How It Started

This blog is about the build up, my preparation and the actual hour on the Plinth.  In the following blogs I address some of the questions that were raised during the hour and the quite a number of emails I received thereafter. This is about me and my hour, I do not intend to criticize or comment on anyone else’s activity.

One Friday afternoon in mid July I was at home flicking through 800+ channels on Sky to see if there was anything worth watching when I came across SkyArts broadcast of OneAndOther weekly round up hosted by Clive Anderson.  I only paused to see what it was about because it featured the Trafalgar Square which I know very well and Clive Anderson who has been on TV for as long as I’ve been alive!

Whilst watching it, Clive advertised and invited the viewers to visit the web site to register for a place on the Plinth.

I had a quick conversation with the family members in the house and for a laugh I thought I’d apply to see if I get a place.  When asked what was I going to do, since I have no ‘Artistic’ talents, I can’t sing or dance, have no great passion for any hobby, no deep and meaningful message to deliver… wait.. what did I do last summer or was it the one before.. I stripped off one late but warm evening and paddled about in the Trafalgar Square fountains just to say I’ve done that and to test whether it was against the law, no one complained, in fact one chap actually told another off for looking!  So what about being a live nude statue on the Plinth, that thought didn’t stay in my mind for too long as I would not be able to stand still for 10 mins never mind 60!

I think within about 10-15 mins, I had my laptop on and connected to the website and registered.   Then began further debate about what was I going to do. The nude idea was good but I had to think of something else to do rather than just be nude.  What about the clients, what about the relatives? Then there was the idea of doing it as a Venetian Ball character, with the Venetian mask and nothing else so no one would recognise me.  This didn’t get through the argument that if I’m promoting freedom through nudity then why would I want to hide behind a mask.

Then some bright spark at home (not allowed to reference ‘him’) said, as I was born in the Midlands and wanting to do something to challenge and change the rules… what about Lady Godiva.  I didn’t think for very long, the only problem I saw was how was I going to get a white stallion to top of the Plinth and make it trot on the spot for an hour!  Problem indeed… then I remembered that as a little girl I had a rocking horse that I loved very much, my family members in the house (2 of them only thank God) laughed and said that my backside was far too big for a Rocking Horse and that one would look far too small on the Plinth.  That led me to search on the web for a LARGE Rocking horse, I remembered seeing a display at some site we visited a few years ago. 

I found a number of suppliers but didn’t think it worth progressing with anything until I had a place. So I waited….

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  1. prem Says:

    really just thinking is it possiblein inida./??

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