes on to claim, with no proof whatever, that such photographs lead to women’s being sexually assaulted. His students, afraid to challenge his lies, take them up.

    Because he’s an egomaniac bully, he deliberately ignores all the evidence against him and dishonestly tries to increase women’s fears. (One of his university programs counts on women being afraid.) Despite the fact that his points are continually demolished, he plays well into the general fear-mongering that prevails in America over nudity. The situation is a little better in England but not much.

    It’s a tough battle. Naturists are everywhere but, with few exceptions, they are not organized as a team because they see no need to be. Most don’t even self-identify as naturists. So what Lady G and a few others are doing is very important. Progress is slow, but it’s observable, especially in England.

  6. Nick M Says:

    A couple of days back I stumbled on to One & Other through a link on an unrelated forum and then lastly your video, but I didn’t have time to watch it all. Yesterday while busy doing some diy your plinth piece popped into my head and realised I was quite struck by. Today I made time to see all of it.

    I’m quite accustomed to east Asian culture (warning incoming generalisation!) and it tending to be conservative, so I think your body view/lifestyle and “plinth hour” comes as a surprise to a lot of people. You really don’t fit the perceived stereo typical naturist – wrinkly white Englishman.

    But the two points above make your message all the more powerful! And is likely to get more people to examine the subject.

    My so far, limited experience goes back couple of years, in Spain, where joined by a girlfriend we spent an afternoon at a really small but busy nudist beach, a cove surrounded by steep cliffs with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean on one side. Without much hesitation we took off what we were wearing and had a great afternoon. Other than that one experience, I haven’t given this subject a lot of thought until you rode your horse onto the interwebs ; )

    I don’t have a problem with other peoples nakedness in public and I was ok with my own on that beach but strangely enough I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of my nakedness with certain friends and close family. So that’s something I will continue to ponder about.

    You pointed out the way nudity is equated with sex, would you agree that this is at the core of the taboo? We all know sex is seen by an overwhelming majority, as a private occurrence so then it seems that for society it logically follows that nudity is a private matter and should only be experienced inside the privacy of one’s own home.

    It’s interesting to see the way this manifested during your plinth hour. Where some young guys interpreted your nudity as a clear sign of “sexual receptiveness” on your part, and at an early point their biological sexual selection mechanisms kicked in and came to a positive evaluation (health, youth and fertility etc) and the typical the expectations/comments from them ensued. They saw a motive and a green light where there was neither.

    Hypothetically a bystander to the paragraph above, might interpret the situation with you and the lads, as a latter (private) stage of courtship and possibly a precursor to sex, so now bystander is offended and needs to step in = “Put some clothes on woman!” Again I suppose this is essentially an illusion between the bystander and reality.

    So what to do about it? (Setting aside the subject of better implementation of the law for now.)

    It seems Ladygov1a, you are now engaged in a process of “consciousness raising” (originally pioneered by feminists in the late 60s) In my opinion the first goal would be to make attitudes to nudity and sex less synonymous through a process of open discourse and desensitisation. But I think some people (not you) might think the two should be mutually exclusive, relegating sex into the corner wearing a dunce hat. Nudity and sex certainly can be independent though.

    Its clear to me that nudity allows an observer a clear means of assessing anothers sexual suitability but it is not the driving force behind our sexual instinct. It would be absurd to claim that blind people do not have sex lives or sexual desires because they can’t see bums.

    Phew it seems my thoughts have really spilled out on this and my comment is getting lengthy so I’ll finish in brief:

    Some things I think maintain the taboo.

    -Cultural Illusion, breaking the taboo invokes inevitable hostility & condemnation when challenged.
    -Advertising (in its current form)
    -Cold weather
    -Religion (most of it)

    Elements that help dispel the taboo.

    -Art culture
    -The Internet! zeitgeist shaper, a platform for change.

    Apart from waking up to a society that accepts the logical right to have one’s naked space, I think it would actually be pretty good for society once greater numbers embrace it…however…in the beginning it would be rocky, what with all the potential misunderstandings and real deviant elements going unmanaged… but after widespread understanding is gained and equilibrium occurs, I’m thinking it could actually solve a lot of problems, less materialism, less shallowness, less rape, less molestation and less self-consciousness i.e. more peace! (at least with oneself).

    People have become more self-conscious because the media sells illusions of perfection back to them, sexualizing the body and erasing any sign of a stretch marks or imperfections. A solution (liberation) is to show the body as it is, without shame, on a regular basis. Self-esteem rises and others join in and soon you have a movement. It’s really rather simple to change things. It just takes numbers.

    Ladygod1va your sincerity is clear. Deciding to very publicly express your commitment in this manner, given your responsibilities and possible fall-out, you made a bold move madam, I salute you and support you.

    …Nick M…

    • ladygod1va Says:

      Nick Thank you very much for your comment. It will help enormously in discussions. A lot of what you say above has been discussed at home and with some experts on naturism, but as you say it still needs to be addressed. I have just published another post that answers couple of questions you raised. Please send me email to so that I can add you to the contacts list for updates, messages etc. Thanks again.

  7. Mike Says:

    Hi again – re your line above

    ‘I must be one of the very few young females in this country willing to speak in public on this subject and put my point of view across’

    This is so true, and you should really capitalise on this. You already are a superb ambassador for the non-sexual naked cause, but being a young female, you can have so much more impact than many. I hope you can capitalise on this a lot in future.

  8. Dr/ Paul Rapoport Says:

    Your actions and views will be reported in a publication from Canada (which is read worldwide) as a significant statement in naturism and an advance in public awareness. Despite technical problems, your effort was a notable success.


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