Plinth Hour Preparation

OneAndOther registration required a lot of personal details, but my concern was that I had to do something to be noticed and stand out from others.  I selected to use my favourite picture of me nude with back to the camera.  I detailed what my plan was in my profile so OneAndOther and all who visited my profile would know that I was going to go nude on the Plinth.

I noticed that OneAndOther had a twitter link, I had not used twitter before but looked into what it was being used for.  Having registered and found the #oneandother hash tag, where I tried to seek further information and support.  There was a degree of confusion and suspicion whether I would do what I said I would.  I have no idea why.  I think use of twitter probably requires a blog of its own.  Perhaps I will attempt it another day when I have little less on my plate.

Soon after I confirmed the details on the OneAndOther website, I was on the email to Marc at asking for loan of a rocking horse.  Could not justify buying one at £5000+ just for one hour, so the only option I had was to hire/borrow one.  Within a day or two I had reply from Marc agreeing to lend me one of their extra large horses.

Then I was told that I should tell OneAndOther what my plan was, because we had to make sure the horse fitted the basket.  That was a BIG mistake… there was a lot of discussion between me, OneAndOther and Marc at Stevenson Brothers about the size and how I would manage to get it on and off the Plinth.  As far as I was concerned, everything was under control.  I had 2 engineers working on the case and we sorted out the issue of the steep ramp on the Cherry Picker basket etc.  I would have been able to get it done by myself no issues.. but then the Health and Safety person at Artichoke decided that because I could not lift the horse, it was against the project principles and Health & Safety risk.   So a big No No… This meant that I would have to use the next size down, which weighed in at 65kg, I knew I could lift that, so no problem…

Next I had to plan something to do on the horse for one hour, one of the deciding factors for selecting to use a rocking horse was the ability to exercise and keep warm.  I had to learn to rock the horse like it had not been rocked before.. these horses are built to last, so I was quite confident that I could subject it to an hour’s worth of Pilates!!

Hour is a long time on a rocking horse in the cold and how was I to deliver my message that nudity is good for you?  That’s where someone suggested to use placards like a lot of other people had done already.

So I asked for suggestions through my internet and family contacts and we came up with some slogans to use and that I could talk about in between the riding sessions.

I didn’t expect anyone to be there so not much of a problem other than what the cameras would record.  The placards were mainly for the stills and to remind me what to talk about.

So.. had the horse, the placards and music solution was sorted quite quickly, just did a search for the loudest battery powered PA I could find on the Net and ordered it.

The music selection didn’t happen till the night before mainly because I already have a 24/7 job, really didn’t have time for this…

Dress Or Not To Dress

What should I do, go up in a dress and undress like other nude Plinthers? … not a good idea I’m told by some web contacts as it is not true act of being happy naked, it could be seen as a sort of strip tease.

How do I keep warm without clothing? Exercise before going up!

Footware – The Boots

If I was to be nude, I should be fully nude, but there were problems;

  • I was told by OneAndOther that I will receive no help in taking my equipment, including the horse onto the Plinth, I had to do it myself.  So I was expecting someone to ask whether I could lift the horse.  I have no problem lifting the horse but walking onto and off the plinth would be safer wearing some footware.  Then there was a 25Kg PA to consider, drop that on foot on a cold morning and I would have probably cried!  Needed some protection, I was advised against wearing my builder’s boots!
  • Needed something to preserve some heat.  Another consideration was that at that time of the morning the Plinth is likely to be very cold and if wet, it will be very uncomfortable on the feet, so had to have something to break contact with the Plinth. 
  • When Riding the horse, needed to put feet in the stirrups, tried without boots and it was very uncomfortable. Could not ride hard without boots.
  • Riding boots are part of a horse rider’s equipment but Lady Godiva didn’t have them, so there was a debate.  The decision was to use the boots to get the equipment on/off the Plinth and to do first riding session, thereafter try to take them off to meet the full nudity condition IF it was warm enough.  However this plan didn’t quite go the way it should have!



Let me first of all state that I know nothing about Art.  I can look at something and tell you whether I like it or not.  As to who painted, who sculptured something or made something.. I would have to research.  I obviously know the major artists over the centuries and some famous master pieces, I would not know how to comment or criticise something that has stood the test of time.  Who am I to judge whether something that was painted hundred years ago and since been treasured is good or not.  I trust the custodians of our artistic heritage and leave it to them to decide what is worth keeping.  Having said all that, I can comment on the fact that wherever you look in Art, you see nudity. Female and Male nudes are used in art to express all forms of natural action, activity, sincerity, love, passion, loyalty, devotion, helplessness, power, strength, fragility.

Ever since Art has existed, there have been nude paintings of fellow human beings.  They also celebrate the beauty and the excitement caused by natural beings.  I am no expert, but it does seem to me that we are hiding from ourselves,  those that are proud of their bodies, tend to show them off more often than those who feel their bodies are not good enough.  Yet… in Art, this does not seem to matter.  Over the centuries, various types of bodies have been used to portray the beauty of the human form.

Someone suggested the slogan “Art can never exist without naked beauty”.  My concern was that someone might consider this placard to mean that Art cannot exist without me being naked!! Then I was told that no one is that stupid.

If we are happy to accept nudity in Art, we should accept it as part of our lives.



Depending on where you look and what figures you make reference to, the UK comes up with having either the HIGHEST or the 2nd highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe.. why?

Most people say UK has the highest, including some newspapers and international government organisations, but some figures use the age of 19 as ‘teen’.  I have a problem with that, I decide to play safe and made a placard with UK having the 2nd Highest.

Whichever figure you use, it’s nothing to be proud of.

What has that to do with nudity?  Nothing directly I suspect but I could point you towards some recent TV programmes that have used nudity to accelerate confidence building and increase the ability to communicate within groups of people.

The problem starts at home and then it develops further at school.  Our so called Sex Education at school is a farce.  This is mainly because we don’t like to look at or discuss nudity.  How can you have sex education without seeing and understanding nudity? Most documentaries shown on TV have indicated that the Europeans tend to have more mature approach towards sex education.  Some schools in the UK have gone abroad to learn how others do it.  In the countries that have more liberal approach, seeing a nude person in the classroom would not be considered as a crime.

Look at the statistics, I will probably get complaints but why are the figures of teenage pregnancies much higher in the less well of areas of the UK than others. This could be another much bigger debate.


Seeing members of the family in the nude, generates a sense of respect that leads to further self respect and understanding nudity to be natural.  Otherwise in my view, we end up with the nude seen as something naughty and exciting to explore.

This alone is not the answer, I am fully aware of that, but there is a link, if nothing else, consider the fact that most children are NOT taught about sex at home! Why can’t families talk about sex.  Note.. this is coming from a person who was brought up in the environment where the TV channels get switched over in the middle of a programme/film as soon as there is anything more than gentle hand holding.

In the UK the kids are taught how the biological clock ticks away and how we humans help the nature by reproducing ourselves.  If left to nature, the boys / girls would need to learn from their elders (within their family group).  Leaving it to the household, means a higher degree of respect and less of ‘fun’.  If children are brought up to respect nudity and understand it as being part of life, they are less likely to be overexcited when seeing nude bodies of the people they love and are friends with. 

This is a far bigger sociological problem than my blog can even vaguely discuss, I would just like to make the point that this is one of the problems caused by our lack of confidence in discussing things of nude nature with the family members.

Because we as a nation found it difficult to teach our children about nudity and sex, the Government decided to include the subject in the school curriculum.  It gets done but does anyone really get it?? It’s another tick in the box for most teachers.

The teachers themselves are not too comfortable/ confident and they are probably too scared to discuss the subject in any more detail than the strict limits of the curriculum under the fear that they might be suspected of being paedophiles.

How did we ever get to the point where we are comfortable getting nude and running around the night clubs, the beach or even streaking across the sports pitch, but when it comes to the house, we don’t feel comfortable in doing the same and I don’t mean for mums to streak across living rooms with their T Shirts in the air!  Maybe this has something to do with the fact that we are brought up to believe that nudity means sex, lets enjoy the nude as natural as we did when we held the newborn baby in our arms.


Here is a good debate! What is more natural than the nude body.  What is a human right you can read all about it here;

Lets just consider a few facts;

  • All humans are same, nude and vulnerable.
  • Sun is part of human survival as water.
  • Whilst nature doesn’t expect humans to sprawl out in the mid-day sun on hot naked rock like some lizard, the nature does require humans to have exposure to the sun.  Without which we suffer many unnatural conditions.  We live more and more in our caves, with little chance to get that sun exposure. So why not let the nature do its work when there is an opportunity?
  • If this is a belief, held by millions of people around the world, then why does it not receive the protection under human rights of religion and belief or under cultural beliefs.
  • This could go on…. but there is a case to be considered.

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